Show connection and know the connection is real


Show connection and know the connection is real

show some connection to your love one :

1. Cultivate open communication

* talk about anything ... Hope's, dreams , fears , etc

* talk about y'all day

* ask deep / tight questions

* use humor and laughter )

2. Observe and understand your partner affection

* bonding over activities

* offering to fix things/ give a helping hand

* giving u gifts .. DIY or store brought

* include you in the future

3. Dont judge

* let him / her be there self around you

* understand what they might be saying / doing

4. Build a deep emotional bond / know yourself and your emotions

* be honest

* ask why you feel like this

5. Kiss each other

7. Say I love you in a variety of ways

8. Create meaningful words that only u 2 understand

9. Spend time together alone.

Show connection and know the connection is real

signs your connection is real :

1. Silence is never awkward

2. You dont have to think before u speak

3. There's an unmatched comfortability

4. The sexual attraction is like whoa

5. Their weird matched yours or somewhat yours

6. You fit together effortlessly

7. Never question your feelings for them .

8. Inspire you to be better

9. Make you feel good about getting out of your comfort zone

10. Make you feel the dark aspects of your life

11. Their eyes says it all

12. You can't remember what not knowing them was like

13. Make effort to spend time alone

14. Been through something difficult together

15. Conversations between you get deep in an effortless non forced way

16 . Feel more comfortable with your self

17. You don't only hangout when it convenient

18. You are involved in each other lives

19. Able to do stuff / travel together without bloodshed

20. You do more then get physical

21. You can easily show them who ur really r

22. They understand your weirdest habits

23. Communication are flawless go smooth

24. You can talk on any topic and go hours

25. You both enjoy the same kind of humor

26. Goodbyes are tough

27. Frequent calling and texting

28. You dont care what other people think about y'all relationship annoying situations

30. Ho hidden feelings

31. Healthy arguments

32. Respect for each other

33. Supporting each other

Show connection and know the connection is real
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  • Sensible. Decent. The only rational/sensible thing that I would suggest to add of the top of my head will be/are - solving problems together..
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    It's very important not to keep things bottled up. So, open up. Partners should be adept enough to reach out and lending a hand.
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  • saggittarius039112
    Wow. This is really good. Awesome take🖤
  • Jamie05rhs
    #19, tho. Lol
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    Ok well nice boobs