Natural selection has decided, that I won't make it


...Not in this life.

Which is fine too. It's not the end of the world but it is unfortunate enough. Some depend on the others too much or start seriously degrading when they're put for once entirely on their own for a prolonged time (break up, business trip, divorce, death of that beloved someone). All they had was put in that person and now that person is gone. The loss is by no means something we should suppress but to get up on your own when you're done.

When one never had it before and all this person ever had was either himself/herself/itself or money or both, this person - if that person is the survival type - adapts to the situation... Eventually. Thus, a lone wolf was created.

Natural selection has decided, that I wont make it

But who is that someone, that they keep being attached to? Girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, mentors... the list is endless.

How is natural selection relevant here? Simple.

Naturally and unable and unwilling to blame anybody women tend to mate with whoever they want - as do we. We are generally looking for different things. Men look for healthy, beauty, youth, kindness and good spirited women. Women look for the healthy, strong, resourceful, protective and big men.

Fact is men are more dependent on their DNA for those desirable traits and not everyone is lucky to not land in a defective DNA group, that natural selection does not favor of. I happen to be part of that defective DNA group. More on that later.

Frankly speaking I did try dating for kind of a long time and no results were shown from dating. I am 25 years old at this time.

It's not like I am not confident, broke, unambitious, ugly, have no sense in fashion, rude, alcoholic, deceiver, abusive, greedy and so on...

But it surely feels like there is somebody out there, who I must have unknowingly pissed off so much, that this somebody bribes the women to ignore me or reject me and to strictly never talk about it.

Natural selection has decided, that I wont make it

For some reason women are more demanded in the dating world than we men are. I am still trying to understand why it was and is so.

People keep saying, that dating is a numbers game like gambling. Out of 100 only 2 and a half may say yes. It's all about repeating the same thing and improving the next attempts.

But there are factors to increase or decrease those odds. I am not aware what's the problem: Is it me, is it them, is it us all?

We live in an era, where money is the center of society. I have health defects since I was a schoolboy. I suffer from Myopia, have a serious chronic medical condition with my respiratory problems: my nose septum is constantly blocked and I have to breathe through the mouth and I am sensitive to particles in the air (I cough a lot in just slightly polluted space), my teeth are crooked and I am lethargic from my depression.

In a way I see those health problems as undesired properties by the opposite sex.

This is not Germany, where the insurance company covers a significant cost of your healthcare. Here and today the patients themselves fund the medical surgeries - which I will have to do anyway but until I save up for those surgeries very much time will be lost.

If only I could live with someone special to share the monthly price of housing I could kill 2 birds with one stone: solve these medical conditions twice as fast and hers too if she has any and not being outside of natural selection anymore. But it's not going to happen since it is a kind of a catch-22 problem.

Natural selection has decided, that I wont make it

On the last note, I understand natural selection and women's reasons to mate with somebody. Hypergamy is a thing after all.

Natural selection has decided, that I wont make it

Some things were not meant to happen. I'm not going to ask "but why me of all?". I am going with "That's unfortunate. Well then. So be it". Nevertheless I can still make something no matter how much devotion is required because I got little to lose either way. Natural selection doesn't like me and it is destined to be this way. In the meantime with my time I'll build a very close relationship with money and businesses and marry my job.

Natural selection has decided, that I wont make it
Natural selection has decided, that I won't make it
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  • Mexicoman101
    Man you’re in a dark place. You’re being quite dramatic in this post, but I understand. Men typically aren’t designed to support each other because we’re more adapted to viewing each other as genetic competition but I’ll tell you that I do hope you get to a point when possibility favors you a path to victory where your mental health will cease this slow trickle down the drain.

    Men have had their own hand in disparaging and undermining your life cause there is a culture among us that thinks it’s funny to mock virgins, mentally ill cuckolds and incels, etc to keep themselves in a safer place in an abstract pecking order. Women have to deal with abuse in bad relationships because they lack self confidence to view themselves as worthy of people who won’t belittle them, and they deal with onslaughts of sexual harassment in the form of dickpics when they venture far from contained environments online. There is value to them not holding that against all men as there is value to someone in your position not holding it against women. Yes, most women are evil, but so are most men and it is with this suspicion women will approach you with because they’re no less a victim of the binary thinking that your distress makes you vulnerable to.

    No one wants to be with someone who they think of as a project to work on, especially women because they often think of themselves as projects to work on every day. Men are more willing to take on these project partners because they also deal with the despair of being lonely and don’t mind being doormats as long as it means they can get some means of intimate solidarity. Though they have somebody, they often come to resent their partners and wish they had the freedom you do, so this is at least to a degree about perception.

    I hope you get these health complications sorted out as soon as you possibly can and I hope you learn to work with natural selection instead of being a target of it.
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    • Dreewskii

      Thanks, like my mind is a little blown, but yeah thank you for real

    • Anonymous

      We will see about that. Natural selection is a mind of it's own. I'll do what I can but ultimately the decision is on natural selection.

    • Natural selection decides nothing but the cards with which we play, it’s those sitting at the table who choose whether something like a relationship is worth the gamble.

  • Piteka5
    I imagine how you feel, you think the game was rigged from the beginning. Your condition is something that's not your fault in any way, and I think there still so much you can do, 25 is still so young. Focus on what you can control, imagine what you would want to improve in YOU because that is something where you are in control.
    Don't focus too much on pursuing a girl right now and see all of life's great things. The best way to be desired is not to pursue them but be more interesting. Learning some instrument, drawing or painting, getting new skills, all of those things are doable and fun.
    I think at all that you are doomed, and I'm sure you have the capacity to be yourself and live life to the fullest
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    • Anonymous

      But here's the catch: if we don't chase women, they sure as hell won't come to us. Someone has to do it.

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  • Ms_Facesitter
    I read the title. And the category you put it in.

    Sounds like you have completely given up. And that is not Natural Selection, that is just You Choosing to GIVE UP

    If we have to follow your logic of natural selection... then sorry to break it to you but there are people in a way worse spot who managed to find love. Because they didn't decide to give up. They kept trying. That is the trick.
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    • Anonymous

      I never said I give up.

      Natural selection has decided, that I won't make it

  • Anonymous
    Wait so how are you gonna die? And what do you believe happens in the afterlife if there is one?
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    • Anonymous

      Likely alone from a cardiovascular disease when I reach 80 or 90 and then it's lights out forever.

    • Anonymous

      Wow I’m shocked you actually have common sense and aren’t comforting yourself with a fake faith.. good on you. so how old are you now? 80 or 90 is a pretty old age compared to how old most people die nowadays

    • Common sense? I have a feeling you don't understand how faith works. Nor do you understand the severe emotional weight that atheism places upon the people that really believe it. It is despair. It is hopelessness. It is a shortcut to suicide.

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  • sejla
    The chances that you would be born was in the millions but you were so I assume you passed the first natural selection hurdle. Then you survived to adulthood or your teen years if you are young. You passed the second hurdle of natural selection. So I'm assuming you are pretty sturdy. What you do with the rest of your life is up to you. Stop overthinking with all the hypergamy stuff. It will fry your mind.
    • Anonymous

      I really appreciate that. I really do. However in the end of the day, aren't we all those race-winners? It's not like that makes us stand out.
      Still, you have a point. Like I said, I'll make something of it regardless what natural selection thinks of me.

    • sejla

      No majority of us make good choices that keep us alive the rest by some luck of the draw survived stupid mistakes because it wasn't their time to go or someone saved them.

      I've survived a ruptured appendix a bad gall bladder and now it seems my liver is well fatty even though I'm not after some crying I'm trying to figure out how to get it cleaner and eat better even though I eat pretty good now. I'm a little salty because I've been doing mostly right things but to fight natural selection I guess I have to push on.

      Pick one thing you want to improve in your life and go to it.

  • Jamie05rhs
    First of all, I totally get it. I really do, man. I feel for you. And I have experienced some of what you're saying in my own life.

    I don't have a whole lot that can help you, but you could try this one suggestion: how about just living with another dude to cut costs? People do it all the time. As long as it's someone you get along with. You don't have to be gay or anything lol.
    • Anonymous

      I make enough cash to sustain myself. I'd see little point in cohabiting with someone else. I like living alone but I also would like to live with a woman.

      You're welcome.

    • Oh, okay; but don't forget the medical stuff, bro. It's not just about sustaining; it's about thriving, too.

  • Thatsamazing
    I hear you man. Just be the best, strongest, kindest, most thoughtful you that you can be. There's nothing else we can do. But maintaining a more positive outlook is the best option you have, even though it's really hard sometimes. Good luck.
    • Anonymous


      But the good news is that money will be on my side. Paying the prostitutes and masseuse will hardly be declined >:)

    • Truth

  • Johnson6799
    Natural selection is an unavoidable selection process from the day of your first breath to your last.
    We are all dealt a hand and the one who plays it the best wins.
    If you live your life with dragging a ball and chain thinking you are only second best
    that ball & chain will only get bigger and heaver.
    • Anonymous

      That is pretty accurate.

  • Liam_Hayden
    "For some reason women are more demanded in the dating world than we men are. I am still trying to understand why it was and is so"

    The secret is to keep asking different girls. I strike out more than anyone I know, but I also get more dates because I keep asking and don't get discouraged.
  • J2ohhhhh
    Every single time when a guy thinks "I don't like this chick, but I'll tolerate her shit so maybe I can get pussy" he makes it more difficult to the next guy who could actually be compatible with her. It isn't women's fault that men are so fucking desperate. If you make the maths in western countries the gender ratio is quite balanced so everyone should have someone.
    • Being fair, it's not like women are any less degenerate in their own way either.

  • TenPoundTabby
    Because you're not in a country that forces you or your employer to pay for the "free" health care, that means you have a shot at saving up for dentist and/or "cosmetic" surgery. I put that in quotes because that's what others call it, but it doesn't feel that way. I get it. You're right that the mouth-breathing and the crooked teeth are going to turn off a lot of women. So start saving and take care of those things. There's all kinds of things that turn off women and it can feel unfair, but they have preferences and deal-breakers just like you do. You can do it.
    • Anonymous

      That's what I plan to do anyway 😁
      Somebody has to pay for it. Somebody will take my money to do it for me.

  • pigoat
    My psychologists plural say you don't NEED no one else to be happy in life , i agree find happiness with yourself 1st always

    Your story is too long i didn't read it and i never will

    But i LOVE those pictures , by gawd

  • anononon123
    Same here man, same here, women only want the top 10-15% of men, while men are usually attracted to 85% of women
    • Dali-chan

      I never saw a man worshiping the path of a honey booboo’s mother looking woman. Both genders want someone who’s attractive and financially stable.

      I know a lot of women who married men who make less money than them and even shorter than them.
      Just get out from the internet instead of wasting your time on these stupid red pills forums and mgtow garbage.

    • Yeah, she falls in that 15% of women men wouldn't want, men don't care about how much a woman makes

    • At the end of the day women might accept lesser men because they couldn't find the man they truly want, so they'll settle, but they'll always be looking to move up, if fools want to fall for that trap they can, I won't be played

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  • Juxtapose
    You need to fix your attitude. You have one life, live it well.
    • Anonymous

      I'll get there. I'll build one on top of what I have now and adapt. You won't recognize me with my new confidence in a year at maximum.

    • Juxtapose


  • Slim57
    YOU, have decided that you won't make it, because life is what you make it, your hardships are nothing compared to others around the world, realize that. It's not that bad. And I'm not even here to bash on you because I'm just now climbing out of the same boat as you, I wouldn't post stuff like this, this is something you talk to someone in private with, people are cruel and misunderstanding and their comments will do nothing but make you feel even worse, all in all, you have to stop comparing your life to others in a jealous/coveting way
    • Anonymous

      Hence I went anonymous for this one. I had to put this out there.

  • lightbulb27
    I take natural selection as reality in the world. But in a way, it is a challenge to grow and change. One has to accept reality... maybe you aren't good enough in your current state. So change! One thing you are not is fixed and stuck, you are fully capable of change, evolution, growing. The stress of desire to want, or stress in the scenario is fuel to produce change. I guarantee your life will change about every 10 years so question is what you want and how to attain it. Even the most ugly muts mate, and sometimes make the most amazing doggies and thrive. Who'd think a shitzu could survive against a dobberman? It can't, but it holds its own in its own realm... the lap of it's owner!

    Say "F" it to the old life, say hell yes to the new one. A snake sheds it's skin, animals discard shells they don't need. Why hold onto crap that isn't yours, you don't want, nor can handle and no longer serves you? The past is just fuel to move forward.
  • WalterRadio
    Oh, please. It is your attitude, not your minor health issues.

    Not that I am advocating you to reproduce.
    • Anonymous

      Explain yourself?

  • soeoeoe
    Speaking as a freak myself, i call bullshit. Its super rare to find that one person that gets you, and loves you. Chill. It'll happen.
  • Giggletr0n
    This whole post could have been easily summed up as "Life is hard, so I give up"
  • IamAboyXD
    Tf are you talking about dude? are you really let those lucky mother fuckers take your potential girl from you that easily?
    • Anonymous

      Who are you talking about?

  • geosmanphi
    Man I love wolfs and I even have a tattoo of it on my arm , but I ain't reading all that.
  • nerms123
    Get rich. Women like money.
    • It's apparent that you do, at least.

    • lucas262

      Where i rich, I'd take every precaution to make sure she didn't get a damn thing.

      Explain the difference between wining and dining and prostitution ill wait.

    • Trudat

  • lucas262
    Go mgtow for gods sake take a red pill.
    • Better yet a honk pill ;)


    • Anonymous

      There could not possibly be any worse alternative than your advice.

    • lucas262

      You have no idea what i even mean.

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  • Uhh... ok.
  • OfDeath
    You like wolves a lot.
  • KieranByrne
    Too long to read for now, let you know when can!
    • Question the places you are in 'Now', the present. And not contemplate (Perceive) of what you want others to see!👌

  • UncleBumbleF_K
    Thanks for doing humanity a favor.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    God decides our sex. Natural selection doesn't.
  • Anonymous
    just you being weak really. my face isn't much but i still have a girlfriend so like. your fault.
    • Chris006


    • Games_

      It's his fault for having bad genetics? Lower your ego a bit.

    • aangelena

      @Games_ his fault for being such a chicken. Killing yourself over bad genetics is pathetic.. there’s other ways to boost your attractiveness

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