I haven't really had an appetite lately?

What do you think is wrong?

I usually eat a lot!

I know I am not giving you a lot of information, but for some reason I haven't been hungry. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat.


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  • had that too. for me it was stress, I tend to forget to eat or never feel hungry when I'mstressed. and the other time I didn't eat much for a month it was because it was the beginning of a flue.

    could also be that you're getting yourself used to eating less, like your stomach is smaller than before etc.

    • Well, my stomach used to be flat, then I started eating more and I got some meat on it.

      But, I will probably lose the meat on my stomach unless I start eating soon (I can't afford to lose weight, I am already thin :/ )

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  • Whatever the reason, you're better off for it. Men prefer to marry women who don't eat much, and if you don't eat at all you'll have guys standing in line to marry you.

    • I've never heard that one before, haha.

      You are quite the character my dear.

      I think you're referring to the price, or weight gain ?

      But I usually could pack it away, hehe.

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    • I'm a size 12

    • and I've been feeling this way because I have issues that I have to deal with in my life.

  • We go through stages when our need for food is less or more. You mights have stopped growing, for example, or you may have adequate reserves now and your body is telling yu it doesn't need more intake for a while. Don't worry about it, totally normal.

  • some days I don't have much of an appetite either, which is a bit odd because I'm a bottomless pit. I don't think that's wrong, in fact I find a person healthy to go through those days every now and then. However, if it persists to 2-3 days, that's when you should feel a bit worried.

    You know your body better than anyone, so be sure to eat something when you KNOW you should feel hungry and take life as it comes.

    • 2-3 are totally normal for a girl. I always eat 4x as much as usual before my period. and during my period (about 4 days) I hardly eat anything because my appetite is completely gone. I even feel like I'm gonna have to puke if I eat something

    • I know, I get that way during my period too.

      But I'm not on my period, or no where near it.

  • You could be feeling poorly or stressed or both. Sometimes that takes away your appetite.

  • I'm thinking it sounds stress related. Pretty general answer for a pretty general question :)

    At least you are eating though, even if you have to force yourself.

  • I went through the same phase about a year ago and lost about 15 lbs because of it. I came to realize it was just stress I was having at the time.


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