Why do I keep hearing voices in my head?

Hi! Before I start this is not a joke and I know y'all aren't doctors, but I need your opinions about this and it is much appreciated! Anyway, I've been having these very weird voices in my head for awhile. No, I am not carzy. They sound real sometimes. They 3 people I see quite often. Theirs this guy that calls himself Charles I think. At first it was creepy, but then he kept appearing. I don't hear him like a real voice. It it's like a boy voice in my head. he's usually very friendly and calls himself my friend. He also makes me feel better when I'm sad. But sometimes when someone like hurts me or says mean things to me, Charles tells me to get revenge or something. It sounds almost carzy, I know. But please let me know what you think. he wants me to ignore them or hurt them, but when I don't want to, he gets mad and screams and tells me to kill myself which I don't ! I don't mean to sound carzy, I'm sorry. Then there's another girl, she said her name is Charlotte. She's usually really nice and doesn't tell me 2 do anything. Then there's one more girl... She says really mean things about me and tells me to do things. Then she starts screaming. But they only come sometimes. Weird thing is, that they never come in the morning. I heard of schizophrenia, but I don't know if I have it. I'm only 13 . I can't tell my parents couse they'll say that I'm crazy or that I should stop wanting attention , which I don't ! I'll see what happens I just want your guys opinions on this. Sometimes I feel bugs crawling on me , but nothing is there. Or I feel like someone wants to harm me when they don't. Also I do have conversations with these voices tho. In my head or out loud. At night I sometimes hear a voice calling my name or laughing. Does anyone else have this? As I mentioned before, they don't always appear. They usually appear in the day , night when I think about it or they appear suddenly. But never in the mornings. And they sometimes disappear out of the blue.
Why do I keep hearing voices in my head?
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