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Would you dump someone for these reasons?

I had been ditched twice for different reasons:
- One was because he couldn't attend I was an atheist and didn't want to live a super traditional life. He kept thinking that just because my parents were born elsewhere, that I was still going to copy my mother's culture, ideas and lifestyle. I'm not her, don't talk like her and will never cook for a whole family on social gatherings. She has patience to cook for 10 guests (relatives and mutual friends)... I DON'T.

- Another time it was because I wasn't 100% anti-abortion. I had my exceptions to the rule such as rape (even worse if it's a young 10-12 year-old girl), you're told the baby will be deformed and have a short lifespan or the mother's life is at risk of death. Even in the rape case of a young girl, he still thought the child should proceed with the pregnancy. A fanatic...
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Would you dump someone for these reasons?
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