20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

A. When a guy is passionate about Music in some form like:

#1 Poetry-

I find it more literary but its the rhythmic appeal that I like. In HS, I used to love reading the raps and poems I wrote to my love interests.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#2 Producing Beats-

If its like hip hop or electronic music then thats even hotter to me. I used to even want to be a DJ.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#3 Karaoke-

Duets can be quite romantic. Im not into singers but i like when they’re willing to participate in this kinda fun

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#4 Playing the Drums-

Yet I dont want a guy in a band. An old love of mine used to play the drums for our church and i remember when he was trying to impress me and the drumstick flew out of his hand across the room and it landed into my lap. We were both embarassed haha

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#5 Dancing-

Even if neither of us are the best at it, we def gotta have rhythm. I want a guy willing to goof around in the house/car with me when our song comes on. Im just not the type to go partying/clubbing though.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner
20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#6 Watching Music Competition Shows-

World Of Dance, Dancing with the Stars, the Masked Singer, Music City, Wild N Out, The Rap Game, and Lip Sync Battle would be a nice way to learn some new moves and raps

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#7 Collecting CDs-

Even cassette tapes or records would be an amazing hobby. I have a huuuge collection of CDs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. I might even have some 60s. And omg if he listens to r&b slow jamz.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#8 Attending Broadway Musicals is a plus.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

B. When a guy has at least one active/outdoorsy hobby that helps to get me out my comfort zone like:

#9 Exercising-

At least 30 minutes a day is a nice start and i’d like it if we went to the gym together sometimes. I used to want a Xbox Kinect partner back when i played a lot of Dance Central 1-3 and Black Eyed Peas Experience game.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#10 Playing Baseball-

Whether professional or for fun, its a super plus. Just no chewing tobacco please. I used to enjoy baseball and volleyball as a kid. It was about the only thing i did outdoors haha. If he can pitch, I can hit.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#11 Surfing/skateboarding/snowboarding-

They are a bit more dangerous than hot but it would be cool if he at least collects the boards. I still want one of each.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#12 Paddleboarding-

Its nowhere near as interesting as what i previously mentioned but it’ll make for a nice date especially if we add in jetskiing and a picnic on the beach

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

C. When a guy can show a constructive creative side as well like:

#13 Woodwork/Carpentry-

I’d totally sketch it all out and just have him build it haha. I used to love building stuff on Sims and even with Legos. I just need him to being it to life.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#14 Model Crafting-

I’d love to see him turn my interior sketch ideas into a model.

#15 Watching HGTV/DIY-

These are two channels where I love to get influenced by interior design. If he watches shows like House Hunters, thats a plus.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

D. When a guy finds activities involving cars interesting like:

#16 Automative Paint Jobs-

I enjoyed customizing cars on Need For Speed and Forza. I even used to draw cars. If he could actually bring those customizations to life and do the paint jobs like on Pimp My Ride, that would be amazing.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#17 Attending NASCAR Rallies- I’ve always wanted to I just dont want him behind the wheel. Im still traumatized by the loss of my Paul.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#18 Occasionally Playing Racing Games-

Im not crazy about video gaming anymore and really dont want a gamer guy but to occasionally play Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 or Need 4 Speed on the Playstation or Forza Horizon on the Xbox would be nice. If he still has Hot Wheelz collection of cars and tracks like i do. Omg

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

E. Or when he’s into any of these:

#19 Billiards/Pool-

I used to enjoy playing online. If he can play irl and teach me, I’d find that so hot. Plus i’m buying a pool table for my future home for reasons aside from pool hehe...

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

#20 Solving Wordsearch Puzzles-
I saved the least interesting for last but even I like the simple things. I also used to love having Letterblox competitions where you make as many words as you can out of a random selection of letters. I never tried scrabble but maybe i should.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

If kissing was a hobby, i would’ve listed it as first. Obviously, I would prefer his interests be similar to my own so that we can spend more time doing things we like together. I personally dont find things like knife collecting, weed growing, hunting, and excessive video gaming to be an attractive hobby in a future partner. Some past loves enjoyed those and lets just say it wasn't something i chose to be around for long. #FeelFreeToList yours but those were a few of the #Idealinterests that would attract me.

20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner
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  • machine_gun_mikey
    The only two things I have done just didn't quite enjoy them as much as others is Baseball and paddelboarding. I can't live without music, I have a bunch of equipment and programs to produce along with a Mic and audio interface, I take every opportunity I get to cut a rug, have an xbox but haven't gamed in a long time, its an overpriced Netflix/Hulu/Hbogo/YouTube console at this point. Aaand I actually own a custom shop. I do body work, paint, performance, window tint, clear bra and competition car audio, I build jet boats and sport bikes and I'm a government subcontractor for the F. A. A. so I have my airframe and power plant to build and paint planes, helicopters, and satellites. :)
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    • DizzyDesii

      Woooooow u gotta customize my bmw whenever i get it lol

    • Gladly!!! I love BMW!! I have a triumph at the moment. But the S1000RR is my next sport bike!

  • October808
    1 Sometimes
    2 I have a turntable
    3 Yes, don't go breakin' my heart
    4 Yes, something I'd like to do
    5 Dance like no one's watching
    6 Beat Shazam
    7 I have lots of CDs
    8 Sing for me my angel of music. Sing!
    9 Yes
    10 Go Braves!
    11 Not really. Surfing's something mostly tourists do here. Boogie boarding is what locals do.
    12 Another tourist activity.
    13 When needed
    14 Small scale model buiilding
    15 TV rots the brain
    16 Don't touch my dream car
    17 Round and round we go *waits fop the crashes*
    18 Pole Position FTW, LOL
    19 This is a fun sport. Like really fun.
    20 Words with fiends!

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  • coachTanthony
    You know what I like? That you like 20 things that are attractive in a partner!

    Great take!

    Good Read!
  • Bluemax

    Oh well, I guess when I was your age we wouldn't be right for each other.

    1. I LOVED Dead Poets' Society! However, I can't compose poetry and am one of the few teachers who never required any student to write poetry. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I encourage others to love it. But we can't all write it. I'm among those who can't write it.
    2. Nope
    3. Ha! Once I sang Karaoke (Mack the Knife) and people complimented my voice... but I think they were being generous. I can play piano rather well. Perhaps you sing and I'll accompany you.
    4. Nope.
    5. Nope. My dancing is so bad it frightens children.
    6. Nope. I do like concerts though... and by concerts I mean jazz and symphony.
    7. Yay! I have over a thousand! But that's because I'm old and I used to work in a record store.
    8. Eh, I wouldn't mind. But again, I'd rather attend the symphony
    9. I run. Does that count?
    10. Nope
    11. Nope... nope... and nope
    12. Nope. I sail. Does that count?
    13. Nope
    14. Nope
    15. Nope. Most videos I watch are about aviation these days
    16. Nope
    17. Nope, but I attended crash derbies. Does that count?
    18. Does GTA V count?
    19. Nope. I'm laughably bad at it
    20. Yay! I kinda like word searches... but I MUCH prefer crossword puzzles.

    I prefer sailing, hiking, flying, camping, geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, classical music, and piano.
    • DizzyDesii

      #3 deal lol #5 😂💀 #9 i dont run lol #12 if its a yacht lol #18 yes #20 i hate crosswords

      Wow i like none of those haaha

    • Bluemax

      Sigh... I just don't get wamen!!!

      By the way, here's the definition of a yacht: Any boat I can't afford.

    • DizzyDesii


  • Anpu23
    Some hobbies that I enjoy:
    -Theater, my first love as an adult, I also studied technical theater with a specialty in lighting in college. I love the pomp and circumstance, I am into all kinds of stage art theater, ballet, opera, dance etc etc. I prefer someone who will go with me to the opera or recital or play and not be board.
    -music though my tastes are far from conventional, I enjoy going to shows and even work an occasional concert (including this weekend -you won't see me around much I'll be busy lighting a three day event).
    - I love the 18th century, I enjoy literature, movies and plays written or based in that era. Though I rarely watch television I will make an exception if the plot is in that era.
    -related to that I study renaissance fighting manuals, I fence with rapier and make my own weapons. I love it when a woman can hold her own with a blade. I have a large collection of practice weapons and am almost always up for a fencing match.
    - I enjoy biking together, my wife and I have biked some very beautiful trails and have clocked over 50 miles together in an afternoon.
    - I enjoy making things, I work in wood, metal and plastic and I appreciate my partner to also be crafty my wife crochets, sews, sculpts etc.
    - I am a published poet, and enjoy an occasional poetry slam of course I enjoy my wife there with me so poetry is a thing for me as well.
    -I play multiple instruments and though I don't expect my wife to as well I do appreciate her support in my interest.

    Anyway that's a good overview.

    As a heads up I'm going to be slammed this weekend so if I'm scarce it's because I'm busy.

  • AndrewMG
    1. I'm an unpublished poet
    2. No musical talent whatsoever
    3. Enthusiastic but rubbish
    4. Refer to answer 3
    5. Refer to answer 3 & 4
    6. Hmmmmm!
    7. Collected CD's for years had in excess of 200+ and got broken into and the B**tards stole the lot but I'm over it now... honestly lol
    8. Never been but my role in my year 7 play was f*cking awesome (though they did ask me to mime the musical part)
    9. Love a bit of exercise so nothing to add to that
    10. Refer to 11
    11. Refer to 12
    12. Are these even proper sports? I work purely on an English sporting basis
    13. I wanted to be a carpenter as a youngster and was given a woodwork set as an 11 year old, before I'd reached 12 I was hit accidently with a hammer on the thumb and quit that ambition
    14. Nowhere near artistic enough for that lol
    15. I'm all about the sport channels and the crime channels
    16. See 17
    17. See 18
    18. Average at anything to do with cars
    19. Great at pool (seriously much better than I am in real life than I am online lol)
    20. If wordsearch was an Olympic event, then you're looking at a gold medalist

    A true reflection on me lol
    • DizzyDesii

      #7 omg i’d still be crying.
      #12 Whats wrong with them
      #13 lmao damn id quit too
      #20 same

    • Poppykate

      That’s really sad about your CD’s and your thumb! I have hit my thumb a few times doing woodworking, but what can I say, I just like a good piece of hard wood.

    • AndrewMG

      @Poppykate I don't even know if hard wood is a euphemism or not but I'm guessing it could be lol, the Cd story is a really interesting story and has loads of different sub stories but I might need to either create a my take or a series of questions to get to the bottom of it. Essentially I was broken into and robbed whilst I was in my own house, which granted is dark. But there was 1 or 2 funny elements to it (after a year or two) that I prefer to talk about.

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  • grizzlybearbite
    Wow... I have just about all those things. I played the piano for 16 years. I composed music too. There's a video on Facebook of me playing one of my compositions. I also paint. I have a gallery on Recolor. And samples if you ever wanna see. I've worked in plumbing, heating and automotive. So, I know how to handle my tools and what to do with them lol. Boy... List goes on and on
  • Hans222
    I'd be okay with the workouts, the puzzles and the kissing :D
    The house hunters thing would be okay, there are shows about houses on TV here as well.
  • lucas262
    I can get into crosswords,
    Board games.
    If I knew how to play i, d say chess.

    Online gaming
    Running miles
    Reading books
    Writing and brainstorming movie ideas.

    Are hobbies

    My passion is military history I can do it for hrs.
    • DizzyDesii

      I dont like crosswords cause theyre hard to guess. I prefer wordsearches. i dont care for chess but i do like checkers, twister, uno, and Life. Im not into gamers. My tits dont allow me to run but ill walk 😂 i dont like to read but writing is cool ESPECIALLY movie ideas. I used to wanna be a screenwriter. Im def not into men in suits, including military

    • lucas262

      Well i don't do cross puzzles I said i could get into them.

      In more of a checkers guy even if i suck. Playing twister with any one besides an SO is weird. Life is fun, and i cheat my ass at candy land.

      Im run a clan on battlefield 5.
      An image of you running and your er tits smacking you in the face every step comes to mind,
      But I walked before I ran and lost like 70 lbs. And I was constant puking from acid reflux but hey it worked.

      I'm not a isac newtons theory kind of reader. And I wanted to do the army but I decided against it. I meant I love studying military history.

    • DizzyDesii

      I prefer big groups of 5-10 for twister. And lol ok i gotta watch u in candyland. U prob cheat in uno too. I dont get smacked by my tits. Smh. And yea i have acid reflux too at night when sleeping on my back :( i love acidic foods.

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  • yoganshB
    Except baseball I play cricket. Otherwise most are common in India. Skateboarding and pool is also uncommon here.
    • DizzyDesii

      Oh wow okay

    • yoganshB

      Yeah. Other things are usually habitual. We tend stay outside more.😂

  • Mohit_55
    This read out is really interesting it wriell help you know your partner jusgte better and peacefully
  • LukeLugh
    I have narrative poetry, short story writing, carpentry, training (I used to play rugby) and that is it.
  • ManOnFire
    Collecting CDs? Lol. I used to want to DJ too.

    Nice list.
  • Blitzkrieg_88
    You have a lot in common wit Donald Trump, he loves all these too
  • MegaGrim
    I play guitar and write songs 🙂 also I race quad bikes
    • DizzyDesii

      Oh wow cool. The write songs part interests me. I used to want to be a ghostwriter

    • MegaGrim

      You still definitely could be 🙂

    • DizzyDesii

      I lost interest. But a part of me still likes poetry

  • Jamie05rhs
    Omg- I love the pull-up gif. That would TOTALLY motivate me to do pull-ups! 😀
  • ScottSummers
    nice list
    you should see me dancing, now thats a horror movie
  • Ray_Lala
    Just working out and inline skating which is not same as skateboarding... 1.5 not badd
    • DizzyDesii

      Lmao whats in line skating

    • Ray_Lala

      It's same like ice skating but with wheels

    • DizzyDesii

      Oh we call that rollerblading

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  • DanOh2018
    LoL I have hundreds of CDs I'm running out of space to put them.
    • DizzyDesii

      Omg really 😍 i have a shelf full! Maybe this weekend we can list all our CDs to eachother 😂

    • DanOh2018

      please no, I'll be killed in a cd avalanche

    • DizzyDesii

      Great way to die right

  • james_mark
    When he literally does everything you've listed except the last one
  • JoinMyDream
    Wow, I do all of these! Too bad I’m like almost twice your age!
  • Dark93
    Some of these sound more like jobs or chores rather than hobbies.
  • slatyb
    What about hot-lapping a car at the track or actually racing?

    Word search is for children. Real men do the New York Times crossword. In ink.
    • DizzyDesii

      I hate crosswords but that is true. I said above i didn't want to see him driving a car after what happened to my Paul

    • slatyb

      That's why I do my high performance driving at the track and not on the street.

    • DizzyDesii

      The guy driving paul was a racetrack driver...

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Guys would probably wanna know... How many of those 20 does anyone need to qualify to be your partner?
    • DizzyDesii

      😂😂😂 they’re mostly preferences. The only requirements would be in general to be creative and have a love for the music/arts. Also be willing to exercise a few days a week

  • BirdFan360
    Could tick off only 5/6 things. Yep. Got a long way to go. Just got to find a way to start liking cars more I guess.
  • 2os4ngeles
    Wasn't expecting interior design to be on the list tbh.
    • DizzyDesii

      Lol why not

    • 2os4ngeles

      Just don't see it as particularly masculine

    • DizzyDesii

      I just mean if he's a construction worker or carpenter or architect. I dont want him actually STYLING. Just sketching/building...

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  • bamesjond0069
    A guy who can fix a car and goes to broadway musicals? Girl you dreaming! 🤣🤦‍♂️

    You are more likely to find a millionaire with a 6 pack. Lol
  • Felinegirl
    Lol those gifs under 'dancing' xD
  • EM9389
    A rare car girl lol, shoutout haha 👌
  • Clarke498
    Think you're confusing dancing with grinding on a dick in public ;)
  • happyhedgehog
    I enjoyed reading this. Maybe I'll make a list too
  • justawhiteman
    I write short stories, watch movies and love pool
  • Creepazoid
    Nice mytake
  • honestguy42
    How about cave diving? Would that increase attractiveness?
    • DizzyDesii

      Whats that

    • It's scuba diving inside water-filled caves. Like you see on National Geographic where they go on scientific expeditions and risk their lives to traverse kilometers of underwater tunnels.

    • DizzyDesii

      Black people dont do that

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  • horriblesheikh
    This is such an overly sexualized post, you did not need to do that much 😂
  • Burtonfan
    Lol. You'd love me.
    • DizzyDesii

      Dang if only you were 20 years younger

    • Burtonfan

      I'd be too young then. Lol.
      I'm 21 with 24 years experience.

    Woman you are an artist. Cool 😎
  • constantine15
    0 for 20

    Looks like I’m doomed
  • Papi-Daddy
    17 out of 20 not bad for me ;)
  • I like baseball but my music is spiritual based.
    • DizzyDesii

      I listen to gospel and christian contemporary as well

  • megaman242
    Hm I do 10 of them things
  • DDpsy
    So a gay athletic lumberjack redneck?
    • DizzyDesii

      I doubt he’d have rhythm when dancing. And what did i say that was considered gay? HGTV is watched by men in the construction field and poetry is written by romantics

    • DDpsy

      # 3 6 8

    • DizzyDesii

      Broadway i can understand 😂 but music shows isn't gay.

  • legendarysanin
    Well written
  • M a good poet😁😁😁😁
  • MensBest
    I can do a couple of those😀
  • Zach1457
    I have only 19,9 and 2 . Did i pass?
  • Smf1989
    Very nice
  • Seems like you like romantic guys
  • mayur955
    Sorry. I don't fit in this criteria😂.
  • slurreyboy
    I don't think they were playing pool
    • DizzyDesii

      😂😂😂😂 he was bout to swim in one though 😏

    • slurreyboy

      I think he may need a snorkel for it

  • dbr1987
    Don't you like kickboksers
  • @DizzyDesii your being a bad girl