Should I uninvite this guy from my party or let him come as my friend?

Kind of sort met this guy when I was mad at my boyfriend. He sent me some dick pic blah blah. I never did anything with this guy. We didn’t even make it to a date. However my boyfriend and I worked things out. I’m having a party for my birthday my boyfriend isn’t coming because he has to work. I originally invited this guy to my party. The guy is now asking if he’s still invited should I let him come as a friend and just tell him I’m in a relationship or should I uninvite him?


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  • I hope he comes and your boyfriend eventually makes it to the party as well

    • 2d

      Even if that happens I’m not worried

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    • 2d

      Didn't say you were a bad person. How long have you been chatting with the other guy?

    • 2d

      Just a few days,

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