Opinions please: what does it mean when a guy asks you to sit on his lap, after dancing with you?

Ok just a quick, but detailed description of what happened:

Recently went to a club with a bunch of friends and there I met one of my friend's old friend for the first time.
Throughout the night we struck up a conversation then at one point he went out of his way to get me up on the dance floor.
Now I don't remember how, but somehow he appear behind me in that "grinding-dance" position, but not full-on so I didn't say anything to him and just danced with him.
After a while I sort of got uncomfortable (as I never danced like that with a guy before) so I slowly started to pull away from him and went to dance with my other friends then sat down as my feet started hurting.
After about an hour the guy came up to me and tried to get me up to dance again but I just told him my feet were hurting so he just grabbed my foot and started giving me a massage (although I still had my shoes on) then he started to tickle me (lol) and as the seat next to me was free he sat down and began talking to me, kept telling me how I'm beautiful about three times then asked all sorts of questions like get-to-know-you type.
Anyways about 1:30am he and one of my guy friends went out for a smoke and towards 2am, as it started getting stuffy in the club me and one friend decided to go out aswell for some air. When we got outside the guy and my friend was sitting down, I just stood next to them as there was no more seats. The guy started talking to me and offered me a seat - on his lap - now being the size I am and the size of him, I refused as I didn't want to hurt him, but he kept asking why not, then he got up and offered up his seat for me then made me sit down, which I then told him he could sit on my lap, but he said he didn't want to "squash my legs" (which I find very very unlikely as he probably weighed no more than a feather) anyways by then he was going to leave with a few more of the group, so when he was leaving he gave me a hug and we said our goodbyes.
Opinions please: what does it mean when a guy asks you to sit on his lap, after dancing with you?
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