My Whole Life Improved Immeasurably When I Stopped Sleeping With The Opposite Sex!


Words have power.

I banished the phrase "the opposite sex" from my thought and speech quite some years ago, replacing it with "the complementary sex". This simple shift in one word radically improved my relationships with women in every context, and revolutionized my entire perspective on human sexuality.

My Whole Life Improved Immeasurably When I Stopped Sleeping With The Opposite Sex!
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  • Justtoobusy

    100% get this. Opposite sex sounds like "not like me" and adds to the idea that women and men are completely different.

    Is this still revelant?

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  • Ally247

    Did everyone else miss the point of this or is it just me?

    • He's saying instead of labelling genders, we should try to understand people and their feelings.

    • Ally247

      That's not what I meant, nevermind lol

    • What did you mean lol

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  • SueShe

    I can only share your opinion.

    I am not sexual but I see how being sexual changes people to the worse. it seems that sex is the only thing that counts in life. People live by and for sex and miss the other nice things of life.

    I would say that GAG is a pretty good mirror of society. When I read how many people are stressed with their sex life, it makes me happy not to be sexual and to avoid that kind of stress. I enjoy being single and would not give it up for all the riches of this world. And the best is that I am not even missing not being sexual. It is freedom at its best.

    • knobdoor

      I dont think you can do that I mean like its a body need just like exercise.

    • SueShe

      @knobdoor You can do a number of other exercises without having to be sexual.

    • knobdoor

      How long have you been in abstinence?

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  • Nah nah No, dont even try that "complementary sex" shit. Guys are furry sweaty lumpy oafs that fart into your cushions and stink up the bed. Ain't a damn thing complimentary about men.

  • lightbulb27

    valid point I never thought of.. but words to cast a perspective, and changing word changes how we view. go write your NYTimes best selling book on the topic...:)

  • I like the idea of a "complimentary sex," but I'm not really sure how to apply that in a practical way. I've never treated women as some strange species, even though I've generally thought of them as the opposite sex.

  • ImagineSketchy

    What? I guess if words impact you that greatly...
    I don't honestly know. I was expecting something entirely different and something more in depth... Anyways, glad things are going better for you?

  • NicoD

    Well for some they get bored with their counter parts and seek others. It's not about sex it's about compatibility. The key word was Opposite. Me personally it's about picking the right partner not just any piece of ass available.

    See every female a male meets is not to be a fuck friend but a friend on many occasions.

    I find that having female comradarie can go a long way
    More than fucking. Honestly I've had more successful female friendships some with benefits most without than I've had committed relationships.

    And I think it's prepared me to be a better mate my next time around when I meet my next love partner team mate better half what ever you want to call it. It's all actually a sign of maturity and how you go about
    Having someone genuine love you and you recognize it and make the very best out of what most guys take for granted the company of a good woman and at no time be willing to compromise that for anything or anyone.

  • Massageman

    Just the way that God intended it. Thanks for explaining the concept.

  • Badballie

    Good so you stopped sleeping and FUCKED all night. Love it.

  • I find it when either one starts thinking you or I doesn't understand "me". Is the start of a relationship going down. I use to be in a relationship with this gal. We started out as good friends. One day we had an argument about some differences on an opinion. She blurted out you do not understand me or women. I expressed we had diiferent opinions on what we were talking about. The disagreements kept continuing and the fights got worse. Now we're not together anymore. Guess what I am trying to get at is we all have our own opinions and we should keep it as that. We must be opened minded with each other. I've made too many mistakes with my last relationship. I was close minded on what she thought was right and wrong. If I had only let thing's go and not let my pride get in the way. I may still be with her. Hopefully this all made sense.

    • I dunno dude, from an outside perspective she seems to be the one that needed to just "agree to disagree"

  • devilman666

    How did it change your life?

    • Keith469

      I started getting along waaaaay better with women.

  • Babygirl_S

    Great take! 🙂

  • Thomas_Shelby

    Nice clickbait. And nice take

  • Dongtai

    I just do both

  • humanearth

    I never used either term. I just called them girls

  • Tony1Kanobi


  • Anonymous

    Not according to feminism. As they say, a woman needs a man like fish needs a bicycle, and of course men are the evil adversary and the source of all women's problems. LOL