Two differences between men and women that often cause fights in a relationship

We all know men and women are naturally different in almost every way. Well, this take is about two factors that cause so many misunderstandings, and inevitably fights in a relationship. They are very simple, very basic, yet so many people are completely unaware of them. And the best part is - they are like a bump on the sidewalk - once you see it, and realize it exists - you can't trip over it ever again! The examples I use are very basic, I'm not a screenplay writer nor did I take enough time and energy for writing this in detail, so don't judge them too harshly. Finally, just note that these are general rules and guidelines, there are exceptions to the rule of course, but it does apply to the majority.

Without further ado, they are:

1. Difference in statements

"But she said she'll be there!"

Women's opinions and words are heavily based on the feelings they are currently experiencing. Not all of course, if a woman is/isn't a fan of a certain type of food, or if she is/isn't a slut or whatever, that is not going to change overnight because of her current feelings. But things they say in the moment and in a regular conversation are much less reliable than a man's are. Does that mean women are liars? Of course not. That is the way they naturally function. Men, on the other hand, throughout history always had to keep their word. A man who couldn't keep his word wasn't worth shit in the eyes of society. Therefore, men learned not to give statements quite as easily (I'm not counting lying to get into a girls pants, that's another category entirely), but when they do, they had to keep it. That's why men's statements are much more firm and based in the logical-mathematical way of thinking. Obviously, this can cause many misunderstandings


Her: Hey, I had a nice time tonight, how about we repeat this again tomorrow, at 7 pm?

Him: Sure, looking forward to it!


Her: (I feel really sleepy and bored, I don't feel like going out again at all) Hey, just called to tell you that I'm busy tonight, we'll go out some other day!

Him: (Man, she stood me up, she doesn't like me at all, she was just lying to me!)

2. Difference in talking about problems

"Can't you just hear me out?"

It's the 21st century, and we all know that men are not made of stone, that we can feel very weak, emotional and what not. However, there is a reason why men have always had both the role and the reputation of being emotionless - we are less emotional than women. So when we confess to a friend and talk about problems, it's more like a business briefing - we want concrete ideas and potential solutions to the problem. Women, on the other hand, usually only seek comfort. They want to be heard and understood, that's it. Clearly, this also causes oh so many issues


Her: I had a fight with Janet today! We were best friends, I don't know what to do without her!

Him: Well why don't you try to reconcile with her?
Her: Are you crazy? I can't get over the things she said to me!

Him: Hmm...ok, then why don't you call up a few other friends, and go out with them?
Her: I don't feel like going out at all!

Him: Fuck, well, then try to take some time off just for yourself?

Her: Do you think I'm stupid, that I haven't thought of that myself?
Him: Look I don't know what the fuck do you want from me anymore?! Solve your problems by yourself!
Her: You are such a fucking dick, you are never there for me!

Thank you for reading. I hope this will help some of you avoid these mistakes and the unnecessary fights that go along with them. Leave your creative or interesting responses below.



Most Helpful Girl

  • There is a very good book relating the two differences in men and woman from a evolutionary standpoint! It's called "why men don't listen and woman can't read maps". Basically you're right!

    • Yeah, I think I even read it somewhere in the past

    • It's one of my favourite books, think I've bought 5 copies and keep passing them out to friends And family

Most Helpful Guy

  • you've hit on some great points! It's one thing to know this, it is another to handle it in the flow of constant everyday life without stress.


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  • This is true, great take. Waiting for the feminists to yell against science again.

  • The cheating that a lot of you guys do was not included, by the way we are not all emotional.

    • Women cheat at the very least as much as men, and even more in many instances, so what you wrote is just biased sexist bullshit, this take is about objective things

    • You are the sexist prick trying to tell women what they can’t and can do. You’re a joke

  • Ew boy... ya got a LOT to learn about man-woman communication. Wow.

  • Nice take.

  • Interesting mytake, thanks for sharing!

  • Everybody gets angry once in a while

  • Women just want to fight for no reason

  • 7d


  • I agree

  • You forgot sex i need multiple creampies daily most girls want one a month fuck that i need to be deep inside EVERYDAY

    • No, girls want sex as well, however they may not want it with you

    • Women are often more sexual than men and will wear you out. you have no idea yet, you aren't seeing them at their peak.