What's an animal you don't like and why?

An animal I've always had an axe to grind with are seagulls. Ever since I flew kites with my uncle in North Carolina when I was 5, I've disliked seagulls quite a bit.

The wind was so powerful that no running was required for the kites to fly sky high, I had a great time. My uncle and I had biscuits with sausage patties as well, and they were delicious. I had the time of my life, until a seagull swooped down and bit my biscuit, I refused to let go, so the seagull bit down further and bit my finger as it aggressively flapped it's wings, trying to take the biscuit from me.

I don't remember if I was able to hold onto the biscuit or not, but I cried quite a bit when I bled like crazy from the bite.

Ever since, I've had a strong dislike for seagulls.
In Rhode Island when we went on summer vacation growing up, there were always tons of seagulls at the beach, they always took food from people and pooped on people like bombers during the Normandy invasion.

One time when me, my brother, Ethan, and Christopher were walking to the Waterpark from the beach, I saw a huge group of 50 seagulls in the parking lot. Due to my dislike of them, I smiled and got an idea as I said "I'm gonna go scare them away"

I started running towards them as my brother yelled "Nooooo, STOP!!!"

And I let out my war cry as I ran into the crowd of seagulls and made them all fly away. My brother yelled "You're terrorizing animals"!

I laughed and replied "Seagulls, animals? More like damn rats with wings"😂
Whats an animal you dont like and why?
What's an animal you don't like and why?
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