I crave for love from a hunky guy and I’m not alone in this!

I crave for love from a hunky guy and I’m not alone in this!

It’s probably not the first post of this nature that you see. Everywhere everyone at some point talks about craving love. Our world is obsessed with finding and searching for love. Stores, internet commercials all explote this to their advantage.

Since the beginning of mankind people have 1 important purpose in their head that trones out above all other goals in their life: finding a partner. Finding their significant other.

These days however, the need of being partnered is more present than ever. Why can’t we be alone? Why do we have to find someone who wants to be with us forever? Why does it have to be forever? Why can human beings mostly not accept serial monogamy or polygamy?

It’s because we don’t love ourselves enough. We live in a culture of conformism. Consumption society makes everyone behave like copies and generics of eachother. We want to strive for what our neighbours, coworkers and classmates/fellow students have/are. We can’t build up a role model based on our own views. We do it by looking at others. That’s how we become monotone copies of each other. Copies go unnoticed through society. Being unnoticed leads to loneliness and unsatisfaction with oneself. Everything in our consumption society is dictated by production and consumption. Time is scarce, so scarce that we have to eat so hasty that we develop ulcers and that most people swallow antidepressants as if they were Tictacs or gummybears. There is little time leftover to develop a healthy self-image. We always want more and more importantly: by looking at others, we want what we don’t have/can’t get. Even if we have more than average, we still aren’t satisfied because we have less than person X or person Y of our friend circle / connection circle.

Because we deal with insecurities and don’t have a healthy self-image. Because we can’t find the love within ourselves, we search it within someone else. We don’t want a partner because of an altruistic mindset, we want a partner because of a selfish mindset. We want to find a partner to supply us with the love that we can’t give ourselves, in a bid to feel complete again.

That’s why we call it a significant other. The other person is supposed to supply half of the total love that we need for a healthy self-image.

The other person is a consumption. We want to conssumate the love that they have to offer. At the same time you are a provider for the other person. You provide the love they need to feel complete again. A relationship is based on the same standards as our capitalistic consumption society: both agents simultaneously produce love and consume love. Demand and offer. Producer and consumer.

I crave for love from a hunky guy and I’m not alone in this!
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  • berrybush

    Good job writing this. Feel semi-spiritual, semi-rational.

    I think you're on the right track, but there are other things too.
    Ignorance for one, is top tier in my book. An ignorant person
    just doesn't give a flying fuck. Sadly, society praises those.

    • Do you mean that I was ignorant when writing this article? :)

    • berrybush

      Nope. Just that people in general are ignorant and its a bigger issue than consumerism.

    • True. Sadly true :-(

  • JackSmy

    So you just really want someone that you really like, that likes you, and just spend a weekend fcking?

    • A whole weekend “fucking”? Nah, my holes would be too sore 😂 Half of the weekend fucking and half of the weekend cuddling lol

    • JackSmy

      Cuddling, and nice things, like walks, and lunch, at a great place. Then something more sensual, romantic, at home, maybe cuddling by a fire?

    • Omg yes, those little things that make you happy to be alive, you know? Sharing a cup of coffee together, watching stupid cartoons out of the old box, telling each other childhood stories, hugging, teasing each other. Pfff I miss that!

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  • Mikael818

    I already found my significant other.. His name is Jesus Christ.

  • That's me 😘 except i crave a woman ☺👩💕

    • And I crave love from a hunk :p Let’s hope sooner or later we both find what we want to find :-D

    • To that I completely agree 👍👍👍

      Give me women ☺💗

    • Give me men 😍😍

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  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • shinka1y234

    Like it