Do people need alcohol to have fun?

Okay, first things first: I drink alcohol. I understand the risks involved with drinking way too much of it. I would also like to point out that this question can go hand in hand with why people use recreational drugs at parties and other social events.

This question has been in my mind for awhile, and since NYE is approaching in approximately 36 hours (here at least), I decided to ask it. Drinking is certainly a great social activity; it's made shy people more outgoing, it's helped others get laid for centuries, but it's also killed millions and caused others to become chronic alcoholics. I have no problem with drinking at parties, as long as it's done in MODERATION and nobody drives drunk. Moderation is key when it comes to drinking alcohol.

There are posters all around my university that say: "If your friends can't have fun without alcohol, maybe you need new friends." That statement makes me uncomfortable. I would much rather the posters said something like this: "If your friends can't have fun without alcohol, maybe you should talk to them about it/help them with their problem."

So why do people feel the need to drink at parties? Is it so they can feel accepted by a certain group of people? Maybe so they can get into bed with the hot person in the corner? I don't think that people need to drink alcohol in order to have a good time. Alcohol doesn't make things more fun to do - it just clouds your perception and masks reality. Ever heard of the term "beer goggles"?

I personally believe that if somebody says they absolutely can't have any kind of fun without having alcohol in their system, then they have a problem with drinking. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but this opinion stems from my personal experiences. I come from an alarmingly long line of alcoholics on both sides of my family (but my mother doesn't drink and dad drinks in moderation), and they have all said something along those lines.

I would just like to know your opinions on this. I'd also like to know how you have fun without alcohol.
Do people need alcohol to have fun?
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