The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life


So while some people may not want to admit that the 80/20 rule does exist. We see evidence of this through Tinder: Girls on Tinder.

In our daily lives and even in the perception that a lot of women have that all guys are regularly sleeping around with tons of girls in their 20's.

The reality is only a subset of men (20%) are doing this consistently and regularly while others are still virgins or only get sex from their girlfrineds.


Women get the impression that all guys do this because they are all chasing after a small clique of men who have a harem of girls all hovering over them and consistently sleep around with tons of girls.Women get the impression that all men must be as good as Chad Thundercock (seen above) and only want to sleep around, and not form committed loving relationship with girls in their 20's due to their experience with these men. It falls in line with girls calling "ALL GUYS ASSHOLES" after getting pump and dumped by an asshole.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

Many of these guys (Chad) eventually find a hot girl who they actually like and form loving committed relationship with them or continue to sleep around with the next hot batch of teen's/20 year olds.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

While men who have little to no experience end up with the following fate:

1) Men who give up on love/relationship with women and focus on other aspect of their life that make them happy.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

2) Guys who take verbal cues from Chadd and reinvent themselves as players into their 30's and go after either women in their early 20's for sex and/or relationships.

Or some may play on desperation of women wanting to settle down in their 30's and put on a show of good provider to trick women them into sleeping with them. (This group rising as well but not as much as 5),3))

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

3) Other guys become bitter, misognistic about women and some may even join MGOW because of it.

Also rising but not as much as porn addiction due to negative stigmatization associated with it or not being very well understood.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

4) Other become ensnared by women who entice them with sex and kindness into raising other men's kids, or wifing them up

With so many men boycotting marriage this group is becoming smaller ). In terms of men wifing up women.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

5) With the rise of cam girls and internet pornography many men have settled for a virtual/fake relationship with a woman.

Offering to spend thousands of dollars on random girl online to be nice to them and show them love/affection that real girlfriend would. (This group is becoming increasingly larger and I believe will make up majority of young men in the future).

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

Hypergamy is a funny thing. Female hypergamy tricks women into chasing dominant, handsome, and/or rich men for relationship.

What it makes women forget is why would this guy commit towards you when he has so much free pussy being thrown at him ? Many women get white knighted by men/and women that they are perfect and that kind of reinforcement really make women delude themselves into thinking they are special and the rich/popular chad thundercock will pick her over all other girls because she was special. The reality is Chad uses girls as a cum dumpster and once he's done with them discards them.

The effect this has is as followed:

1) Rise in single mothers and drain on social resources.

Usually try to ensare the guy she would not have considered as a lover in her 20's as a partner in her 30's.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

2) Bitter, pessimistic women who now become guarded and have a negative view on men and relationships due to their experience with alpha males in their youth.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

3) Women who have given up on love like men and are content with living a single life.

Telling themselves they never wanted children and are just happy having a career, lifestyle, girlfriends and occasional hookups/short term relationships.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

4) Women who eventually settle for guys they thought they were too good for and make their LTR/husbands.

They have married life and give up their pursuit for alpha males. Until they divorce said husband around their late 30's, early 40's and head back into the dating scene as cougars.

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life

Overall I think in this millenial generation the only people who win out are Chads and the hot girl.

I believe as we see this generation of 20 year old approach 30's we will have an increasing rise in men from 5), 3) and 2). While for women I believe we will have an increasing rise in women from 1) and 3).

What do you guys think ?

The Effects of the 80/20 Rule and the Future of our Society's Love Life
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  • Anonymous
    I'll start with the positives of this post. Your list of what men turn into after being single for so long and/or having bad experiences with women is true. Many do turn to those things. You're absolutely right. Sometimes it's not a bad thing though.

    1) Could equal to a successful career and a "becoming" if you will of who he wants to be. Women may eventually draw to him. Though at that point knowing how his past went he may become a douche to them like in 2) (or not).

    4) Could be a good thing for women. For the guy? Well at least he's happy.

    Now the results of women being treated like shit. All those are true.

    Here's the thing though. Tinder is a hook up site. Let me say this again. Tinder is a HOOK UP SITE. TINDER IS A HOOK UP SITE. One more time.

    ******** TINDER IS A HOOK UP SITE!!! *****************

    The point of tinder is to get laid. That's it. To find someone to fuck. That's what tinder is. Nobody argues that people are more shallow online (or I guess in this case on a phone app). Everybody knows this (like Geico). Everybody knows this.

    So is the 80/20 rule true? Not exactly. You make it seem like everybody wants to fuck a different person every day. Most people don't want that. Most people like being monogamous. This is common sense. Are there's problems with that? Yes, but there are problems with fucking multiple people everyday too as you pointed out.

    Are there some guys fucking a lot of girls? Yes, but of course most guys aren't fucking a lot of girls because most guys don't want to. Most guys are just fine being with one woman.

    On Tinder the goal is for people to hook up. They aren't looking for a monogamous relationship, so yes the 80/20 rule would apply and yes women are more shallow on Tinder and want to fuck what they deem to be the top 20% of guys on there.

    In real life? Again it's more complicated because most people don't want to be promiscuous. Maybe it's due to the reasons you stated (I'm sure some of it is), but then some of it even if the "hot guy and hot girl" can get any girl or guy they wanted most yet still are serial monogamous.

    "Chad" isn't attractive. I don't see why girls would be attracted to him. He has a nice body, but he's an athlete so of course some girls are going to be attracted to him because he's an athlete. He's not that attractive though.
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    • Anonymous

      So does the 80/20 rule exist in the real world? I really don't know and I don't think there's any way of knowing. I know it exist on Tinder, but I also feel like if it does exist it's not solely as simple as "Hot guy fucks most girls". Like I explained most people actually like commitment. Sure people cheat at times, but there's no way of knowing how much people cheat and thus there's no way of knowing even in that scenario if girls are fucking hot guys all the time. There's just no way to know for sure. This is why it's really a theory. If you want to believe it fine, but I won't. I won't say it doesn't exist but I won't say it does either.

      In my personal experience from a ego standpoint I think I'm the hottest guy on the planet. I think I'm hot as hell. However, if we play stereotypes and theories I'm not the stereotypical "hot guy". Yet I've denied many girls. Plenty of girls seem to be attracted to me. So essence maybe you don't have to be that "hot guy" to fuck a lot.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe how we define hot is different than how women define it and if that's the case then the percentage of guys fucking a lot of girls only increases.

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  • Scrambledagain
    Fully agree. True story to prove this. Happened to me last night. This jock guy a while back invites me to play in his male/female mix touch rugby team. I agree. I go there and see this hot babe. I find out that hot babe and this guy were engaged. hold that. Then I see another couple. Recently married but it was weird because the guy looked like a nerd and she was pretty hot herself. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was awesome and rich or something. BUT lol... it had to happen. jock boy fucked the newly wed girl, breaking up the marriage to nerd boy. Hot babe is pissed, engagement over. So what's left? Jock boy fucked two babes, one girl had 2 dudes, the other hot babe will never struggle and nerd boy? Well... he is screwed now. He is a nice, humble guy. I feel for the dude, but fucking welcome to 21st century love.
    • Eric644

      Or the nerd becomes a successful powerful successful man in his 20's, heck he may even be attractive now and now he is the guy fucking tons of women while the jock guy is now a fat loser that lives in a trailer and the hot girl is now fat or a single mother begging nerd boy (who is now a player) to come back to her. Welcome to the circle of life

    • @Eric644 don't believe in that shit. Don't believe in karma either. Those stories are as rare as winning the lotto.

    • Eric644

      You can choose to not believe it, I've seen it happen a lot and I'm only 26. I've seen the nerds become successful business guys and most of them become attractive guys, while the jockboy suffers some injury ending his career, gains weight and now works a dead end job. Nerd boy is now fucking model looking girls and can't even remember why he liked hot girl. In his 20's nerd boy becomes jock boy and jock boy becomes the new nerd boy. You are just scared because you will hit your prime and nerd boy will fuck more girls in a year than you ever did in your life. The Hugh heffners of the world were once nerd boys, yeah karma exists and it's gonna hit you like a ton of bricks

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  • TheFlak36
    Omg you even included a photo of Anllela Sagra <3
  • Anonymous
    That woman is HOT AS FUCK.
  • Anonymous
    Broadly accurate.

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