Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!

It seems like relationships these days barely last. Here's my input on the major problems and simple solutions to those same issues that plague good relationships.

Bad communication

Nobody has ESP. If you are not able to communicate to your partner when something is wrong, what hope is there that the problem will be fixed? Women tend to be more emotional while men tend to be more literal. Not that it can't be the other way around because it is; we all use a combination of both but let me paraphrase relationship expert Mark Gungor to explain it.

In men's brains there are boxes. Each specific topic has its own box that he takes out, uses and puts back into that specific box. Women's brains are like a network where every single thing is connected to everything else.

So a woman might be having an issue with one thing and instead of explaining it directly to her partner, she will get angry and quarrel for a million other things except the one thing that is the source of what's bothering her. Men are generally the opposite. A guy might have an issue and say it so bluntly that he doesn't even realize he is hurting his partner's feelings, just by the WAY he said it. Now he doesn't necessarily mean it the way it sounds to his partner, it's just the blunt honesty that makes it painful.

Stop Fucking Up Your Good Relationship!
In these ways, people end up having horrible communication problems to the extent that they are in relationships but not really together. Like a punctured car tire that is still rolling but only because it must. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Your relationship is not supposed to be like a war ground with each soldier behind their wall, throwing grenades at the other. This is a surefire way to destroy it. Instead, build...

Build each other up with positive words, encourage your partner in anything that they show interest about. And when something bothers you, talk to your partner. You can wait until you just had mind blowing sex or whenever it is you are both having really good personal time. Cuddle them close and say, "You know, I'll be honest, I really felt this way when you did _____ the other day." Or start with, "I have a confession." Then when they ask say, "When x happened a few weeks ago I really expected you to y but you didn't and I was disappointed/angry/sad/etc. I wasn't sure how to tell you because I didn't want you to overreact/get mad/ be sad/ etc." Your partner is human too and if they care about you, they'll be willing to listen to what you have to say about how you feel or how they made you feel. If you want something, wait until you see them in a good mood; all bubbly or smiley or doing whatever is their happy ritual, and say "You know I've been wondering about _____ ." Or "I was thinking maybe we could try x instead of y and see how it goes."

Also, don't ever just make any decisions sound like you already decided. Always ask them for their input on important stuff. Ask, "What do you think?" Or "Do you agree with me/this/it?" In this way you are letting them know that their opinion matters to you and that you see them as valuable.

Don't pass up on easy confidence boosters like complimenting what they wear, their hair, their smell, their new whatever they got or their old something they improved. These little things may seem unworthy of attention but with them your relationship could be vastly different.

I can't reiterate enough how important it is to let your partner know that you notice them, that you pay attention to them, that you think they are wonderful. And this is for all humans regardless of gender. Men need it and women need it. Even animals love it when you say they did a good job so who are we? If you are the most important person in their life and you don't communicate to them with both words and actions that they mean the world to you, there's no way they'll just know it. during the 'chase' or dating phase we always make the extra effort to communicate our affection but that's before getting into the relationship. When the deal is done and we get the person we wanted, we get accustomed to them and forget to feed their emotional egos. Always think of your relationship as a constant chase because it's up to you to keep your partner happy, flattered, content and invested in the future you both originally hoped to have.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Okay. So he leaves the cap off on the toothpaste every single time he uses it... Or every single time she takes her clothes off, they end up on the floor next to it instead of inside the clothes basket.

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!

Overreacting much? These little issues are so small and so insignificant that an outsider looking in would wonder what brand of crazy you must be on. Why are you wasting time finding problems to make in your relationship? Why are you forsaking every good trait your partner has to focus on the few silly, trivial habits they have? Nobody's perfect... Get over it! Don't take small problems and magnify them into problem walls that block you from your partner. Roll with the punches... Chances are you also do a few things that drive them crazy too. It's just the way life goes. Always put your little issues into perspective.

Think of all the wonderful things your partner does for you. Then think of the issue. How does it compare?

Isn't it bearable considering how much you love that person? It is big enough of an issue that you would prefer to not be with that person because of it? If the answer is that you wouldn't leave, just take a deep breath and fix whatever it is that they are lacking or forgot. I'm sure that your partner will appreciate you for it, and for not making a big deal out of it. Hopefully it will also encourage them to be more accepting of your shortcomings too. Life is too big and important to sweat the small insignificant stuff.

Nobody is Willing to Compromise

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!
Boy oh boy do people hate this one. Relationships are riddled with choices; which parents to visit for the holidays, which kind of restaurant do we go to, what type of movie do we watch, when do we take a vacation, what new things can we try in the bedroom? Big and small decisions must be made almost every day and compromise is a trait that is necessary for the playing field to always be even. Often in relationships everybody wants what they want, when they want it, regardless of how it affects their partner. This could never foster a healthy relationship.

Each party has to be willing to give in to their partner's wishes some of the time and for the sake of keeping the peace.

Remember, if its not that way from the beginning, your partner won't learn to compromise unless you show them (with words and actions) how to. When decisions have to be made and you see your partner particularly passionate about one of the choices don't even second guess, just go for it. And make sure you do so without seeming annoyed or angry. No debating, no arguing just give them the pleasure of their choice and add a kiss and hug with it. Then do your best to actually enjoy whatever choice they have made; no negativity, teasing, pouted face or annoyed look. Really enjoy it with them.

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!

When the next decision comes around that you're particularly passionate about, slip in the puppy eyes and the "You had your way last time!" while asking them if you could have your choice now. The memories of the wonderful time they had will hopefully flood back to them and make them inclined to want you to be as happy this time. Compromise is a two way street. Always remember that. Also remember that it takes two to make an argument.

Lack of Trust

Why people are so damn suspicious all the damn time I will never know. Should my partner go through my phone? I went through my partner's phone. I want to go through my partner's phone but they won't let me. We live in a world where insecurity and immaturity go hand in hand. A relationship is not worth your time if there's no trust. Have you ever seen a paranoid person in a movie?

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!
They are sweating and looking around at the drop of a pin, acting crazy because they believe whoever they are running from is going to get them. Insecure people act similarly. They assume every little thing is something, some clue, some piece of an imaginary puzzle, that some woman or man is attempting to step into their territory.... And end up destroying their relationships. If your partner is with you, trust that you are indeed the one they want to be with. From the minute you decide to be in a relationship, lay down the law; "Hey, I don't believe in cheating. If there ever comes a time when I'm no longer enough for you, respect me enough to say that and leave me. Don't string me along feeling everything is okay while you're fucking people behind my back."

Give your relationship space to flourish, focus on building a steady foundation together, turn to your partner in the times when you feel low and always let them know with words and with actions that they can turn to you when they are feeling low. Be there for them when they need you and ask them to be there when you need them. After a while there will be no words necessary, you will automatically cleave to each other whenever stressful situations arise.... instead of trying to kill each other like Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Trust between two people in a relationship is like an impenetrable fortress while distrust creates cracks that other people inevitability try to fit themselves into, getting between the relationship.

And concerning phones which is a huge topic on Gag, there shouldn't be anything you need to hide on your phone. Sure you might have confidential conversations with close friends or people might confide their secrets in you that you wouldn't go publicising but your partner is your partner. Have enough maturity to respect your partner's privacy and not go sifting through their convos searching for stuff. This might sound confusing but let me put it like this. Would I hide my phone or not give my password to an SO? No I wouldn't. Because there's nothing to hide. Would I expect an SO to ask me to borrow my phone and then search through it when I give it to them? Nope. I'd feel highly offended that they felt the need to do that and extremely hurt that they think I'm hiding anything. So imagine that's the way your partner feels when you badger them. As I said, that's just making cracks in your relationship since your partner might say you don't trust them and then depending on their personality type, subconsciously/consciously either feel sad or begin to do exactly what they think you're accusing them of.

I'm not saying ignore blatant signs of cheating. If you can see significant changes in their behavior towards you... Or the person begins getting jumpy when you walk in on them using the phone, or they used to not care less and then starts keeping their phone 24\7... In such cases I say observe them carefully then confront them about what you think might be going on.

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!

Most of the time if you hit someone unexpectedly with the "Why are you acting this way (list the behaviors)?" and then ask "Are you cheating on me?" Their behavior tells the truth at that point even if they manage to lie to your face.... The typical (look anywhere except in your eyes as they answer) look away, the look down, the look up at the ceiling, the big gulp, the crazy hands, the guilty laugh, the refusal to give a definite yes or no. It takes a different breed of manipulator to be able to look you in the eye and lie when asked off guard like this. So most times if it gets to this and their explanation of their behavior makes sense and they seem sincere that they are not cheating, you're probably good and should revert to these five things I'm mentioning to make your relationship stronger.

Not Getting to Know Your Partner's True Self

Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!
You think you know someone well, but how well do you really know them? If it took a person all the years of their life to get to being who they are today why do people assume that in a matter of months they can truly understand them? It will take years to really know your partner, years of observation and discussion with them, years of being the one they come to and seeing their reaction in different situations to really know them. So don't lose out on knowing every facet of their personality; some might even surprise you. Truly knowing them can save you from many arguments, can help you understand some of their behavior and help you also predict some reactions. So many people spend time and energy trying to learn all they can about their partner before they are together, pulling out all the stops to show that they know them, but what about after you guys decide to be together?

The learning and the growth is supposed to continue, don't stop trying to learn about your partner or thinking up ways to show you know them.

The best relationships are the ones that have participants caring enough to learn all they can about their partner. For example, by looking at your partner's upbringing, or the way they were treated when growing up, you might begin to understand why they tense up about certain issues or why they get weak in the face of certain difficulties. If you know which types of movies and songs your partner likes, that info might help you get them a more thoughtful gift. If you realize that memories are precious to you partner, you might be able to save the ticket stubs from your first movie and present it to them with an old photo somewhere down the road. The saying it's the little things that count definitely speaks to getting to know your partner inside out. This point is the reason many people feel misunderstood or unappreciated in relationships... Their partner never took the time to notice the minuscule details that hold relationships together.

Reoccurring themes:

Notice that I repeated some phrases and ideas a few times throughout this post. That was intentional; to embed these things in your minds....
- It's about words AND actions: No word is good enough without actions that support it. You can't say you're sorry but then do whatever it is you were supposedly 'sorry' about over and over. The way to show you are truly sorry about something is to not let it happen again. In this way your partner can KNOW you really are sorry... And this is the difference between words alone versus words AND actions.
- Little things count: noticing and acknowledging details of your partner's personality can only help your relationship.
- Don't stop your pursuit: Just because you get the guy or the girl you're pursuing. It doesn't end as soon as they agree to be in a relationship; that's just the beginning!

So in conclusion, keep in mind that words said from the heart in soft, non argumentative, non accusatory tones smoothen even the toughest topics. As per usual, timing is everything. Don't make molehills into mountains; learn to cope with the small stupid stuff. Appreciate them as a part of your partner's downfalls. We all have them anyway, nobody's perfect. Be willing to give and to take. A relationship is not a dictatorship, it's a partnership, compromise a little every now and again. Get to know who your partner really is on the inside... The ins and outs of their personality should be completely understood by no other the way you do. Make it your goal to know and understand your partner the best. And lastly throw out a little trust rope for them to grab on to. Make sure they know you are there to catch them, but also show them you trust them enough to let them catch you when you need it too.

Try these things and stop fucking up your good relationships :P

Good Luck!


Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • 9teen

    Good take! I think the problem is that way too many immature people enter relationships without being able to develop themselves first.
    I also think psychology is important when it comes to the differences between a male and a female. It truly saves a lot of unnecessary fights.
    It´s also correct that way too many people are being selfish. ´It about me not about you!´ That´s not how it works. Like tf are you doing in that relationship then if you only care about yourself. When they feel something, they don´t think about how it will affect the other. Think before you speak especially when you´re angry.
    Also most couples just have fights about unnecessary petty stuff really just like you´ve mentioned. It´s like pride takes over and the fight gets worse until they break up for a stupid thing. I think one should shove pride aside and apologise and trying to see the point of view of the other. Pride shouldn´t matter within a relationship. It´s also something selfish.

    A healthy relationship contains communication, positivity, being straight to the point, respect, loyalty, understanding, care, trust, no secrets, compromise, admiration and orgasms.

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    • SweedyPie

      I agree with you completely! And I like how you threw in orgasms at the end :P lol 😂

Most Helpful Guy

  • RBasim

    Indeed this is a wonderful article that explains almost every major and minor thing, that may cause weakening of a relationship. For me, the most important part is lack of trust and then overreacting. You are going to completely mess up your situation if you are already suffering from bad communication etc. You have to give sometime to understand what is going on. Thinking while sitting in a silent corner can definitely help!

    On the other hand, exploring your partner brain and ways is a key to have a healthy relationship. Without being worried, doing any thing now matter how much weird it is will never affect badly rather improve the trust, love, and all. Plus having a caring nature is always advantage! Those who don't have shall try to learn it...

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • jennyPuss

    this is a great article! it would really make an impact- except for the fact that men really are disposable. if my guy doesn't tow the line- he knows he's at the curb and i can find a new guy in 5 minutes. so i don't think the compromising part is really for me. if guys weren't such lap dogs always begging to get laid, i don't think it would be so easy. poor fools... in a way i sort of feel sad for them, but only to a point.

    • SweedyPie

      Thanks :)

      I disagree with your belief that guys are disposable though, but to each his own :)

    • jennyPuss

      i'm an INTJ personality. very rare for a girl to be. my comment was completely satirical and rhetorical, meant to illustrate a core behavioral disorder among females. i can see nobody disagreed with it though... because we see it everywhere. my comment illustrates the need for your article.

  • browning1996

    Emphasis on bad communication! Communication is SO key in a relationship, in order for it to work both partners need to communicate effectively when something is wrong. That's how my first and only relationship to my first love ended. Bad communication and delivery, on his end

    • SweedyPie

      Aww sad to hear that, but at least every experience is a learning opportunity

  • SouthpawPablo

    now get over here and be my wife simply because of that trust gif !!! XD <3 good points and so many people dont see whats right in front of them not that I've never been guilt of this but whos going to get married at 18 ya kno or 16 now that i want true love I can't find any love lol

    • SweedyPie

      Hahaha :P
      Don't worry love is out there, don't look too hard, be happy being you and it will come find you...
      It sure as hell came over and slapped me in the face when I wasn't looking!

      PS. I loved that The good the bad and the ugly clip too! The days of Joe Kidd (nostalgia)

  • ManOnFire

    Not sure what I think about this Take. I feel like some of it is good advice, but then it also feels sort of like a re-hashing. And I know for me I've given in to the other party to keep the peace before.

    I would like to know though: what are your stories? Has any of your advice been successful for you in a relationship?

    • SweedyPie

      OK so, I don't pretend to be a love guru or anything, but I have successfully helped a few girlfriends, mostly married with their issues. Like 2/3 so it's not a lot. I have personally done all of these things to keep my relationship going. My ex and I were together for around nine years and so I really, in retrospect, stayed way too long, always trying to compromise on my beliefs to make him happy. I used too suck it up and take care of the little issues and not complain, take care of him, I knew him like nobody else. And I trusted him 100% even though in retrospect, he didn't deserve it. I did everything that was recommended here. My problem was that he didn't. He didn't meet me halfway like he was supposed to which in reality meant he didn't care enough to. Since we had gotten to six years, I was trying tro leave and he'd use my emotions about him against me, promise he'd change beg me to stay then go back to his usual ways

    • SweedyPie

      It took a lot and a final sharp blow of him hurtinme to finally give up. And then for the past two years, said person has been in deep regret. And now says there will never be another like me. He was insecure, immature, paranoid, emotionally abusive, at one point physically too and so I know what I speak of. I also know that if he had not been so much of those things and had done what I said here, it would have worked...

      So I believe in my advice. I know every person is different and I accept that it would not work for everyone, but generally, if what I know has the teeniest possibility of helping someone else, I will, and so I wrote this. Also note that I gathers these general ideas from years of researching what I could possibly do to make that relationship better :)

    • SweedyPie

      Forgive my typos please...

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  • D_Bone_Steak

    Got my upvote. It's been awhile since I read a mytake that wasn't riddled with the intentions to hitpiece an entire gender, but instead just stuck to the facts.

    Personally I really think the bulk of issues in current times has a lot to do with 1 or both partners refusing to stop setting themselves up for action.

  • honesty321

    Very good article. I come back again read it again. I love it. Espeically the a part about who does really know us and can we be known just in a few month? I sometimes think about this and feel neglected about how much more we are then anybody ever will know about is. We live our whole life so we are much more then just a few month. I apreciate you mentioned this. Sometimes if things are emotional it is good somebody else is saying actually what for you is hard to even hear but it is good it is mentioned in such splendid way. I like it. But it is also an very emotional subject.

    • SweedyPie

      `Thank you! I am glad you appreciated it...
      I speak from experience so I know exactly what you mean

  • SnapTsch

    In today's day and age relationships have become extremely shallow to a point where relationships are treated the same way as flings.
    Sexual liberation has lead to a drastic rise in promiscuity, but thats a different topic.
    Very well written.


  • Onlythisone

    Yep everyone I know is either in a relationship where they bicker about nonsense constantly or just take someone yelling at them constantly.

    Everytime my mother questions why I am with my bfs I say "you just don't know how much weight it takes off of you to not have to fight."

    He doesn't pick fights with me, or start taking advantage of me avoiding fights. Absolutely amazing.

  • blasiangirl12

    Sometime couples do have these qualities in the relationship but it's just not their time yet. Maybe they need to work on themselves (self-confidence, finances, school etc.)

  • michellebrown48

    hahaha great take, love the title and your enthusiasm

    • SweedyPie

      Thanks! Lol I'm glad you got the humor and felt the enthusiasm ;)

  • ThisAndThat

    I think the best way to mess up a relationship is to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons or with ulterior motives. When that happens it's doomed before it even starts.

  • LovelornBest

    The thing I find intriguing about this is that it can also apply to friendships especially the best friend sort.

  • Rei02

    Thanks, this article made me think about my Last relationship. I am 32 years old and I think that I am inmature in a romantic relationship.

    My ex and I were dating for 2 months, but our work and free time schedules didn't match, it was becoming like a kind of distant relationship. We agreed to call us every second day. But when he didn't call, I got nervous, I knew it was because of work, but when I talked to him about it, it sounded as a complain, so he took that chance to stop the relationship.

    I tried to make it work the next week, but I knew it was over. I tried to give it a good enclosure by seeing us one Last time, but he put in the end work as an excuse so he couldn't come and face me, he ghosted me.

    So many of the points you mentioned were here, from my behalf it was insecurity, and from his behalf that he just wanted to put little effort and an easy relationship with no problems.

  • love_conquers_lust

    Over complicated and melodramatic. Stop entering into bad relationships to begin with. Stop fornicating, stop lying, stop repressing, and control your own emotions. Girls, close your legs. Guys, control your emotions upon rejection. And vice versa.

  • brilovvee

    i wish i would have read this and taken your advice. i did everything wrong and i was the one to f*ck up a good relationship.

  • DiegoO

    I am to lazy to read today. Did you mention reciprocity?

  • Madirashed

    My opinion, the the real problem is that we both look for the perfect guy or woman, the one we see in movies, like for example you 2 peoble love each other then they get married as a start they're happy and they both get emotional and romantic then life goes on and suddenly you found them saying where the love is gone or he/she doesn't love me anymore. Well hello did you check under the bills, loundry, dishes, job stress... etc life traffic if you know what i mean. So you just have to stop looking for the perfec guy or woman and you make yours good as hard as you can and its not an easy job to do that. There' s no rainbow without rain nothing is easy in this life you want something then you to strugle for it.

  • Dio1982

    At the end of the day, the foundation of a good relationship is awareness for conflict management and the ability for mediation of conflicts.

    There are several methods, but I personally like the Harvard model for conflict resolution best. A good help is also the little booklet "Instant Influence" if you want to introduce change in the relationship.

    Yes, I am applying brainy corporate management methods to a relationship. Already the realization that treating your relationship like a moldable objective thing (and to separate emotion from fact) is the first step to conflict management.

  • Rudon30

    Lololol well someone seem on edge huh. Sweedypie you could not have done more justice to exploring issues that are crippling healthy relationships today. The common demoninator is that it all shows humans are bankrupt where love for one another is concen. we are only able to love others to the degree that we love ourselves.

    Its by first coming into agreement that God so loves you as an individual that we can transfer like a conductor of electricity, such love into a having healthy relationships with one another.

    Such is my take

  • UnlimitedGainz

    I do not even try to get into a relationship because i don't want to bother myself with bitches ^_^

  • pavlove

    perfect take, amazing job

  • xZoeyx

    I love this myTake so much! Great job👏

  • CT_CD

    Thank you

  • vishna

    Communication, it helps so much :/

  • SarahsSummer

    Really great read. Well done💟

  • DanFlingwing

    okay thanks

  • AlwaysBelieving

    I agree

  • Anonymous

    Most of the time we don't know what we got good until it's gone so we don't ruin it on purpose you see

  • Anonymous

    Nah, there was a storm brewing back in the 1960's. Relationships have been doomed every since then. Nothing on Earth will save them now.

    • Poppykate

      I hope not... I have faith in love! ❤️

    • Anonymous

      @Poppykate Love has already been cremated. Unfortunately she bit the dust a while back.

    • Poppykate

      Well I am going to bring her back from the dead! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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