A relationship won't save your life falling apart

A relationship wont save your life falling apart

This is a very short thought, more than a proper myTake.
It's a little fact I'm coming to terms now, and that many single or lonely people will probably get angry at me for stating out loud.
Being in a relationship won't save or fix your life of failures and setbacks.

Today, due to the Coronavirus scare in my area, corporate decided to "close indefinitely" and perhaps "relocate" my office. This is a death sentence for my career.
This is the perhaps the hardest blow of them all. It's over, I'm finished.
I've lost my job, I've lost the only thing that still mattered something.

A relationship wont save your life falling apart

I told this to my fiancée, but she doesn't understand. She said this can be an occasion to spend time together, but I don't see it as such. I just see it as the disgregation of everything I have built. All she's doing is getting all happy and delighted about this and spout crap about how "we'll weather this down together" and that "the sky will not always be gray".

Bullcrap. It's easy for her to talk since everything is going well for her and she always reaches her goals and gets what she wants.
I'm practically a finished man, a dead man. She's older than me, yet she looks much more younger and lively than me, while I'm already an old, wrinkled walking corpse.
I don't know, maybe that's what she likes so much about me and my failures, maybe she's really a corpsef*cker just like her favorite movie.

A relationship wont save your life falling apart

Maybe she's happy everytime I fail and trip down, so she can step in playing nurse and take care of me like she seems to like so much saying or doing.
At this point I'd not be surprised if she tripped me on the stairs to make me fall and break my arm so she could take care of it.

A relationship wont save your life falling apart

But enough of my rant.
Maybe I'm just emotionally charged, disappointed and pained and I'm taking it out that way as a way to let out my frustrations because IRL I'm always quiet and don't talk much.
I'm just sick and tired and weary of everything.

Anyhow, the message beyond the rambling is this.
A relationship won't fix your life if it's falling apart. It could even make it worse.
Don't put your life in anyone else's hands, no matter how much reassuring they are. It's your only and exclusive care and responsability.
Every time I did it, it only got worse.

Thank you for reading.

A relationship won't save your life falling apart
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  • btbc92
    I'm very sorry for the loss of your job. But one thing I will say, it's about time you realize that. Don't worry about the rent, there's a lot of things about ranting that we can all learn if we take the time to listen. As I said plenty of times before, I don't agree with your relationship choices, but I realized that you're the type of person that sadly needs to get put down in order for you to get back up. I don't know if it's because of your stubbornness, or because of the Brokenness that you dealt with your entire life. But you had to learn somewhere. The truth is I'm just going to say it like this. You know what kind of relationship you're in, and it's about time you make a decision on what you really want to do. Being in a relationship won't fix your problems or your failures and setbacks is correct. Only you can fix those problems. And she's part of a major big problem. Yes oh, she's happy but it's not because he's just a happy person. It's because she's an emotional leech. She's happy because she's taking away your happiness. And if you don't let her go she's going to God forbid be the death of you. I've been paying very close attention to more than half of your post and it really concerns me. I've really been praying for you for months now, hoping that you really wake up to what's in front of you. And you got a big mess. This is not a mess you can fix it all by yourself however, but you definitely can't have her in your life anymore. In fact as I said plenty of times you best to really be by yourself even if it takes you years to get yourself together and get yourself healed. You need to be seeing a counselor and getting things in order in your life. You got to really get to that point where enough is enough and get where you have to go for your future. Because she ain't caring about your future. She's only caring about the future she can get out of you because you're the only guy that was really tolerating her. Because I can tell you other men are not going to want to deal with her. Yes you may be 22 years old, but you're a wise 22 years old. You just need to put that wisdom into some good use, stop ignoring that gut feeling, and actually do something about it. Because you deserve better and you don't deserve this.
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    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragements, but I fear the situation precipitated.
      We started to discuss, I flipped her off with all her "feel good" crap and took the car.
      Now I'm on the side of the road, ignoring her calls and texts.
      Now I don't know what to do.
      I have been driving for hours and I don't even know where I am, somewhere along the country border.
      I don't know where I'll go since my old apartment is occupied by my sister and ex girlfriend.
      I don't know how I'll get back my stuff from my ex fiancée.
      I'll have to figure out how to get back to my city and what to do afterwards.

    • btbc92

      Would you really need to do is actually ask yourself what do you really want? You been at the mercy of these crazy ass people and forgive me for saying that about these women in your life but it's the truth, that you don't even know what to do with yourself. You're risking being a homeless 4 something that you should not be doing. This is a major wake-up call. And you're better off in a shelter somewhere than to be stuck with crazy people like that. I don't know if you have other family or not but I think what you really need to do is call them up if they close by and get out of there. You will figure out the rest once you figure out where to go. If you're stuck, you better call 911.

    • btbc92

      Yeah the damage is already been done and it's not your fault for that one. It is long gone. One thing you definitely need to do is stop allowing women to control your life. I will continue to keep you in prayer and pray that God send somebody to help you. If you have Google maps, you can use your location if ABLE to determine where your at.

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  • DorkVader
    I don't comment too much recently on your posts because of the nature of what I think. I feel like what I have to say is pretty personal. But you seriously, seriously need to talk to someone and get yourself sorted. You are still a young man and you are tearing yourself to bits over a lot of shit. If you are able to see a therapist, I highly recommend it. Please take care of yourself.
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    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragements, but I fear the situation precipitated.
      We started to discuss, I flipped her off with all her "feel good" crap and took the car.
      Now I'm on the side of the road, ignoring her calls and texts.

    • DorkVader

      Well, I stand by what I said. You seriously need to get yourself together. My opinion is that work should never be the center or best thing in your life, unless it is a career you are passionate about. You're not passionate about that job, you're comfortable there. You're not having a good time in your relationship at all. You can't bear to spend 5 minutes with her, how do you expect to spend the rest of your life with her? You need to do some deep soul searching and you're gonna have to sort yourself out or you're going to ruin everything you have going for you.

      Now, I'm not here to tell you how to live your life, but this isn't the way. Take some time and reflect. Think about your value and self worth, and what it is that would make you happy. Tell her you're alive and ask her to listen to you for a change.

    • DorkVader

      You cannot go on this way.

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  • Almostoverit
    Stop this bullshit. A relationship does not rescue you from yourself, that I will agree with. Seeking a relationship when your life is not together is a bad idea, I will agree with that. However, if I could stand in front of you now, I would slap the piss out of you. You have a partner that is willing to be supportive and positive and the only thing you can think about is how awful she is for having some modicum of success. You may not deserve the lifeline she is tossing in your direction. So sink into depression, self loathing and defeat and allow her to find a man who will appreciate this from her.
    Or, get your head out of your ass, take the positives she is throwing your way, and crawl out of this mess because life will go on with or without you. There will be more jobs, there will be more opportunities, changing careers and directions are always possible with the right attitude. Finding a partner who will support you when you are being a self loathing selfish little prick is nearly impossible in today's societies. I really hope you have a wake up call before it's too late, but if you don't, at least have the human decency to end it and fade out of her life while you get your shit together.
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    • I was angry and in a really bad state of mind when I wrote this, now I'm trying to pick up the pieces and fix the situation.
      Anyhow, I don't think she'll ever let me leave her - when I tried to propose separate beds and no intimacy for a while, she didn't let me.
      I didn't pursue her and didn't want a relationship with her at first - she forced her way in my life and now I'm dealing with it.
      I got angry with her because she seemed happy I lost my job - she had said in the past that I worked in a bad company and was changing me for the worse.

    • Maybe your anger at her is partially triggered by the fact that she had insight. She may/or may not be wrong, but what partner would not be happy with someone leaving a job that negatively affected them? Even if it's not true, at least her heart was in the right place. If you feel trapped in a relationship and that you need to focus on other things in your life, I can completely understand and would recommend following your instincts on that. The only issue I or anyone would have (as if our opinions are that important) is you allowing your life frustrations to attack someone that is trying to support you emotionally. I understand the pressure you feel. I've been in a similar situation. I left a job that was making me miserable to work with another company. I was just starting a semi relationship with someone. The other company fell through and I found myself unemployed. She was extremely supportive even though it was taking time for me to find employment. I had to leave the area to get my bearings, and though she tried to deal with that, ultimately I had to end the relationship to focus on getting my shit together. Which i did. She attempted to reconnect with me later, but life had moved on for me. Now she is really happy in a committed relationship and is somehow in the same state as me literally 20 minutes away. What's the take home here? Life goes on. We make the best decisions we can for ourselves and hope for the best. You have to do the same for you, but do so with a little kindness for yourself and your partner no matter what your decision is.

    • I understand what you mean, you are right.
      I apologized to her after I returned and did and I'm still doing everything I can to make her feel how much I appreciate what she does for me.
      Although internally I still feel a bit distant and cold towards her for some reason, I'm doing my best to warm up and make her feel better.

  • D_Bone_Steak
    Relationships are just side projects... I agree that they don't fix anything at all, in fact it sounds very effeminate when I hear that kind of thought process. At the same time it can act like a guide or direction leader. My own destructive paths and other peoples' around me have changed dramatically when the outcome isn't just for themselves. Like you ever see a self destructive woman change it all up because baby happened? sad when the change doesn't happen actually.

    I say roll with it, the Wu Flu is scaring the shit out of me but fuck it... my fear won't change shit. I just instructed my wife to buy water and rice for when it hits. Me... I just spent hours putting together a ab workout plan because if shit goes down, my old ass is going down with a six pack. We're strong... we overcome shit when it happens. Best to just roll with that and take time to smell the roses... and not nerd out like me about why humans like that smell at all.

    I just met a rant with a rant... just hang in there dude. My only vindictive advice is to not take it seriously.
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    • Don't worry, I completely get you.
      We started to discuss, I flipped her off with all her "feel good" crap and took the car.
      Now I'm on the side of the road, ignoring her calls and texts.

    • Yeah I do that shit... sounds stupid but try to just enjoy the situation. It's what pulls me out of what would resemble rage or pity. Clown world. I put a smile on my face.

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  • ragequeen
    Your reason does not really make sense to your statement. Your title should be different. On that note, I can say I disagree with your statement. Sometimes, when broken or lost people find someone they love, they feel encouraged to be better people. My boyfriend, for instance, never finished high school and had a low-wage job when I met him. However, during just a few months, he decided to quit his job and focus completely on school and taking up classes again. And he is happy! Now he has high ambitions and works really hard. He told me that if he never met me he would never get that motivation. Same went for my brother. He failed classes at University and struggled graduating. But, when he found his current girlfriend, he realized he had responsibilities, worked hard and graduated this Christmas. I realize, though, that this is not always the case and broken people can also drag others down with them.
    • I think when someone finds motivation in others, it's not such a bad thing. I hesitate to use those instances as a guiding principle though. There are some who have the fortitude and patience to support someone who may need that support to get a leg up in life, but I feel this is an exception. If someone places their success on the shoulders of someone else, then they mentally tie success to that person. Ultimately, if that person ever leaves for whatever reason, that persons support and reasons for doing will likely go with them. It's the foundation for co-dependence. I'm not saying one should go through life as an island, and that one should never count on a support system. I am saying that support system should be there when both parties are already in a position of strength, so that when life happens, the other can support them knowing they will be back on their feet and and have shown they can be in a position to return the favor. I feel that ultimately we have to find our own motivations, our own pursuits and strengths, and that finding a partner should enhance those things rather than need them to bring them up and out of whatever had them down to begin with.

  • PurpleStorm
    Why do you see it as an end to your career? How is it over? You are only 22 years old and have all the time in the world to build 5 different careers, lose them and build another 5. You can go tu uni and get several degrees, get certificates from anywhere you want, or if you have a degree now you can look for jobs matching that. You have work experience so you already look more appealing then the fresh graduates to employers. It's not like if you were a doctor, showed up drunk at work and had your medical licence taken away. That would be 10 years of med school down the drain with no way to recover. You are not even close to this level of ''END of career''. I agree that being in a dysfunctional relationship cannot solve this, but you can. You are being way too dramatic over this. You have a chance to start over, pick a new career, or stay with the same one just pick a new company to work for, all of your experience and skills are not going to waste. It's not like you got fired for bad performance, this wasn't your fault, you can get a referral or a recommendation. How can you possibly think this is the end of your career at 22? You lived only a quarter of your life, you have so much time to build something else, bigger and better. It's gonna take time but why would you give up? you should also learn that a job or career is not everything. it's great to focus on and be driven by, it pays the bills but this is one of the things in life that always changes for most people
    • I think you are right on everything, I've had a moment of panic and just went on fly and escape mode.
      Now I'm almost home, we'll see how it will turn out with my fiancée. She said she wasn't angry with me but was really worried.
      Thank you for all your kind words and encouragements.

    • This is good. Really good.

  • GraveDoll
    Jean Im so so so so fucking sorry happen. You work so hard and I KNOW it feel like a fuck moment but as cliche it will pass.

    My thoughts:

    It time for you to start playing your cards right and worry about benefiting yourself. And im not talking money here (granted money is always needed) You might need to dip in your rain funds (i hope you have some) and really get yourself together. your 22 and something like this happen to ever human once or twice ( i was there at 21 in a bad abusive relationship so i understand more than you think)

    II hope your job will pay severe pay. No offense but i find your girlfriend being very selfish. This virus has killed 12 people so far I know i have dear friend that teaches.
    and they had to close the school down becasue a child actully got it and died. I see you use the word indefinitely as in not yet? I really hope you get some a date in the mean time i think you need to get somewhere safe for your mental state. Dont do anything irrational. Im around if ya need to vent... i mean i sux with words sometimes but just know you are in someone thoughts and please dont harm yourself. I know it a LOT to waddle through and you probably barely feeling above water but I promise you it will get better. even when we can't see it.
  • kaylaS91
    Sorry to hear about the job. I totally get how that can make you feel like, even though you had a fiancé and whatnot, that.. the career no longer being so stable kinda details everything else.

    On a side note, though..
    You’re young. You’re still in your early 20s- plenty of time to continue on with your career. Hell, in North America at least, many kids your age aren’t even halfway done their university degrees, much less planning other long term things like who they’ll marry and such. It’s perfectly fine to jump jobs in the first few years as part of the workforce to not only gain experience and kinda become more certain of your skill set, but to also be sure which avenue you’d like to go down in terms of that field.

    From all of your posts concerning your fiancé.. I think this is a blessing in disguise. I don’t even know you but all that you’ve written out about her makes her come off as a typical narcissistic, manipulative person who strings partners along for not much more than self validation. Hence why you knew that it wasn’t right that she never even considered, much lesss acted, on the fact that you might have goals/opinions of your own.
  • Phoenix98
    A relationship won't fix your life if it's falling apart.

    You are absolutely right on that part it won't BUT having someone who cares about you be your side who's willing to weather that storm and go through the hard times with you does make it easier to bear everything.

    As for your life falling apart dude your 22. Your life isn't over, it's barely even begun. My life has been falling apart for the last 10 years every time I take one step forward I get pushed about 5 steps back.

    I've been barely holding it together for the last 10 years hell just in the last year to a year and a half I've had the following happen.

    1# Lost my job something I really loved doing, something I put time and money and went to school for.

    2# Was unemployed for about 4-6 months, put in countless jobs applications but could never get a stable job that payed decently made me really depressed.

    3# Almost died doctors said they barely saved my life.

    4# Accumulated a little over 6,000$ in medical debt.

    5# Got in a car wreck and lost my car.

    6# My best friend and my only friend a man that was like a brother to me I watched him unravel at the seams for about half a year as he fell deeper and deeper into depression, suicide attempts, drinking, self medicating. I fought so hard for about a half a year trying to keep him together, to help him and save him. And it became such a problem that it started affecting my personal life and work life badly. And in Jan of this year I.. I found him at his apartment with his head blown off.

    7# Grandmother went to the hospital for heart problems and then just went to the ER last week after having a heart attack.

    8# Scumbag ex boyfriend of my sister tore my family apart and put them against one another and drove my sister into depression and into trying to kill herself and had two pregnancy scares and a STD scare with her. And me in the middle of all of this trying to mediate it all.

    9# Have not been in a relationship for close to 4-6 years because I was so tired of being fucked over by people, being used by people and hurt by people.

    10# You know where I thought I'd be at almost 27 years old? Married, kids, my own home. Where am I now? Living in my parents basement, in debt, no car, no girlfriend, no wife/kids, nothing, same place I was 10 years ago.

    On top of all of that over the last 10 years add physically bullying, verbal abuse, major depression, suicide attempt and a whole host of other things to the list.

    Trust me no one gets what your saying more then me, but if I made (am making) it through all of that I know you can to. You just need to not feel sorry for yourself, make the effort to improve your life no matter how hard it gets, because sitting there absorbing all that bad shit and complaining. It won't get you were you want to be, your a strong guy, you work hard, I know you can do it.

    But most importantly man you need to do the following things.

    1# Communicate with your girl, try your best not to get mad at her but do communicate what your feeling, try to help her understand what your feeling, thinking, etc.

    2# Vent, for cripes sake vent, don't hold this stuff in it will eat you alive from the inside out, trust me I know from experience. Talk to someone a friend, a therapist, someone.

    3# Get motivated, make the effort to get your life where you want to be, work wise, socially, relationship wise. Even if it's hard, even if it seems impossible, I know that's easier said then done but that's what it takes you have to keep moving forward. That's what I'm doing

    4# Don't try to go all through this alone, it makes it so much harder and overwhelming.

    You'll get through this.
    Shit. Pull yourself together man. What makes you think you can find another job? What is so important about your old job? And yes in life in a relationship especially a marriage because you were headed for that it is between you two. The two of living life together to help each other. That's what marriage is about. It never is about every person for themselves.
    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragements, but I fear the situation precipitated.
      We started to discuss, I flipped her off with all her "feel good" crap and took the car.
      Now I'm on the side of the road, ignoring her calls and texts.

    • When you have a chance you can apologize as soon as you feel better. It is hard to allow someone to help you or to get help at all especially when you are usually independent. But sometimes it must be done so you can get back on your feet.

    • If I manage to get back to my city.
      I'm somewhere in the mountains alongside the border, it's dark and I don't know what direction take.

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  • Robertcw
    Number 1: Answer her calls man. She wants to spend time with you. May as well not ruin things there just because you lost your job. I sound callous -- that's because I am. I've been unemployed for something like 6 months. I'm also perpetually single due to poor time management skills. I'm just saying, basically, welcome to the club. It's not the end of the world, and honestly if you're this neurotic about one setback you seriously need some real counseling to get back in track. Perhaps CBT.

    Second: If you're really getting wrinkles you can start using anti-aging products with retinal, topical vit. C and red light therapy for clinically proven results. I've been on retinoids since age 20.

    My genetics for skin is so-so. My body responds really well to treatments. Always has, but it also suffers without treatment more than the average person.

    Nuetrogena sells a product called Rapid Wrinkle Repair and Rapid Tone Repair, night and day models, in all drug stores, Target and Walmart (cheapest) as well as online on Amazon.

    The day product has spf 30 sunscreen -- which you need to apply daily to prevent sun damage (which is the cause of aging). Your fiancé probably has applied daily sunscreen since puberty which affects things. She looks younger for a reason man, these things don't happen by mistake. She might even be using retinoids or vit. C as well. Most people are.
  • Massageman
    First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that this virus situation has effected your life so severely. I have been "suspended", "temporarily off payroll" and any other euphemism you can think of at four different times with the same company, through no fault of my own. I was brought back only three times, due to restructuring of the company due to changes in the technology industry. Not my fault! I had high ratings! The world sucked! I hated it! Yup, I felt down and out! Ticked at myself, the company, and the world! Been there. Took a BIG hit in the wallet, for sure.
    That said, I was able to ramp up my part time profession- Massage Therapy- and turn it into full-time work. Eventually, my wife and I quit working for others and opened up our own office for counseling (her) and massage therapy (me). Was it a risk? Yup. Were we scared? Only totally!

    When in counseling ourselves, one thing that stuck in my mind was a particular comment from our counselor: "You were both rowing, but now you are both rowing in the same direction!"

    So, don't do things that will negate what the other is doing, in all phases of your life, not just jobs. If there is a basic difference in philosophies of life between you two, maybe this is the time to listen to that gut feeling and move on! Maybe not. Maybe you can reach some sort of middle ground, starting with the points on which you both can agree!

    Three books you might consider at this time:
    "The Bible", by God.
    "How to stop worrying and start living", by Dale Carnegie.
    "Take your life back", Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop.
    These books and some others made a big difference in my life.

    Again, I'm sorry that you are having to go through this situation in your life. We will be praying for you. I hope this helped at least a little bit.
  • On_cloud_wine
    Relationships don’t fix your life. They enhance them, and if you feel like your spiraling down a tunnel and drained of energy, maybe they’re not right for you.
  • Mickey9999
    I’m not really sure why you post as you don’t seem to any of the advice to heart. I still say you need therapy. And yes you could be in a shitty mood for what’s happened BUT most people accept their partners for who they are, i question your commitment to your fiancé in you should be appreciating her support of you not jealous of her success and happiness nor criticizing her because she has a brighter outlook in life. Seriously, therapy will do you good
    • bloodys2

      I think those two are done with each other.
      He updated all his questions saying they argued, he insulted her and took car and drove off.

    • She ia a Manipulative Bitch!!! A SO doesn't get happy when their Partner loses a job even those who are FULL of 🌞 because Grieve and Console their Partner before spewing Rainbows and Unicorns!!! She's Glad he doesn't have a Job because now he has nowhere to go daily, no reason to communicate with co-workers, and he's now Dependant on Her!!! Go back 6 months and read all the previous posts and comments!!! Several of us have warning and worried about him in this relationship!!!

    • There’s two sides to every story so I’m going solely off the way he describes her behavior which in this case seems innocent. She wants to take a leave to be with him. She’s not feeding into his depression. He posted a lengthy short My Take. This question nor the My take did he say she was enjoying his misery. Either way it’s not a healthy relationship for him because I did not think he is mentally healthy when it began. Hence the encouragement to get counseling.

  • opnbuk59
    Man you need to stop whining so damn much so you lost your gig grow up and get another one stop the woes it me crap, none had time to listen to you do on about how bad you have you spring won't get any of your any good at what you do should be working soon so stop whining man man up
  • MackToday
    I never put much stock in careers, they can disappear over night like yours seems to have. This kind of shit is why I was never really interested in working that hard on anything like this despite what everyone seems to think. This is why I've always sought what ever success I might achieve down some back road or by hacking my way through the undergrowth where no one ever went before. That's the only thing that ever seemed worth any effort to me. Not getting screwed doing it the proper way. Cut your girl a break though, she seems to love you, never return contempt for love , you'll both be gone some day and it's a long time dead.
    • I think you are right on all points.
      I was angry and in a really bad state of mind when I wrote this, now I'm trying to pick up the pieces and fix the situation.

  • Avicenna
    Well, I understand your frustration here, but maybe she's right?
  • Furuok
    It's your time bro! Branch out make new trends, venture to new areas. Don't move look around at possible employment opportunities? You could be surprised at what joy a new career does for a relationship. It's not the blow, but how you roll with it. Stay hopeful and enjoy the vacation.
  • Unit1
    I have always said, that money is everything and this just proves it. You probably know it too.

    But don't make your girlfriend the villain in it like she's happy, that you lost your job. you're just putting unnecessary strain in your relationship on your part.

    Well that sucks man. Good luck on finding a new job. Go now and waste no more time because time is of the essence and time is money.
  • i1T2daty
    It will probably destroy relationship as well, As long as you depend on external circumstances having to be a certain way in order for happiness to exist, it will never exist.
  • kstargrace45
    I tot understand this , gahhhh they are narcissistic,, and they are very good at being fake they lit ruined our lives iv lost 2 jobs because of him. ni recently just lost my other , trust me I get you on this! Iam so sorry!😥
  • lightbulb27
    yea... no texting while driving and you are off. Keep it on the road!

    Yes she does like taking care of you, but I don't think it is intended to control you. She is a care taker... she's doing what her heart tells her to do.

    You are correct in your wisdom... a relationship in fact with EXPOSE the inner emotional flaws we have, so they can be addressed. you are experiencing that now. God... in my view... is working... accept the challenge and pain. You need to heal to be a whole person on your own, then you will see her differently and of the value she is. She cannot be your leaning post.

    Stress... watch this as one method of growth. Your's is a heart issue though... gonna take time.
  • claryy
    I am so sorry for what happened to you. I think that you need time for yourself right now and your girlfriend has to understand, I am sorry to tell you this again but she seems very selfish, she want that you stay with her, she want you to make her more important than yourself. I think that the fact that you lost your job for her is a good thing because she can always have you and because she can see herself better than you because she has a job and she has everything that, unluckily you lost.
    Let me give you an advice, stay alone for some days so you can understand what you want and understand yourself, maybe she is not good for you, and sometimes be alone is the best thing for us, phisically and mentally.
    I hope you will find a job and I hope you will start a good career because I think you deserve it
  • Electric_Dreams
    You seem to be bitter and resentful towards your fiancé.. I think it's advisable that you really consider and reflect on your relationship with her.
  • bloodys2
    Take a step back and take a big breath.
    You are very upset, and I don't think you really think all this shit you wrote is true.
  • art84
    I think it's easy for someone to see the bright things in life when they can't see how you see things are going against you and not in your favor. Hope you are able to find a new job.
  • the_sinner
    You know it's just a phase of your life which will pass soon.

    All you need to think about now is the future and how things will be after a few days when you get a new job and a new life.
  • theCobbler
    Holy Bat Shit ! MAN !!! GET AHOLD of Yourself!
    YOU ARE... YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! The end the world , ( Yours, Mine, Ours, They're's!!! Brother , Did someone tell You LIFE,! Was going to be easy?
    Get a education, a degree , a good job, a good woman , and Lifes is peaches & cream?

    You can't loom at life the way You are,.. it will beat You; but! Only if You let it!

    Personally, I'd be out, Smoking my " Reefer " probably on my way to totally INTOXICATED, ( I DONT DRINK), and having me , my Lady, and friends a grand old time !
    and You know what, ? TOMORROW'S a NEW DAY!
    "Yesterday is * History...
    Tomorrow is a mystery...
    Today, is, a GIFT !!! That is why we call it the
    "PRESENT" ! "

    Prayers & Blessings to You!
  • Bordersun
    I don't know where I'll go since my old apartment is occupied by my sister and ex girlfriend.
  • Guss87
    Yeah falling for someone and staying together takes a lot of work
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • LexyIsSexy23
    You will bounce back stronger
  • orangecherry
    In tough times I want my guy!!!
  • Anonymous
    This is a test. If you cannot be calm in a situation like this how could you do your job in a professional manner when shit hits the fan? Life is testing whether or not you can keep going when you go through hell. If you can't, I'm sorry to say this, but you wouldn't deserve a carrier. Grow up and do what you have to do to get your shit together.
  • Anonymous
    You know what? I think it’s you who got it all wrong.

    Imma give you some tough love.

    If that is the end of your career then YOU fucked up. You chose the wrong path and relied on others too much. Stop being weak, start a business yourself if that’s what it takes.

    And on the note of the relationship. No one thinks it’s going to make *everything okay.* what they think is that it will give them what they’re missing, which is not a job. They’re just different things.

    And regardless of the job, the relationship should be a powerful uplifting thing. If that’s now how you feel about it, then
  • Anonymous
    I know this is a big blow, but sometimes life knocks you down. You can and will get up and rebuild. I'm sure you can get strong references to help you find a new position.
  • Anonymous
    Are you really 22 years old?
    • Yes, 22 years of failure and ruined life.

    • Anonymous

      You’re still so young. I’m 25 and when I think of my 22 year old self I feel that I’ve grown tremendously since then. Just give yourself some time to regroup and reset. Like they say, it gets worse before it gets better! ... your better days are ahead.

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragements, I hope for things to get better.