Never Risk to Love Someone for Love


It's been so long I've waited for the right guy to came by
I've reached 24 when I lost my virginity

One man came to my life and I forget why I was waiting

He touched my soul that is the reason I stopped thinking of it anymore.
I don't care if he isn't the right guy for me as long as I shared my love for him.
We make love. I made him the happiest man among all
Not knowing that the loved we had was fainting,

because of negligence to care better of him than myself.

Months pass, we become more comfortable.

He knew me so well, I wanted to make him smile most of his days.
Our love fainted until the day, he grew of his insecurities

He started to become jealous, He loses his trust for me.

Every day I started to cry. I cried so deeply in my soul.

Asking Why did I ever loved a guy, who doesn't see my soul.

We got on our first heavy fight. One week of silence.
A silence that we stopped to talk.

He came for me to settle our problem.
But he came not to fix our love and gave me a bitter heart.

He hurt me, He showed in front of me.

While I read his message for someone
"If my girlfriend break up with me, I will knock on your door"

I thought I was gonna die of paint reading those line.
Asking why did our love faint, and what am I missing for the love I gave him.

Two weeks passed,
I've left all the tears with me and went home in pain
Searching for the peace I was looking of.

We survived that fight and still stay together for a month after.
Then one more challenge came again and makes me wonder

if I will ever fight for love again.

One day I'd realize, Why I never received a callback?

Morning, afternoon and evening I called to say "I love him"

but with that, he never tried to call me back

So I stop calling him and neither talk to him
One week has passed, He never did anything to fix that silence

We got into another week of silence.

And there I decided to let our relationship go.

I ask myself, Did I lack giving my love?

or it is just that my love was not worthy.

I reached him again to say goodbye.
He knows he won't ever see me again.
We confessed to each other and cried.
I told him, "I'm tired of crying every day,

thinking if he'll ever love me the same"

I've kneeled down in front of him crying to let me go for my freedom
I did it. That's the risk that I take because I did it for love

I never imagine kneeling down in front of a guy because of his immaturity.

He tried to tell me he will take his life away.

That night, my soul was crying too much, but he still didn't see my pain.
He cares more about his fear of letting me go but he never cared if I'm dying of pain

giving my freedom to him

I'm crying most of my days of pain because I Love him

We broke up, and I've won the freedom I'm asking.

We still loved each other but it will never be the same again.
I risk to love someone and I almost die of pain

Now I warned you, Never risk on someone for love


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sweetheart, your situation is a typical reason why God says do not have sex before marriage. You did not love yourself you can't even love him. Because you don't love yourself. Because of you loved yourself more than enough you would not be doing what you did, and it wouldn't have been with the wrong guy. You would have waited for marriage to have sex, and give you the virginity to the one person who was in deserving of it. So this has nothing to do with love being dangerous, and has nothing to do about never risk to love somebody just for love. Because what you describe is not love. Is this a guy that used you for sex and you were stupid enough to get it to him. And the only reason why you have lost your identity because you gave your virginity. You became him. He is now your identity. So that is not the warning. The warning is keep your legs closed until you get married.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If this happend to you, I'm sorry and I understand it's traumatic.

    In response to this however, my question is if you loved each other then why didn't you just work it out? I know that comes off as jarring. But tbh I don't like when people, particularly youth, adopt the thought of separating monogamy and commitment. If that's the case then love isn't in itself dangerous; it's the people or society we've become that's dangerous.

    With all the single parent households out there [80% in the U. S.], evidently hardly anybody's truly commited and loyal now. We criminally undervalue commitment and loyalty, and it's backfiring on almost everyone. I think we should get back to placing these two things first.


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  • It is ALWAYS about the feelings. Consider that they are just that - feelings. And you can change them.

    You'll have many loves in your life. Move on and find a new one. You won't forget the old ones, or the first ones, but you'll gain new memories.

  • This is incredibly the saddest love story it is so genuine

  • The line separating profound thought from utter nonsense is razor-thin. This has crossed it

  • Is this like a poem or something or just really bad English?

  • Even if my now fiancé has a 10 month old baby with his ex girlfriend

  • Good take

  • Alright

  • Great mytake, and very true thanks for sharing

  • You're just overcoming your first serious love butthurt in life, snowflake. You'll get over it, soon or not.

  • This was the dumbest shit I've ever read this is why women shouldn't be leaders in government


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