Do You Think It's Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Haven't Spoken In A Long While?


Had to put this question in Take form because my details are too long for a question.

I saw some posts similar to this on Quora. Some people were saying how their ex went ahead and blocked them on social media or blocked their number several months or even a year after breaking up even though neither one was even talking to the other anymore, and some of them had already moved on anyway. Why would blocking an ex after so long even be necessary? Especially if your relationship didn't really have many problems and for the most part you got along but things just ended.

Some people were saying that blocking their ex was because the other person was seeing someone else now and their new partner wanted them to block their ex. If that's the case then the ex who blocked is a weak person incapable of making their own decisions and their new partner is controlling.

Do You Think Its Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Havent Spoken In A Long While?

Others were saying that blocking an ex was what the other person needed to do in order to move on or really put the past behind them, but in my opinion the fact that you would even bother after so much time to block that other person says they're still on your mind, and blocking will not actually relieve you of that just because you're trying not to see that person anymore. Blocking is usually a sign of strong feelings for someone else, whether negative or positive, and I feel like by doing it you're actually lying to yourself about letting go and moving on.

I've never blocked any of my exes on anything, nor did I bother to block their number. When I moved on and we weren't talking for a long time I simply unadded them on social media or took their number out of my phone. There was no need to even block. It's my belief that when you've really moved on from someone or even healed from them, you are strong enough to still see them or even interact with them if you have to, and not be affected by it. I think that if you really have to block an ex after so much time has passed, and you guys haven't even spoken in all that time and one of you has already moved on, it says to me that you are still not really emotionally over that person and have some idea that blocking them will begin to help you. I don't think it does. They will always remain on your blocked lists which means even in that you still carry a piece of them.

What do you guys think?


Do You Think It's Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Haven't Spoken In A Long While?
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  • Boredom21
    I see your thought process and understand where you are coming from but also understand you are seeing it from your own perspective and how you deal with the break up. I personally had to block my ex after we broke up because that helped me move on. Not seeing them for an extended period of time on social media does help some people like it did for me. And if they decide to block them after an extended period of time then maybe they recognized that they still have those feelings and it won't go away until they make that first step and for them it could be blocking that person. Same way as throwing away a pack of cigarettes or throwing away half a cigarette. It takes a different amount of steps for some people there isn't just one "right" way to heal. Blocking someone doesn't make them weak or weaker person. People deal with heartbreak differently and they are entitled to do it how they see fit as long as they aren't hurting anyone. I dont think by blocking someone you are hurting them you are simply taking precautions for yourself to ease the heart ache. And like I said before, doing that works for people as it did for me. I personally unblocked them after 3 months because I still wanted to be friends but I needed a healing process and for me that Involved not seeing them on social media or anywhere else for awhile.
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    • ManOnFire

      I could understand it if you were the one who was dumped, but when the person who has dumped you does this, it doesn't really make a lot of sense.

  • worldscolide
    I dont block my ex's unless they are someone who attempted to damage my future relationships. My most recent ex not only sliced my face up as a parting gift for breaking up, she tried to attack my wife.. She got blocked and i moved.

    Prior ex's got removed from all of my social media, but i didn't block.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • alexiawantstoknow
    If it's to unblock them again then don't lol. If you feel the need to ask this question it means that you still are not over that ex. When you'll be truly over them you wouldn't feel anything when seeing a text from that person let alone the fact that they're among your friends or contacts. You might feel disgust or indifference though lol. Good luck getting over your ex I know it is not easy we've all been there and now we're here in the indifference phase waiting for you to join use 😂
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    • ManOnFire

      You didn't read all the details, did you? I clearly said that's NOT what I do.

  • Goodwifie
    I blocked an ex as soon as I signed up to Facebook even though I hadn't spoken to him in years.
    Because of his threats I had to change my phone number and email.
    I don't want him knowing anything about me.
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    • ManOnFire

      Valid for a situation like that, but in a lot of these cases I'm talking about, the 2 people didn't really have many problems in their relationship, they broke up and moved on. Or at least one person did.

    • yofuknutz

      Why did he threaten you

    • Goodwifie

      @yofuknutz because I left him after getting worn out by his constant verbal abuse.
      He'd threaten me and then apologize for threatening me.

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  • Walamagicc
    Well that doesn’t really make sense to me. If my ex never contacts me anyways then I don’t see any reason in blocking him. Unless he’s continuously harassing me with calls and texts after I’ve asked him to stop then yes he will get blocked. If he cheated on me, he can get blocked.
  • Medlife
    Yes. Most men or women if the break up didn't come from them need a closure. And will absolutely become a nuisance if you try to get on with your life. Mentaly weak, unstable person is a liability. Hence a need for blocking. If Ex is a strong person, mentally stable individual than you can remain friends. Simple
  • Account
    I only do that if the person keeps messaging me/demanding my attention. Otherwise, it is pointless/there is no need to.
    As for other people I imagine there are multiple reasons, they either have a hard time moving on, or they do not want their ex to be able to look them up/stalk them, or they do not want to be able to see their ex moving on, so they block the person in order to restrain themselves looking them up, or they regret dating them/being in a relationship with them.
  • Flower7
    Sometimes blocking a person from the past can give closure, even if no communication has happened for a long time.

    But I do agree that blocking usually has some type of strong emotion behind it. So it could be that the blocker still has some type of interest in the ex, but wants to resist that so they can move forward and not be tied to that relationship anymore.
    • ManOnFire

      Whenever I hear about people who do this it's almost always the person who dumped someone that decides wayyyyyyy later down the road to block the person they dumped, even though the dumped person hasn't spoken to them anymore.

  • dezzydoodles
    yes because you dont wanna start texting and gain feelings again you gotta move on and if he asks just explain you dont wanna talk nor have the temptation to talk bc it wasn't working and you have moved on. hope this helped
  • Iknowbestgirls
    Depends, if they block you right away after the relationship ends that is normal, but blocking you after you haven't spoken in awhile already seems kinda pointless and spiteful.
  • IRL I've only ever blocked two people, because normally I'm like what you said you are. I don't have social media other than this site, Skype is the only thing I have... And I blocked the one from both my phone and Skype because they wouldn't stop contacting me... And then after a couple months unblocked because I'd rather just delete and remove contact,# from my phone, but then after months of no contact tried reaching out again in the last two months. Some people I guess you need to block because some people can't be respectful... I've always been the type of something ends, can still be adult, respectful about it, but not all people can be that way. And some people like my daughter, blocked her ex because she knew she might cave if he contacted her again, like she has done a few times already... I admit at first, I probably did the same for the same reason
  • kespethdude
    Unless you had kids together, you should end ALL conversation the minute you break up, or it'll cause nothing but trouble in the long run.
  • Leah501
    Is he’s a narcissist yes. And in my experience ex boyfriends always come back to the Scene of the crime lol
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Didn't read the text but simple answer: Blocking somebody just sounds passive aggressive, especially if the person didn't do anything worth provoking it.
  • noscrubs2020
    Why wouldn’t you block your ex? Weirdo why want to keep them around
    • ManOnFire

      Better question: why would YOU?

    • Because they message me all the time

    • ManOnFire

      So going back to what the original question was, do you think it's necessary to block an ex even if you guys HAVEN'T SPOKEN in a long while?

  • Agem123
    No, it's not.

    Unless that ex disturbs u. I've blocked an ex of mine just because of that.
  • preciouslove744
    I will never block my ex , I will allow you to be viewing my status so that you will see that I have found someone more better than you. 🥰🥰
  • I had to block an ex.. but my mom called her on Thanksgiving... so much for blocking and everything else...
    • ManOnFire

      What was your reason for blocking her?

    • @ManOnFire toxic. she choked me with a charger cable.

    • ManOnFire

      I see. I'm talking about when the 2 people haven't even spoken for awhile.

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  • moonpie89
    I would just incase they try to get back into my life
  • In_Trance
    Blocking is essential and ironically is the step most people fail to do
  • msc545
    Block her. It will make you think twice about contacting her when you feel desperate.
  • cjgsu
    I don't block people unless they are toxic
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I would not do this
  • I dont usually block exes. I just change my number
    • DizzyDesii

      by the way, you can hold on to a situation emotionally but still me romantically over the person. My ex did me dirty in many ways. I’ll never be emotionally over that MEANING we can never date or be friends again. HOWEVER i was romantically over him that same week we broke up

    • Walamagicc

      I don’t know why people think blocking your ex is going to have an effect if you already aren’t talking to each other, what difference is it going to make if they’re blocked?

    • ManOnFire

      @Walamagicc Exactly.

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  • PrinceNeo
    If you're trying to move on absolutely.
    • ManOnFire

      After 8 months or a year though? That's a long time to wait to move on.

    • PrinceNeo

      People heal at different rates. For example you can have people that have dated for 6 months get their heart broken and then take 5 years to recover then you have some people who can be in a relationship for 10 years break up and then not give a single shit. The key difference that I think is feelings for example the person in the 6-month relationship could have had nothing but good times with that person and fell head over heels for them because they thought that person was perfect and that they would never hurt them. The person in the 10-year relationship has gotten past all of the honeymoon phases and everything else and after a few years realizes that the relationship isn't all that it was in the beginning and then feelings die as time went on until they just break up to not continue wasting their time. And when it's mutual no one gets hurt. Hell one of the last relationships I was in took me three years to get over and I was only with her for a year and a half. But I spent almost every day I could with her and if there was something I was mad about I wouldn't stay mad for long because I just wanted her but all good things crash and burn at some point.

  • icequeen03
    You don't have to block them