True Love! Is It Ever Attainable?

True Love! Is It Ever Attainable?

A boy, 25 years old, five years older than I, came into daddy's office nearly 3 years ago, right out of a fairy tale, being every girls dream of Prince Charming, from off the screen into real life.
Dressed in a dark blue pin-striped three-piece business suit, he radiated a handsome demeanor beyond normal reasoning, dawning naturally wavy blond hair with the brightest blue eyes reminiscent of a tropical Hawaiian bright morning sky.

Strong - a self-defense master, confident, intelligent, financially secure and charismatic.

Am I being filmed as part of a James Bond movie?...ran through my mind. I love to talk... rarely am I at a loss for words, but I could hardly speak as he approached me at the front desk. I looked upon him in a daze with my mouth open - literally.

When he smiled at me, I wanted to faint, and an immediate bout of paralysis gripped my reflexes. No one had I ever seen before, or since, has even come close. "Can I see Mr Hunter please?", he asked as I stuttered, trying my best to get my words out in a clear coherent fashion. Then I told him to "Please wait a minute", and went into daddy's office. I quickly closed the door behind me and excitedly exclaimed..."OMG daddy, who is this boy that has come in to see you today?

He told me that it was the son of one of his wealthy clients and asked me what was the matter?

Nearly with tears in my eyes, I told him that I was madly in love! He smiled at me and started to laugh. Then he told me to show the young man in. To my shock and amazement, upon exiting the boy stopped at my desk and asked me if I would like to go out with him sometime. (I found out later that daddy told him that I had the hots for him and he said what an amazingly beautiful girl I was, and, of course, daddy agreed:). I immediately accepted!

Maybe it was just my imagination gone wild, but from our first date his kisses were like that a dream laden girl would only imagine of a knight in shinning armor. He was strong, yet gentle, dominate yet reassuring, brazen with confidence, yet with the tenderness of a kitten. And to top it all was his intense and passionate love making. I was putty in his arms to do with what he pleased, and he knew it - I made it no secret. What happened thereafter was my eventual and tragic loss.

This boy was so popular, and in such high demand, by many other girls even more beautiful than I. that out classed, outwitted, out maneuvered and outnumbered me. In the end it was not to be and suddenly my dream wilted, withered and broke within me. Now it is only I that does not want my heart again shattered and crushed, to lay prostrate, bleeding as a mother who has lost an only child, while drowning in the pool of a thousand tears.


True Love! Is It Ever Attainable?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • 9teen
    You shouldn´t have allowed him to touch you. This was all for his personal gain. If you didn't allow him you would have known earlier what kind of guy he is and you would be less hurt. No matter how hard it is, it´s always good to wait for a while.

    About your question, yes it is, is it common though? no it isn´t. It´s about falling in love with the right person who is into the thought of loving a person for an eternity.
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    • Great answer Ms 9teen!
      Your lack of years has not made you lacking in wisdom.
      I would most likely praise outstanding parents for such a thing:)
      Thank you for your nice and thoughtful answer!

  • Jmcmanning
    Love is how you treat the relationship you are in and the work you towards it. You will have heartache, compromise, fights, make-up, kissing, playfulness. True love is when you find yourself changing for the better because of that person. True love isn't what you find in the movies or books. It's what you are willing to do for them and what they are willing to do for you.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • capturemyheartnow
    When true partners meet , true love is possible. But it is a 1% chance of these two people meeting each other. Even otherwise , if live grows and adjusts well , it is almost like true love but quite short. But it gives happiness to both.
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  • Halucinator
    I loved this take❤️
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  • AthleticMom
    A true fit defies all manipulations but it comes along once in awhile as if akin to a combination lock's wheels rotating - you have to be there when it hits "unlock"
  • serious
    I think that is attainable but is very hard in today's world and is highly unlikely. However, it is not impossible.
  • QueenofCups
    Yes, true love is attainable, but sometimes you have to go through pain and heartbreak to find it.
  • FemWorship
    Well I did have to wait a decade for my K-12 crush to come around
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I have become a Fan boy the way you tell your story you sure have an art you are a storyteller.. Well all true love ends in distress be thankful to him and God you got to experience something so beautiful yet pain full you lived your dream for some days at least cherish the moments you had as you know how many of us get a chance to experience something that beautiful.
    And if a story ends then a new begins somebody much better would surely come into your life for sure but he will be always your best because you gave your heart to him and also the New guy will love you so much in his different way and more than what you expected I wish you have such a partner who will always keep you in amazement 😍😉👍
  • Browneye57
    Ya gotta stop this dream BS. You poor girls have been told from day one that some prince charming would swoop into your life and sweep you off your feet, and that you would marry in wedded bliss and live happily ever after. Even disney got in on the shtick.
    I just isn't so. It's not reality, not even close to how life works. No, you're not special, and no prince charming is coming for you. You get what you EARN, what you WORK for, with whom you meet by chance. And no one is perfect, they ALL have flaws. Too many go into relationships and marriages with completely unrealistic views of what a real and normal romantic relationship looks like, is. And it ain't all puppy dogs, rainbows, and pink unicorns. :)

    The answer to your question is, YES. But not the way YOU think it is. Perhaps you can find some wisdom here on GAG, and develop a relationship with a good guy that you'll choose, and treat well.

    There are no guarantees!
  • Owen3
    What a good read!
  • omgjassy
    It’s attainable, but not with fuckboys like that.
  • Flower-petal
    I hope so
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake.
  • Rosewanda
    Yes, true love is attainable.
  • PetrovaFire92
  • J4Zzi3
    it's easy.
  • DanFlingwing
    yes it is
  • Razal
    Yes it is.
  • CT_CD
    Not attainable
  • ErkekThomas
    ıdk :/
  • Anonymous
    Sometimes I wonder if true love even exists
  • Anonymous
    of course true love is attainable, it's just very tough
  • Anonymous
    You bet it is, I've experienced it firsthand. Until she passed from cancer :(