If a coworker occasionally touches my shoulder briefly, can it be a sign that he is attracted to me?

Occasionally one of my colleagues touches my arm or shoulder during a conversation. Never in an inappropriate way. Also, he smiles at me a lot. Does this mean anything, or he is just too friendly/touchy-feely? ).


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  • What else does he do?

    Does he act that way with other people?

    • I've never seen him touching other girls. He often forgets new female colleagues' name while he remembers mine from the very beginning. He's always been very considerate and friendly. Last week (while showing him a document) he stepped so close to me that our arms and legs touched. Yesterday he left a note (work related) on my table, and signed it, also put a smiling face at the end. He often says my name during convos. Sometimes he stares at me, but sometimes he ignores me and looks away.

    • I think he likes you then :) or at least is flirting or finds you attractive hahah

  • He may like you but there really isn't any way of knowing for sure unless he acts on it more.