What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

Dont let jealousy consume you
Don't let jealousy consume you

This myTake deals with jealousy and ways to overcome or deal with jealousy.

Dont let jealousy control your life or relationships
Don't let jealousy control your life or relationships

Jealousy can be feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern over lack of possessions or safety.

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

Jealousy can consist of one or more emotions. Some of these include: anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness, and disgust.

Different types of jealousy include:

Friend Jealousy

Having other friends doesnt lesson your friendship
Having other friends doesn't lesson your friendship

Some people get jealous when someone in their life makes/ forms new bonds or friendships. But that doesn't mean it makes you less of a friend, and you shouldn't see it that way. If it is a real relationship/ friendship nothing and no one can come between that.

Family Jealousy

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

Sometimes jealousy comes out in the form of sibling rivalry. Feeling like they're getting more attention then you are or feeling the need to compete, show that you're just as good as they are or better.

Abnormal Jealousy

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

This is the more morbid, pathological, delusional or anxious form of jealousy. The kind that can consume a person until they can be a jealous of everything or everyone.

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

What are some of the causes of jealousy?

1. Lack of self confidence, having doubts about abilities and skills.

2. Poor self- image. Not feeling secure about your looks and who you are as a person or worries too much how others see you instead of being Confident in themselves.

3.Fear- The fear of being alone or rejected.

4. Insecure- which can result from lack of self confidence and self image.

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

What are some ways to deal with jealousy?

1. Don't act on your feelings of jealousy.

2. Calm down

3. Express your jealousy in a soft way.

4. Appreciate yourself

5. Heal your wounds

6.Trust your partner

7. Trust yourself

Feelings of jealousy can happen even to the best of us sometimes. It's more about not letting it control you, your relationships, or the way you treat others.

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

Thank you for reading ❣

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What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • TCredo
    As always Toots-a-Toots-Toots, wonderfully written with lots of great thoughts worth thinking about. Jealousy can show itself in so many forms - some so subtle it goes undetected by all but other times so destructive too. Your 7 reminders for how to deal with it are great to soak in.
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  • Lliam
    That was a great MyTake, bbb! It was so thorough that I can't think of anything to add except to say that it should be taught to people at an early age and reinforced throughout their lives.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • bellapizza
    Not gonna lie when a guy gets a little jealous its kinda sexy but don't like it when they start attacking you like its your fault someone flirted with you
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    • A little jealousy can seem flattering. Or seen as how much they care. But it really stems from insecurities within themselves and no really about you. It took me years to understand that. My first husband was very jealous and controlling and then became very abusive. Be careful of very jealous people. ❀

    • Hundred percent agree... i like a little jealously but not to the point they become controlling and toxic just a little playful jealous... but thanks for the advice i appreciate it x

  • secretgirl4u
    There's a fine line between jealousy and respect..
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  • Lightning8
    Acknowledge that you and/or your partner are/is jealous and that it's ok and normal. That doesn't mean that jealousy isn't harmful or that it is always good. It means rather that you both can improve or build upon where you stand with each other in regards to your foundation of trust.
  • normalice
    If insecurity had a mouth, jealousy would be its butthole. Just don't feed it the self-aggrandizing thoughts it wants. A healthy diet of objective knowledge is poison to the beast.
  • seansin
    Josie's caused by insecurity think the other ones cheating all the time sometimes it's the other person not giving them the information they need like my cell phone my both my wife's had full access to it never f****** hit nothing there was nothing to hide I was married to her
  • Liam_Hayden
    Jealousy is caused by selfishness and a scarcity mentality. I can't help with the selfishness part, but for the scarcity mentality just realize that there are literally billions of fish in the sea.
    • This was just an informative take on jealousy, that's all. But thanks πŸ™‚

  • kymberz
    wow. you really write some beautiful and inspiring words! thank you!
  • ohshee
    Your 100% right its insecuritys and fear,, i say stop.. first you can't make anyone love u,, and if you have to try to talk them in to it then its fake ,, and if you think they are going to go out or fuck every person that smiles at them ,, then what are you doing with them ,, and if u dont have confidants in your self,, then get out dont waste the other persons time because you dont believe in them or ur self ,, jealousy is an emotion and fear that your not good enough for that person that u dont want to loose , well either step up to the plate andvbecome that person or just stop.. and ask yourself who is this person with ,, ohh yah me,, duh, so believe in yourself because if u dont ,,,, then you can't believe in anyone
    • Exactly, as well as you have to believe in yourself and love yourself before others will. 😊

  • broken_heart_at_48
    Insecurities is what I believe is the biggest cause in relationships because if you're secure in yourself you're not going to stress on your partner cheating because you'll be secure in your relationship also you'll be secure in yourself so if your partner does mess around you know you can find better and you know your worth more than that so it wasn't meant to be. Besides all that if you're a jealous person just try and remember jealousy doesn't help your situation no matter what the situation is.
  • yulbsari
    Great take! You really nailed it! I don't know what I could add...
  • coolhandroo
    Jealousy is absolute poison. Mental cancer. The only cure and I mean the only cure is to get to a place where you know or at least feel like if the subject of your jealousy was taken from you that you yourself will remain whole and happy. If you believe that your personal well being is contingent on that outside of your control then jealousy over anything that threatens to seduce it away will eat you alive from the inside out. No sleep no apetite, no clear headed peace of mind or waking sanctuary. If I can give one piece of advise to the young men and probably women in the world it would be to make yourself self reliant and someone to take pride in as fast as you can and base your self worth on your self alone to drive your susceptibility to this evil fucking emotion as far away as possible. In my opinion it is absolutely life threatening and incompatible with happiness. Sorry if that was rant-like
    • No your good. Jealousy kills a lot of things. And it's not really about you, it's a issue with them

    • I disagree because I see the pattern of jealousy follow the jealous and not the other way around usually. Naturally shady people doing shady shit in relationships are going to have a track record of raising suspicion but I'm cases where the jealousy is not founded I believe it is because of insecurities in the jealous one. And even if I'm wrong its the only jealousy you can do anything about meaning I can work on myself so that I don't feel that way but I can't do anything for an insecure girlfriend. And trying makes it worse. Just takking about it now is reminding me of what it was like to be innocent under a microscope and being suspicious out of fear. Fuck I hate the j word. No thank you

  • TheAteam1978
    I'm jealous that ur talking to other people on the internet lmao
  • FLguitarist
    If you can recognize jealousy then you can manipulate it, and use it to your advantage
    • Noone should ever do that. I wouldn't wanna be with a jealous person. Shows their insecurities. Don't wanna put yo with but wouldn't take advantage of either.

    • Well sure if I'm jealous of my neighbor's car I can just turn that into drive to get my own rather than just fester in thoughts. Be productive lol

    • Well that way, yeah. I'm sorry. I thought you meant take advantage of a person's jealousy. My bad.

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  • laurieluvsit
    Lack of trust is the biggest culprit.

    Finding a guy, or girl, that you know you can trust is the best solution.

    Other than that I don't know how to control that emotion.

    I lost a boy to other girls when I was 20 and jealousy was one of many emotions that I experienced and couldn't overcome. In that situation, it really wasn't that I couldn't trust him, it was a matter of us not being in a committed relationship yet, so I don't have him to blame for it, just my early emotional attachment to him in the relationship, that he didn't have for me.

    Rejection and jealousy can be painful :(

  • Tomsta
    Insecurity or self guilt. Lack of trust is another

    Someone having a skill that you don't possess which you admire in someone
  • NerdInDenial
    Jealousy is the combination of insecurity, regret, and dissatisfaction of one's life.
  • wisertheingredient
    I think that sometimes woman do things on purpose to get a guy jealous. Some think it's sexy but there's a fine line.
  • Rob19777
    Having a woman who's constantly cheating and/or flirting all the time because she's fucking attention seeking
  • crazy8000
    Sometimes does people mixup admiration with jealousy.
  • DanOh2018
    Nothing cures jealousy like cosmic horror and it's subsequent nihlism.
  • redthunder69
    love yourself first and every other things in life fall into place😄
  • Jjpayne
    Good stuff as always! Good take!
  • Joe_Barbaro
    Wait, so all the potential reasons for jealousy you listed actually blame the person being jealous? What about the most common one - justified jealousy?

    Jealousy is a normal occurrence, and it has absolutely nothing to do with self image, and everything to do with trust and confidence in the other person. And trust is very, very hard to earn. Sure, there are some people who get jealous for no reason, but most of the time jealousy appears when the other person starts acting inappropriately.
  • howlinsilently
    • Exactly!!

    • I concur

    • " Bows "😊ditto😁

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    Great my take. 😄
    • Aww thank you🤗but you're not just saying that to get me to model lingerie are you🤔😂😂
      Seriously tho, thanks😊

    • No I'm being sincere. 😊 i know i can get you to model for me aNytime. 😜

    • Oh you think so huhπŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ€£

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • DaMack999
    Ignore person making u jealous.
    • Jealousy is not the other person. Jealousy comes from within. Iit's self insecurities. When my first husband got so jealous, that wasn't about me, rather his own insecurities

    • DaMack999

      Refusing to give someone respect they ask brings resentment and regret sometimes in the shape of jealousy. Some men get so little respect from their women causes a rift. You might say am not disrespectful but not until you ask him can he stop being a people pleaser.

    • This is just an article on jealousy and why it happens, nothing im personally dealing with at this moment. But thanks for the advice

  • Stephen_77
    More shit puke and bollocks.
    • If you got a problem with what I post, why you keep replying to everything I postπŸ€”keep trying to sell your hate, noone buying

    • I just enjoy giving my opinion. Don't like it, tough shit.

    • Rude and disrespectful is not an opinion, it's an attitude. One which I will no longer respond to. I could block, but why? I'm waiting for you to trip yourself up. Cuz anyone that calls anyone "B" or slut or cunt or any other abusive behavior on my posts from now on is being reported.
      And that's not opinion boo, that's fact!! Have a nice day😊

  • whatyoudoing83
    Insecure and trusting your partner
  • tattedjerm
    Jealousy is anger and Coventry
  • CubaPirate
    JEALOUSY!!! It's the Devil's work you kno!