My experience: 15 major differences between Middle Eastern + North African men and Western Men

Palestinian Arab couple
Palestinian Arab couple

Before reading this MyTake I advise you to read these 7 disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: I'm talking about Middle Eastern and North African men from MENA and not those living /born in the west. This might not apply to the latter ones. I'm a North African girl who grew up in the Middle East with different communities of the middle east. I currently live in France for my studies.

Disclaimer 2: The MENA men I'm talking about are Arabs, Persians, Turks, Berbers, Kurds etc both christian and Muslim.

Disclaimer 3: I'm mostly talking about men who are part of the middle class to upper class since they were the types of guys I interacted with.

Disclaimer 4: I'm using French men as-well as my interaction with the men of GAG as a reference.

Disclaimer 5: I'm talking about MY OWN EXPERIENCE. Yours could be different.

Disclaimer 6: I'm not saying these things are better or worse, it's just a comparison from my own observations.

Disclaimer 7: What I mean with western men is men from Western Europe (in particular) but possibly to a lesser degree North America, Australia, New Zealand etc...

A couple from Dubai
A couple from Dubai

A few years ago I joined this website in order to have a clearer idea of the dynamics of relationships between men and women. I was a very active member and liked to ask a lot of questions on here, however after realizing that this website's following and my environment were largely disconnected, I stopped using it because I felt like it couldn't give me a concrete and effective idea on the men I was interacting with in real life. I couldn't relate to most issues on this website.

However, some things are as I believe inherent to male nature and apply to all men around the world so I still chose to come back . Now here's the major differences I noticed between Western men and men from North Africa and the Middle East.

This MyTake's aim is to explain and showcase some of the major cultural differences between western relationships and MENA relationships.

1/ It's not unusual or odd to be talking about marriage and kids the first day you meet a MENA man.

Algerian man with his Tunisian fiance
Algerian man with his Tunisian fiance

This might be odd for most western men, but in every serious flirting situation/interaction I had with a MENA man, marriage and kids were discussed on the first day to week of meeting. Sometimes, in the first few minutes!

Usually in a joking way: for example if he likes something about you he will say "I might need to go see your father this weekend and ask him for your hand in marriage".

But often seriously as-well: for example I have already been approached by a young Algerian Berber man in public who just told me "Hi, I really find you pretty and was wondering if I could get your phone number so we could know each other, I'm 24, Algerian Kabyle, engineering student and want to get married".

I feel that MENA men tend to be more serious when talking to a woman and approaching her.

He would also ask you how many kids you want and family related things.Which leads us to the point number 2.

2/ Marriage is not an option, it's a duty.

Kurdish couple in traditional clothes
Kurdish couple in traditional clothes

I noticed that often times, in western relationships, the marriage door is left open. Meaning marriage is just an option. Maybe you want to get married, maybe not. Often times, unmarried westerners would be living together and even having kids together out of wedlock. This is completely unimaginable in Middle Eastern and North African societies.

This doesn't exist in MENA. If you are seriously speaking to someone, it means you could possibly foresee a marriage with the person. A MENA woman would often reject a man or break up with a man if she sees that he doesn't want to eventually ask for her hand in marriage or if he takes too long to marry her.

The family will also often want to rush a marriage or at least an engagement if the kids are dating.

3/ He won't be able to live with his fiance or girlfriend before getting married.

Coptic Christian Egyptian couple on their wedding day
Coptic Christian Egyptian couple on their wedding day

Living with your partner before marriage is out of the question even if the both of you are engaged and about to get married.

Women and men are expected to live with their parents until they get married unless they have to study or work in another country or city. Sometimes, if they can't afford to move out, a bride might even move in her's husband's family house until they can afford to rent or move out.

Which leads us to the next point.

4/ The virginity of a woman is important and valued for both Christian and Muslim MENA men but also non religious MENA men.

Lebanese bride and groom
Lebanese bride and groom

If they want to marry you, they won't try to sleep with you before marriage. If they want to sleep with you very quickly, they most likely only see you as a fling and nothing more.
Virginity is very important for them even if they're not religious.

In our society virginity is seen as more than a mere religious duty, it usually tells people about the education of the girl and what kind of family she comes from. Every faux-pas the girl does is immediately reflective of her parent's education and family's reputation.

This could be very bad because of how hypocritical our society can be. Indeed, Male virginity before marriage is valued as-well but our society turns a blind eye when the men don't strictly abide to this social norm.

5/ The men have the upper hand in the "dating world"

Pick me! Pick me ! Pick me!
Pick me! Pick me ! Pick me!

This is probably one of the major points I want to highlight: I noticed that men in MENA tend to have the upper hand when it comes to dating or at least marriage unlike western men.

In our society many women think of marriage as the ultimate way to gain true independence from their family, moving away, and starting a family of their own. A married woman holds a special status in society. A young MENA woman dreams of her wedding day and her prince charming since childhood.

All of this results in MENA women being more desperate for marriage, especially considering that lots of them end up not finding a husband. Not finding a husband and never getting married is a big fear for many of my MENA friends.

6/ They're more assertive/ less shy/ more straight forward

Traditional outfits festival in Tunisia
Traditional outfits festival in Tunisia

Here I'm mostly comparing MENA men to the European men I encountered during my studies.

I noticed that MENA men tend to be much more straight forward and less shy. If they want to talk to you, they'll do it, they don't care about rejection as much as western men do.

They find no issues flirting with a woman even if she's way above their league.

7/ They don't care about the body as much as they do about the face and motherly qualities

Algerian Kabyle couple in traditional clothes
Algerian Kabyle couple in traditional clothes

MENA men like all men want beautiful women and like nice bodies on women.

But I noticed that when looking for a wife, they tend to put lots of importance on the woman's reputation, education, family, elegance, and face, more than they do on the body.

The body worshiping culture is existent but much less prevalent than it is in the west. It's not unusual to see a handsome MENA man with a slightly chubby woman. They don't care for a massive ass and tiny waist as much as people in the west do.

However they put a lot of importance on the face, hair and general femininity. Of course this is a broad generalization and there's many MENA men who care a lot about body as-well.

They also care more about the motherly qualities of the woman: whether she'd be a good mother to his children or not.

8/ They don't mind taking an arrow to the knee at a younger age

Moroccan bride and groom in a traditional wedding ceremony
Moroccan bride and groom in a traditional wedding ceremony

I noticed that western men are often scared of marriage and tend to want to delay it and that's if they want to get married in the first place.

From my personal experience, I noticed that usually the only thing stopping a MENA man from getting married young is education, lack of money or no job. If they could afford it, they'd mostly marry and start a family at a young age.

They're not as afraid of commitment as western men are.

9/ They're more jealous and possessive of their women than western men.

Traditional Tunisian bride and groom
Traditional Tunisian bride and groom

I noticed that often times western men like to show off their girlfriends/wives to their friends and other men like some sort of trophy (by the way I don't find this necessarily bad, just an observation).

While this most likely also exists in some parts of MENA, the men over here tend to be more protective of their wife and don't want to showcase her as much.

As a woman, this can be a problem for example when it comes to the way you want to dress dress this can be a major issue for many women.

For example, the Algerian man I'm currently interested in told me that he'd never want me to wear a bikini in public.

10/To him, Romantic love and passion are not as important as having a cohesive family.

Traditional Palestinian wedding
Traditional Palestinian wedding

I noticed that my western friends tend to value "love at first sight" "Passion" and "Love" much more than my MENA friends.

A MENA woman would rather marry a man who can afford to raise children and take care of her over a stud who has nothing to offer but his looks and sex which is why it is not uncommon to see a gorgeous MENA woman with an average-at-best looking MENA man.

I also noticed that western couples can easily break off if passion is over and the honeymoon phase faded, they often even end up cheating.

In MENA the family cohesion is much more important than passion. Some couples stay together forever and stay faithful even if they're not madly in love anymore. They just get used to each other.

This is good and bad at the same time in my opinion because it could be boring and the woman can go from being a wife to only being mother and feel neglected.
This however doesn't mean that MENA men don't look for romance because they often do!

11/ They don't expect their wife to be a bread winner or split the bill.

Turkish bride in traditional clothes
Turkish bride in traditional clothes

Pretty straight forward: they don't expect you to work and bring money home, to split the bills or anything of the sort.

He most likely won't push you to work unless he's poor, but since we're talking about the middle class and upper class average MENA person, this most likely won't happen.

He might even prefer that you stay home over you working, which can cause a bit of issues for some more career-driven women. Some MENA men get their egos hurt if their wife works or earns more than them.

But many if not most educated MENA men are usually fine with their wife working as long as it's a "honorable job". If you're a stripper or porn-star or actress etc it might be harder. Actually he won't even consider marrying you lol.

Most MENA women who work usually pick more "wife friendly jobs" such as teacher, professor, graphic designers, beauty industry, but many of them also work as doctors or lawyers and such.

12/ They tend to expect women to hold traditional gender roles

Iranian wedding
Iranian wedding

It's not unusual for me to see French couples with their children shopping for frozen meals in the supermarket. A MENA man won't be too happy eating frozen meals and would probably prefer going to his mom's house to eat a good homemade meal..

Indeed, Western men -at the least the ones in Western Europe- seem to care less about traditional gender roles.

Some MENA men are more relaxed than others when it comes to traditional gender roles, some can afford you a housemaid and some don't mind taking you out to eat, but sadly sometimes some of the men can be very annoying and see your contribution to the household as a duty and not just as something you want to do out of generosity.

This doesn't mean that they'll necessarily be assholes about it and force you to cook and clean but it means that he'll definitely want to marry you more if you had a good reputation at being a good cook or if you tell him you want be the one who cooks and cleans in the marriage .

Even when they're educated and more liberal, every MENA mean still likes his wife to be able to cook and take care of the household. In this case, a way to man's heart is through his stomach is a very relevant quote.

13/ Contrarily to popular legend, they don't necessarily always want a submissive wife.

Algerian couple
Algerian couple

I found it a bit weird to see how many western men online, especially on GAG and twitter want a "submissive wife" and regret the good ol' days. Though this can also be found in MENA men, I found out it's not always necessarily the thing they look for in a woman.

In the past few years I've been speaking to different MENA men, Kurds, Algerians, Lebanese, Moroccans, Tunisians, Palestinians etc, and many of them actually like, if not love, the fiery and stubborn side of some women.

The man I'm currently talking to even told me he could never imagine himself being with a submissive wife.
This however doesn't mean that they don't long for a traditional style relationship where a woman takes care of the household and the man brings money home. This simply means they want a woman with a bit of character and a woman who can discuss and debate them.

14/ The men almost exclusively prefer femininity when it comes to looks.

Moroccan Berber Chleuh groom and bride
Moroccan Berber Chleuh groom and bride

Western men seem to have a wider spectrum of preferences when it comes to looks, some prefer tattooed up girls, some don't. Some prefer muscular/fit women, some don't. Some prefer short hair on women, some don't etc.

On the other hand MENA men seem to all have similar preferences and tend to prefer feminine looking girls (women with longer hair, women with more feminine dresses, make up, perfume, high heels, jewelry etc).

This is why MENA girls can appear to be a little more high maintenance than western girls, especially European girls who usually rock a nice carefree look.

This also makes it harder for MENA women to fit in one specific type of beauty standards.

15/ Wedding: The bigger , the better

Lebanese Zaffeh
Lebanese Zaffeh

All of this results in the fact that the wedding ceremony itself is taken very seriously.
Unlike the West, it's not simply a small family event where the bride wears a nice simple white gown with very few people invited to the ceremony.

Indeed, a wedding in MENA means you are about to entirely turn a new page in your life, move out, live with someone new, loose your virginity and have kids.

People who can afford it often throw grandiose weddings and lots of money is spent on it BECAUSE MARRIAGE HERE IS NOT A SIMPLE CONTRACT OR PIECE OF PAPER.

It's not uncommon to find belly-dancers in Egyptian or Lebanese weddings, multiple dresses (for example in Maghrebi weddings a bride can change her dress up to 7 times), weddings that can last for days (because of the multiple different ceremonies) and it's not weird to have 500+ people invited, even people you don't know.

Traditional Moroccan bride in a traditional 'Ammaria
Traditional Moroccan bride in a traditional 'Ammaria
Belly dancer at an Egyptian wedding
Belly dancer at an Egyptian wedding

A Tunisian bride-to-be following a traditional custom dating back to Carthaginian times.
A Tunisian bride-to-be following a traditional custom dating back to Carthaginian times.
My experience: 15 major differences between Middle Eastern + North African men and Western Men
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ZeussLightningBolt
    WTF? I didn't know you were Algerian. I thought you were Greek.
    WTF? Some guy just randomly approached you 'cuz you were pretty and asked for your number? That's SO creepy!
    And I disagree with the job ones. A lot of Western men, at least in America also want to be the provider and not have the wife work.
    And what's wrong with being an actress?
    Some Western men also care about traditional gender roles. I know Polish people do, at least when it comes to certain types of jobs. I believe French are also like this
    Lastly, I'm a Westerner and I prefer non submissive women. I don't know it seems most western men and up marrying non submissive women, at least in America.
    Most of these things I agree with, but some of them I feel don't apply to ALL Western men, at least from MY experience. So you probably should've put "France" in the title, instead of "Western men" That term is pretty controversial and there is no real consensus as to what's considered Western and what isn't. For example, Latin American countries are considered "Western" but a lot of them have the values as MENA people. Hell, even in some European countries you will find a lot of these same values. So I think it would have been better if you stated what regions you consider "Western". Otherwise, interesting article.

    Oh, one more thing I read somewhere that it's common for the bride and groom to move in with HER family, even if they don't have financial issues. I heard it's pretty rare for married MENA couples to get their own place.
    Is this still revelant?
    • 1) I'm not Algerian, I'm Tunisian. My grandma is half Algerian Kabyle though. How do you know how I look like haha?

      2) Lol yeah it happened a few times but I don't think it's too bad

      3) Being an actress means you will probably have romantic scenes with other men, be dressed in certains ways and overly exposed and since MENA men tend to be jealous they might dislike it

      4) Tbh from the french people I see here and interact with the gender roles are much more loose than they are in MENA. I'm aware Eastern Europeans are kinda different from western Europeans and North Americans.

      5) What I meant by western men is mostly western european men, German, French, British, Danish, Swedish etc I never really considered Latinos as western.

      6) Yeah I think the non submissive part applies to many men around the world, I guess I was more referring to Western incels, MGTOW and such.

      7) No it's the opposite the bride moves in the man's house and not her house. I don't think it's rare for MENA couples to get their own place, in my family/environment it's only those who can't afford moving out.

      Thank you :))

    • 1) Oh okay, that was my second guess. But I know there are a lot of Algerians in France and you were talking about Algeria a lot, so I thought you were Algerian.
      I don't, but you said the guy called you pretty. lol

      3) That's what I thought

      4) Yeah, my family is Eastern European

      5) Okay, thank you. You should've stated that than. I don't either to be honest, that's why these terms are kind of stupid, because if they aren't Eastern and they aren't Western, than what are they?

      6) OKAY

      7) Yeah that's what I meant that she moves in with her husband's family. What did I write?


      What about marrying outside of their religion and making the man convert to Islam? One French-Algerian girl told me her cousins married non Muslim men and didn't make them convert, but as you said the ones living in France are different

    • I guess I might add another disclaimer then haha!

      Western men being Western European, North American and Australian/ Zealander etc.
      One of my bestfriends is Serbian and though she's not as conservative as the average MENA girl she's still conservative compared to the French girls I know (waited until she was 23 to loose her virginity with her boyfriend).

      As for religion, I think it's kinda complicated, usually they would expect the man to convert to Islam, but there are some exceptions where North African women would be open to marrying a non Muslim, usually if their family is more liberal. But it's not very common. On this I don't think there's a major difference between NA people in Europe and NA people in MENA.

  • Girther10
    One question: if this is about western men and their culture, why is every single picture of mena couples dressed in their traditional garb? I stopped reading this half way through because of the graphics which seem obviously one sided. I think these visuals speak volumes about you point of view, which does not seem fair an balanced.
    Well written from a technical view, and you seem like you’re committed to your cause, whatever that may be.
    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    As a girl from MENA I can say its really true!

    Although I was the more liberal girl and career driven but my husband still prefers if I stay at home. That is why my first meeting I already discussed my interest in keeping my career and not wanting kids early on. If he wasn't welling to accept then it would have been the last meeting.

    Femininity is a given. Wearing a dress , doing our hair and using perfume at home even after years of marriage is natural and she is considered to be a good wife who wants to keep her husband's eyes on her only.
    Is this still revelant?
  • I've met the personality and cultural kind you mentioned - not sure if they were from North Africa or look like the photos you show but I strongly agree on a few things

    1. They are more confident
    2. They are less focused on body
    3. They are more likely to be bread winners than other types of men
    4. They forgive economic differences between themselves and their wives
    5. They are eager to marry early
    6. They are very hard working and like confident and firm woman
    7. They put a high premium on low sexual history
    Is this still revelant?

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  • Nice mytake
  • A lot of western women seek marriage for the same reasons. Ask a girl about her new boyfriend and 90% will boast about his job, income etc. We're not under so much pressure to get married but you can be made to feel inferior if you're not in a relationship. Too many here rush into marriage because of a "that's what your suppose to do" attitude and its these who end up cheating or divorcing.
  • i1T2daty
    The “Middle, Eastern” world was far ahead of the west intellectually when Europe was in the dark ages. The Quran was as profound of spiritual book as any other Buddhist and or Christian texts. What fucked up a lot os Islam was the addition of the Hadditha (sp?$. Before the fundamental basis of #estern Civilization, Persia was a great em-ire. The first few Ottomans were wise and generous. Just as Islam accuses the West of corruption, the East is even worse. The disparity in wealth, so pronounced in the West is not nearly as onsc3ne as the thousands 0fmuseless spolied relatives of the house of Saud, once noble nomadic tribes. Now they are more corrupted than the Kardashians. They fritter away millions on trinkets while the majority are poverty stricken. The intellectuals are hated and the imams with ideas that are nowhere mentioned in the Quarn run the show. The Shia, Sunni, Alawite, Sufi, and numerous other sects are overrun by Wahhabism. To think that a civilization who allowed Jews, Christians, & Muslims live peacefullly together when Christianity were killing anyone with an original thought was turned on its head by the consolidation of conservatives- some almost as evil as D. Trump. Persia/ Turkey/ Magreb, Arabia we’re imtellectually. Spiritualilly, artistically ahead of West for 1,000 years. Now the manipulative conservative rich talk poverty stricken boys and girls to blow themselves up with promises 0f virgins in hereafter. The men, as usual are the worst. I’ve had some of my most erotic encounters with almond eyes Arabian women. The new Islamic countries, once known for hospitality and generosity towards the poor has been displaced by hate so they don’t need to look at their own shortcomings.

    Just one imfidels opinion In’shalla, Saida.
  • Theladywithcurls
    I really respect you for this Take. I believe you addressed the most important differences, and that as objectively as you could.

    However, you putting MENA men all together in one side of the spectrum bothers me a little. I believe there are important differences between Middle Eastern and North African men themselves. I find that North African men are a little in between Western and Middle Eastern men. They care a lot about traditions too, but their traditions and culture are different from those of the Middle East. I mean that the geographical area itself is in between two contrasting lands in terms of religion, politics, and culture. North Africa's proximity to both the Middle East and the West made the high diversity in its culture possible. Even history can show that the culture and traditions have been highly influenced by, on one side the Arabization of North Africa following the Muslim invasion, and on the other side the French colonization. That said, I believe those two settlements are what made North African cultures as they are today. Yet, Berber traditions still prevail. We can still feel that part of North African identity fighting to resurface. And I think it is not at all the same as Middle Eastern culture, nor is it the same as Western.

    All in all, it was a very good Take. I enjoyed reading it. And since you have experienced all the three cultures, I would like to see some day a Take by you on the differences among the three groups.
  • Oram52
    Interesting my take. Must've taken a while to add all those pictures. it seems if someone wants traditional partner they should try someone from MENA.

    MENA cultures are definitely more conservative and family oriented. Its norm in any conservative culture even in conservative states in America. I'm definitely in no rush to get married, don't want kids. Age of marriage is certainly higher in Western countries and more and more couples are foregoing marriage altogether.

    >3/ He won't be able to live with his fiance or girlfriend
    I definitely would not get married before living with someone. You can't know for sure unless you've lived together, and as you're in no rush to get married its an obvious solution.

    >6/ They're more assertive/ less shy/ more straight forward
    You can thank feminism for that. I'm sure you've seen recent Gillette ad, and heard gems like rape culture and toxic masculinity. Men have become cautious. Its I suppose also due to men becoming less masculine as well, and again I will refer you back to "toxic" masculinity.

    > 7/ They don't care about the body
    I definitely care about hot body ;)

    > 9/ They're more jealous and possessive
    This is of course seen very negatively in Western countries, women having no tolerance for it themselves.

    > 11/ They don't expect their wife to be a bread winner
    I will only date independent ambitious girls. I don't want traditional wife or stay at home mum.

    > 12/ They tend to expect women to hold traditional gender roles
    I have absolutely no interest in traditional gender roles, on the contrary. At least in Britain its quite uncommon. Not that women don't stay at home but its not due to gender roles simply preference.

    Men here also want a girl who can cook, "a way to man's heart is through his stomach " is true here too, but simply girls can cook for shit, so guys have stopped expecting it. From what I know French girls are still good at cooking.

    > 14/ The men almost exclusively prefer femininity
    Believe me when I say this Western men also want Feminine girls, those are first girls guys go for. But as girls are becoming less and less feminine its simply lack of choice. Guys would choose from options available, girls have become less feminine guys have followed by providing less in dating value as well. Guys have also become less masculine. I think however compared to rest of Western Europe French girls on the whole are more feminine, they are still seen as more desirable. I'm sure your French friends say the same that they want feminine girls.

    Any culture where poison of 3rd wave feminism has not taken hold yet girls are more feminine, and more desirable. MENA countries as you mentioned, East Europe, Conservative states in America, Hispanic countries. You can still be feminine though with tattoos and fit body. Its also personality, demeanor, how they carry themselves etc.

    #"European girls who usually rock a nice carefree look."#
    I don't see how this any positive at all, sure I'm all for choice. But you've seen what kind of Boyfriends these "carefree" women have. As soon as MENA girls stop being feminine and stop putting effort in, same thing will happen and guys will stop putting in effort too.

    > 15/ Wedding: The bigger , the better
    I don't no on one hand it seems like a waste on the other hand sounds good fun. Bride having 7 dresses, wedding lasting for days, partying, belly dancers. Sounds fun. Though weddings can be quite expensive in Britain one of the reasons they are modest.
    • 6) yes blame the women for everything. She said assertive not mysoginistic. Men can still be assertive if they have a character where to stand on.

    • Oram52

      @WitchsLove Men have plenty of character to stand on. I said FEMINISM not women. I am implicitly implying men being demonized by feminists.

  • Muhammad1999
    I agree to all of it except the 10th one , as a kurd I think MENA men do value family a lot but a decent number of them also care about love , usually a man can feel it if his wife doesn't love him anymore so they can divorce if the wife wants.
    • Of course they also do, this is why I added that "This however doesn't mean that MENA men don't look for romance because they often do!" it just means that they often put family above "selfish' needs and won't mind staying together even there's no extreme passion like the intial stages of the relationship.
      In Arabic Derja we call it "3echra", meaning their love grows more out of getting used to each other and caring for each other.

    • Ah sorry Looks like I read it quickly and didn't see the last one , great take by the way.

    • Thank youuu! ^^

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  • BeMuse
    5) Men in the west have no obligation or expectation to get married. Generally the most attractive people (men or women) are the choosers when it comes to dating. Guys tend to be the initiators in the west more often. They pick the girl they want to date and take a run at her. If he is very attractive and charismatic he tends to get his way, if not then she has the power in the beginning. When it comes to marriage the men are the choosers. Women generally get pressure from friends and family to get married before they get too old and thus try to manipulate and pressure their boyfriends to get married, but guys get the final say and have the power to make that decision and propose or just drag on a relationship for 10 years as boyfriend and girlfriend and no one will really bug them about it. Where women have the power currently is in financial reward for divorce with no rational reason needed to do so. Divorce in the west is very common. It ruins a lot of men’s lives. So men tend to have more power in who they choose and commit to, and women just have loopholes to rob men blind without provocation.

    6) That’s pretty funny because Americans are always told we are way too straightforward by pretty much every culture. Europeans do tend to be more reserved than us, that is true. How they measure up to Arabs I don’t know.

    7) Most people tend to care about someone’s face a lot more, but westerners are probably more vocal about body features. We’re less modest in that regard and can get pretty open and vulgar about it. The face is still a huge aspect of attraction though. For me personally, if I’m not attracted to her face I don’t find her attractive at all.

    8) Laws are structured to hurt men who choose the wrong women in the USA, so we have to be cautious about who we legally bind ourselves to. It shouldn’t be that way but it currently is.
  • NineBreaker
    That's an excellent MyTake. Hadn't seen one of those in a while. I've been to a few of these in my day.
    I think almost all of these points are really positive, or at least neutral, except for the last one; #15; I think that people in many places, including the MENA, go way overboard with the cost and lavishness. I think that's a bad idea even for the people who are exceptionally wealthy. However, that's my personal opinion.
  • GiovanniGentile
    I am not middle eastern and agree with these guys. Western men are cucked. They send their daughters to universities, which are 100's of miles away, full of horny young men, and has a culture of alcohol and drug abuse around it.

    Western civilization will fall due to its decadence, it very much mirrors the Roman Empire in that regard. Great take!

    The Western men of centuries passed were similar to the MENA you describe, but they became adulterers, sodomites, and stopped believing in God
  • UnknownXYZ
    "Disclaimer 3: I'm mostly talking about men who are part of the middle class to upper class since they were the types of guys I interacted with."

    Meh... It seems everything is about middle to upper middle class people these days...
    • Lower class are mostly street thugs/no-lifers and people who don't give a shit about religion or traditions, they have no honor and shouldn't count as a part of society, at least the part it's represented with

    • Would you rather have her include a social class she hasn't interacted with just to please you?

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  • thearabian123789
    Most of the values mentioned are in reality the Islamic influence on the people through the centuries, a lot of the things mentioned are very obvious and screaming out on religious people, like seeing the marriage as a duty and goal, or the most obvious of them all, being protective not wanting other men to see anything in his wife.
  • tenukitanuki
    As a 3rd generation Slavic man, I can tell you that many Arabic/Persian values are still shared among Indo-European peoples. Even with the more lax values of the western world, the liberal freedoms to chance fate and dare against reality, slavs probably relate more to your described qualities of MENA men. Perhaps I am wrong

    I also believe French/Western Europeans to be apart from American and Eastern Europeans. Even apart from Scandinavians.
  • Alex31
    Nice observation. While many of the qualities of MENA men are worth admiration, I would like to note that that marriage in the West almost exclusively means no cheating and having a huge role in raising children. MENA men can cheat with light to no consequences and the children are mainly raised by women. So, if there were such responsibilities upon married MENA men, I think they would fear marriage a bit more.
  • AlienChickk
    This was actually really interesting to read about. Thank you for the informing mytake.
  • Mailo
    Hi, Sarra!
    Welcome back to GAG and I hope you are doing well in your studies.
    First of all, let me thank you for your efforts in making this good Mytake even though it draws so many questions to some people including me (Tunisian arab man)
    I personally agree with most of your 15 points but still have preservation on some things that I consider outdated /wrong/unnecessary and should definitely be changed at least for us Tunisians.
  • Redstang88
    Just cultural priorities I guess. Personally I think the world as a whole needs to get away from the mindset of cranking our kids as fast as possible, but I’m sure those cultures will catch up at some point.
    • They are producing their own bread and East can survive own their own even in electronics field, so your shit is entirely invalid.

    • @AlphaGhost Ok
      What does that have to do with my comment?

    • If they are cracking up kids they can feed themselves and West+India+China shit is responsible for the Global warming NOT-US, so your comment about cranking up the kids and them being culturally backward is idiotic and irrelevant.
      They are not draining the West resources and everybody can speak-up for their own share of resources and West have created almost every thing linked with global warming and now you don't get to be hero to save-us all.

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  • Piteka5
    Great take, I have French family that lived in Iran for decades and they told it's pretty much like this, although in villages far off from cities things were rough on everyone, but that is not middle class.
    A more traditional way of doing things is healty and more stable in my opinion, people in the west are afraid to count on others, and that shows in fear of relationships and marriage.
    We want to be so independent we forget life should be lived with someone by your side and not by yourself
    • Oram52

      Difference between inter-dependence and co-dependence.

  • yucel_eden
    Sarah you are one of the few people on here that understands me :).

    Nice take.
    • Thank youuu boo <3

    • So are you back on here?

      You seem a little acfive

    • Omar5881

      We take women as slaves eden

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  • BrazilBabe
    Omg yes! Same experiences basically, my moms side was from Morocco before immigrating to Brazil. She tried setting me up with someone (from Morocco) he asked a lot about marriage and kids on the first date
  • RasmusAiken
    Extreme thanks to you for presenting this to G@G. Clearly the West has much opportunity to learn from MENA culture.
  • coka10
    Personally I wouldn't put North Africans and Middle Eastern people in the same category but otherwise I agree with most of your points.
    • Yes, there are important differences. Thank God 😂

  • Милашка
    Please write a take about the differences between Middle Eastern + North African WOMEN and Western WOMEN
  • burlen
    Elissa highlighted valid differences between Western and MENA men in relation to courtship, dating, and marriage. But what explain these differences and why do they exist?

    Elissa's post frames the answer in terms of cultural differences, and rightly so. But what element of culture accounts for the differences? As some have already alluded, the differences can be explained by the degree to which faith religion is institutionalised in the fabrics of both societies.

    In MENA countries, there is little or no separation between the state and religion. In fact the preamble of governance in MENA countries is sourced from religion, which in turn influences the way of life of their people.

    Let's not forget that the cultural practices held by MENA people in relation to courtship, dating, and marriage were also the norms in western societies centuries ago. It happens that western societies have evolved or veered away from them, for the sake individual freedom and accountability.
  • ChronicThinker
    Huh, this was actually really balanced and interesting. You should submit this to a local paper as a column.
  • Lirnshirn
    Excellent mytake.
    I just want to say %70 of this wrong for Turkey. And %20 is True for a half and wrong for the other half of the population.
  • worldscolide
    Holy crap, you know you have some whiny people when you have to put that many disclaimers..

    That wasn't a swipe at you by the way... good my take.
  • Omar5881
    In Egypt, middle to upper class , mostly all that changed.
    Dunno about other north Africans or arabs but the ones I have in uni are pretty closed minded
    • What do u think about the part where it says that if a man wants to have sex with you before marriage he doesn’t want anymore with you than sex... lol!

      I think this depends on many things. Maybe this is only for men and women of MENA

    • Omar5881

      @WitchsLove most people from every social class wouldn't be with someone who had sex before marriage

    • Hmmm is that true for women about men though? I hear women tend to turn a blind eye on that

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  • esotericstory
    Nice mytake. Unfortunately too many Europeans have become untraditional. You can see its negative, because our birthrates are below replacement rate.
    • The worlds overpopulated. Being responsible and not churning out babies by the bucket full is sensible. Perhaps if other cultures showed restraint and responsibility we would have to send aid to feed them.

    • @purplepoppy That reasoning relies on a philosophy called mutualism. It assumes that others would also engage in what you consider to be a mutual responsibility. Unfortunately its only wishful thinking. Europe is not overpopulated at all. China and India are overpopulated, not Europe. Telling Europeans to make less children while we are in surplus migration to Europe is devastating to our civilization. I hope you understand that.

    • Just because other countries are overpopulated doesn't mean we have to try and catch up. The world needs fewer but better quality people

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  • DiegoO
    If I ever get good at flirting, North African and Asian women will become to me what Asia became to Alexander Magnus, his perdition.
  • morrowlow
    as a persian guy i can say most of you said is true but not for long. everything is changing around here and each day more men and women are starting to live their lives by western standards.
  • WitchsLove
    I agree with almost everything except that not all people see marriage as a contract only. Many European countries still have a religious tradition/outlook on these things.

    I think MENA men may have some more solid values about marriage but they also are expected to get married. Not to mention that most people only consider having sex after married - so that’s an incentive to getting married young.

    And... i think depending on the MENA man and if he is in a relationship with a western woman, even if they are both religious, depending on how they see sex... they might not want to wait for marriage. And if this comes from the woman’s part and it is not the man pressuring for it... i think we can say he is not just using her.

    Everyone is different is my point. Even if there are some cultural patterns.
  • FakeName123
    Missed opportunity to go into detail about the pros and cons of both cultures as someone who grew up with both.
  • zagor
    Nice mytake. I have been to the ME a few times for work, but it is nice to get some perspective from someone who grew up in the culture.

    Especially a cutie like you.
  • Twenty2
    Cool! My thoughts on this:
    1. Western men don't talk about marriage because women in West are nuts.
    2. I believe it should be a duty!
    3. Studies have shown that having sex after marriage leads to a much satisfying experience.
    4. It should be valued.
    5. considering men are the bread winners, it's obvious.
    6. They have been taught what they are supposed to do unlike the Western men who are supposed to do what they want.
    7. A feminine body is chubby! Because of estrogen, the fat gets stuck. It's good for the baby. I personally like that too.
    8. Again, they have been taught what they are supposed to do from an early age.
    9. Testosterone boost.
    10. They have been taught this.
    11. Females are needed in the households I believe (tho if she wants to, she can't work)
    12. I would love that too.
    13. Cool.
    14. It should be this way.
    15. I personally hate the show off.
    • Twenty2

      11. If she wants to, she can work. That was autocorrect lol

    • Nah it is better if the woman is thin and fit. If you weigh too much the doctor can telly you to lose some weigh

    • I mean it is better for pregnancy if the woman is fit and fat

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  • Spoopy_Alien
    The middle eastern/North African women are very attractive in these pictures. The same cannot be said for the men though.
  • HaveNoName
    Whaaaaaaaat? This is the first post from you after like 27 years !!!
  • Zak_Viel
    As a Moroccan, I almost approve all what has been said.
    • What is it that you don’t approve of? Just curious :)

    • Zak_Viel

      There is some points that were true but that are changing with the actual generation.
      Like I can safely say that the idea fo a bigger mariage is better is no more as welcomed by youngsters as is was before.
      It is seen as waste of money that we could use for a better reason.

    • I see

  • RolandCuthbert
    This was an excellent "mytake".

  • TonyBologna25
    I need to move to the middle east lol
  • vald9inches
    Stay away from islam please
  • Dolemite510
    I swear middle eastern women are just gorgeous 🤤🤤
  • bigbang101
    Im lacking a job and still am gonna get married soon! 😃
  • candyaurora
    Cool Take. Pakistani men are also mostly like that!
  • shinka1y234
    Haha but woman of turkey are more obsessed and jelousy.
    And men also dont have it easier. The family of the girls except so much from the guys like if he have a house, car and a job with a heigh income etc. I know some who commit suicide because of financial reasons. And turkey is something between western and eastern culture. So there are also many who give a fuck about this tradition and religion and some care about it. But sadly the thing about virginity is true but girls tend to want also a virgin guy.
  • As a Kurdish I love it
  • weirdoweirdo
    Very interesting to say the least
  • This was a great read. 💖💗
  • Nice take but some of them dont fit us to Turks
  • OfDeath
    The middle east and north Africa is a shit hole.
    • Mailo

      I bet you can't say it without hiding your identity
      Typical coward

    • OfDeath

      @Mailo the middle east and north Africa is a shithole.

    • Guru saying this, wow you're such a role model xD

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  • nemo74
    Its exactly the way we live here