Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl



  • Everything I describe below are my current tastes in a partner, so they can always change, it's just what I find most attractive right now.
  • I've never been in a relationship, been asked out/rejected, nor am I desperate for one or sex, as I'm also a virgin, so I don't know what I'm missing in terms of either.
  • Remember this post is talking about my ideal, dream girl, so I'm totally wary of the fact that this girl more than likely doesn't exist and that some of what I list below is optimistic.
  • Whatever I list below in terms of what I've want in her, are a combination of preferences and standards.

Preference = ideal, but not a must have

Standard = mandatory

Hopefully now, no one will get all angry, calling me an unrealistic fool or anything like that.

Anyway, let's get on with it.

A young Lisa Bonet fits the facial description rather well.
A young Lisa Bonet fits the facial description rather well.
Ai Uehara is an example of how I have different tastes.
Ai Uehara is an example of how I have different tastes.



I'm 5'2, with a slim, toned build, so I'm not a big guy, but the idea of cuddling and being with a taller woman just seems kind of special to me, maybe just due to the rarity of it. Height wise, there is no ideal standard, but I think I'd be up to her shoulder and build wise, she'd be toned out, without having a lot of muscle definition, along with a big butt and medium-ish boobs, because that's just what looks more appealing to me. The more sexual parts of her body would look bigger to me anyway, simply due to her being taller than me and it would be symmetrical for her height, compared to if she were shorter. No body hair either, so hairless from the neck downwards with smooth, clear skin on her body. The girl would be totally natural too, so she'd never have had plastic surgery, she just takes good care of herself.


Beautiful without makeup obviously, a fair white skin tone with darker features, so dark, blackish eyes, thick, along with no eye bags or dark circles. Her hair would be long, black, thick and naturally curly, because I think that combination works well with that skin tone and as much as I like straight hair, sometimes something different can be nice and she could always straighten it to switch it up. Nice eyebrows too, nothing crazy and straight, white teeth. Someone who smiles a lot too, so no resting bitch face. Age wise, she'd look good for her age and would be around 2 years younger, to 10 years older.



A kiss a day, keeps the doctor away. Yeah, I said it. The idea of cuddling up with a taller woman who loves you to bits in every way sounds really sweet and I feel like it's a nice way to just show your love on a daily basis. It doesn't necessarily mean everything's going to be about sex or lead to it, I feel like it's just a nice token of appreciation for your lover. She'd make sweet gestures in everything she does, just to remind me how much she'd love me.


I make a lot of dead jokes whenever I can and deliberately do random, weird stuff like quote random song lyrics, say lines from a show, a video game, etc and sometimes changing them up to be creative, as well as joke around with people I know and it'd be nice to have someone who get's them and can respond with their own, so we can be a immature together. Yes, I'm random and weird AF, but I'm not a dick, I don't cross the line with my jokes and if I ever mess around with anyone else, I don't say or do anything too far. That kind of compatibility would be awesome.

Happy person:

One of the few things that instantly makes a person more likeable. It just makes one seem more approachable and gives the impression that they're a nice person.

Has Her Own Brain:

You've probably notice that I've said she'll agree with me on a lot of stuff, but that's because those are her genuine beliefs. Whilst we're on the topic, she'll agree with with whatever views I may have on any controversial topics, to save arguments, because I am talking about the perfect girl in my eyes.

Loves Me A Lot:

My dream girl would love me a lot, both physically and mentally, because she'd know I'm perfect for her or by far as close to perfection, as she'd ever find. Personally, I do a lot for my appearance and having a partner find me really attractive, due to that, as well as my efforts, would mean a lot to me, especially if they showed it or at reminded me. Mentally, I do care for people and try to be nice, so having a partner see and appreciate that, would also be nice, because it matters. Due to her loving me, she's going to care for me a lot, whilst I obviously return the favour. She also cares enough to make an effort to understand me, whilst still being honest, taking a nice approach and even going as far to protect me if necessary. The latter doesn't mean I don't protect myself, I definitely do when required, regardless of whether I'm alone or not, but having someone take your side is nice. This undoubtedly links in with loyalty.

Nice Person:

If someone isn't a nice person, then I don't want much to do with them and part of this, is the way they come across when they talk and not just a matter of word choice, I mean if someone has a rude tone or way of speaking, it's a major turn off in for me. Some justify it by saying 'I'm blunt', 'I'm brutally honest' or 'I'm telling it how it is'. No you're a dick, so don't be surprised when it puts people off, because rudeness is a definite turn-off. She'd also be polite, because I feel like it goes well with being nice, like well mannered too.

Not Ignorant:

I'm referring to people who feel the need to generalise, act as if certain people are the same in every aspect or treat someone better or worse, due to race, religion, politics, etc. That being said, if someone's being a bigot to my partner, she can respond in the same way, simply to stand her ground. Personally, I don't feel like I know enough about politics to say that I support a certain party, politician or that I'm left/right wing and I'd honestly prefer it, if she were like that too.


If she knows how to understand and deal with basic stuff in life, as well as have knowledge and experience that I could benefit from, to improve myself, then that's pretty cool to me.


She doesn't have to agree with everyone else's way of life, but personally, I try to practice and preach a message of 'live and let live', like I understand that just because someone chooses a different way of life to my own, it doesn't mean they're wrong, inferior or should be made to feel bad over it, so I'd want her to be the same in that aspect, because I think it'd be a matter of morals.


Amazing in bed:

🎡"She know just how to move to seduce you
She gon' do the right thing and touch the right spot
And dance in your lap 'til you ready to pop
She always ready, when you want it she want it
Like a nympho, the info"🎡

🎡I'm tired of using technology
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
Ayo! I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front of me
Ooh, she wants it, uh, uh, she wants it
Ooh, she wants it, (So), I gotta give it to her🎡

You knew it was cumming. πŸ˜‚ Don't worry, I'm not going to go into too much detail in terms what I want her to do but long story short, I like the idea of a sexually dominant woman, it just sounds so hot to me. I'd sometimes switch up, but for the most part, she's dominating and initiating. She'd just be good at whatever we get up to, so we'd both enjoy it every single time, which is the main thing. It'd also be easy and enjoyable for me to please her too.

Doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs:

I've never done and it and since I've been working out for the last few years, I have even less of a reason to start with any of that, so I'd rather she doesn't bother with any of that either.


Some people just need to up their hygiene game, whether it's bad breath, body odour, not cleaning your body properly, etc, so interpret it how you wish. My dream girl would obviously be on point in that aspect and make an effort.

No kids:

I don't want kids, so it wouldn't make sense for me to be with someone who does want them or already has them. There's always the chance I could change my mind in the future, but at least for now, no.


No disrespect to anyone who follows any, but I don't, so it wouldn't make any sense for me to be with someone who does, because I don't want to restrict our way of life, for something I don't believe in, especially if it's not mandatory by law. Plus, I wouldn't want to make anyone go against something precious to them, just for me, it's not right from my POV. If I were religious, I wouldn't date anyone who isn't religious, so it works both ways.

Similar hobbies/interests:

Having someone who shares my interests would be nice, because we can talk about anything and practice our hobbies/interests together too, just not all the time, because we're individuals and my alone time is necessary, I'd imagine.


I'm obviously far from perfect, but my dream girl obviously isn't, so if she's got some handy skills e.g. cooking and working out, that I could learn off of her to improve myself, then how awesome would that be ? I'd love to learn things for myself, especially if they're hobbies and interests of my own and having someone I connect with, teach or just help push to the next level, whether in that aspect and life in general, would be great.


Obviously subjective, but she'd dress in ways that I personally like, because that would be her own personal style. I also like the idea of wearing matching outfits too, it seems cute e.g. if I'm wearing light blue jeans with a red t-shirt, then she can too. We probably wouldn't do it all the time, but it sounds nice to be a bit matchy-matchy sometimes.


My goal in life is to live one that's happy and for me, the perfect woman would have a lot of money and would be able to give me a good life in terms of that too. I'm not crazy materialistic, nor do I care about owning expensive things, designer brands, etc, I just care about never having to worry financially, but remember, I am describing my dream girl, in as many aspects as I want, so I feel like if she'd rich, then we can focus on enjoying our lives together, without the stress of every being short on money. We'd also be reasonable with it, it's vital and definitely a trait she'd have. Due to her loving me, she'd treat me to what I want to.
If anything, her having all that money and treating me, would be the way she'd sometimes show her love for me and if anything, would prove that she at least isn't with me for the money, as she's wealthy and I wouldn't be, prior to meeting her.

Anyone who's going to get upset, offended or be a dick about my idea of a perfect partner, can go screw a lightbulb, it's supposed to be optimistic and if you read the disclaimers, you'd understand that.

I just did it for a little bit of fun and thought it'd be interesting, but the idea never crossed my mind, until I saw someone else do it, so I thought why not make my own ?

Thanks for reading and shout-out to @MCheetah for inspiring me with his own myTake about this, as well as anyone else who may have done their own in more recent time, describing their dream partner.



Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl
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  • GirlsTonguesHOT
    Very good.

    You've obviously given this A LOT of intrinsic thought. And for that, I tip my hat to you, good sir.

    May as well go into further detail with my DG (personality-wise).

    -Has a VERY dark and morbid sense of humor.
    -Can be occasionally corny and immature.
    -Is generally hyperactive.
    -Is generally hypersexual.
    -Can be emotionally stoic and profound when she so chooses to be.
    -Has at least basic empathy and self-reflection/awareness.
    -Is at least mild-mannered.
    -Is fairly tolerant/understanding of others cultures as well as beliefs.
    -Is just as batshit obsessed with antioxidants as I am.
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    • Cool. Thanks for sharing your own too. It's a shame my own take didn't show up on the myTake feed for some reason FFS. πŸ‘

    • NP.

      I wouldn't worry about it. This website (like pretty much ALL websites) is FAR from perfect.

  • MCheetah
    Nice list! Oddly enough, I think I know someone who fits most of this criteria, except the hair and religious parts. She's an "Instagram influencer", if that isn't a turn-off to you, and ex-athlete. But in all reality though, she probably has very high standards (being on Instagram and all). Her name is @ValentinaVignali and she's six feet tall.

    I hope you find someone close to these standards in real life!
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    • Hi, thanks for commenting and inspiring me to write this, though I think I'm having a slight problem. Whenever I've posted a question on here, like a poll, I refresh the poll feed and I can see my own question, but whenever I go on the myTake section, I can't see this, I can only view it through the myTake section of my own profile. This is the first myTake I've posted and since you're one who's posted one before, I'm wondering if this is normal and if you were to go on the myTake section, would mine just show up, because if I can't see it, like I would be able to see my own questions, I'm questioning whether or not others can, because I do want others to see it and post their opinions if they wish, but I'm concern that they can't see it, as I can only view it through my own profile. I can see other people's myTakes, who don't follow me. Does it take some time for it to actually show up on the myTake feed or have I done something wrong? Thanks for the suggestion though, in terms of Valentina Vignali, but I'd assume you're right.

    • MCheetah

      Moderators have to "approve" MyTakes first before they get posted, which is kinda annoying AF because they'll sometimes take a long-ass time to approve it. It'll be un-visible to most people until they approve it. This MyTake I wrote a WHILE ago didn't get approved until 4 days later, long past the point anyone would even read it.

      "It's not what you hear, but how you listen to it." She said to me. β†—

      I only know about your post because you tagged me in it. You also can't Invite people to read them, either.

    • Thanks for getting back, I messaged GAG and this is what they said:

      "Congrats, your myTake Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl has just been Approved by the admin team! This means you've done something right and we appreciate your contribution; voicing your opinion is what GaG is all about, after all. The next step? See if you can get a Take Promoted and even Featured! For tips on how to do that, check out How to Write a Featured myTake. We look forward to reading more of your work!"

      Despite that, I still don't see it on the myTake feed. Isn't that normally enough for it to show up on there, because I keep seeing more recent ones or is there something else that needs to be done?

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  • FinalFantasyBro
    Very great list, buddy you clearly thought of your dream girl through and through. And the type of woman you listed sounds incredibly sexy to be honest.
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  • Alyssa11
    You don’t want her to have any eye bags or dark circles lol... *Alyssa has left the chat*.
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    • Lol, just a combination of standards and preferences. IF she has some but is still attractive, then being attractive or at least decent looking, is the standard.

    • Alyssa11

      Okay loool feeling a little better now

  • noob__master
    my dream girl? Reboot LARA CROFT.
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