Being good is not a matter of gender


I usually watch videos complaining that if men/women are this, or are that. For example that women are hypergamy gold-diggers by nature, or that men are just chauvinistic promiscuous whores.

This is what I learned: Women and men are just people. There are people you can rely your life on, and there are people that are better just as adquirances.

Your goal is not to convince them, but first to qualify the good ones from the bad ones.

Just find the dependable ones, be someone they could depend on, and save your time on anything else.

If it isn't a clear "ou yeah" then it's a clear "no".

Also see that the other gerner experiences the same choice, all the time. Meeting unreliable people that want to get into their pants, or lock them into a committed relationship just because they want that relationship.

No surprise sometimes they are that suspicious, or even that entitled. It's not necessarily because you.

Being good is not a matter of gender
Being good is not a matter of gender
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  • WhiteSteve
    That’s pretty much it, man. People suck, not genders, or any other demographic. I think we like to be able to easily categorize things in life, but this is one of those things where it’s just not simple enough to accurately do so. Angry and hateful people are usually sad and frightened on the inside, we just get the more aggressive front that they show to the world. We all do it to some extent, and most of us, to a pretty significant extent. So people who are on some “all men/women are terrible by nature”, I don’t think you’d find that most of those people have good track records in their love lives. That may or may not be through any fault of their own if you get into the details, but the broader result is just that these people have had bad experiences in relationships or have just been unsuccessful in getting into relationships in the first place. Either way, they’re jaded and they’re pissed and they’ve decided the best way to protect themselves from further emotional distress is by putting up an aggressive and hostile front where you reject them before they can reject you. It’s unfortunate, I ultimately feel bad for people in that situation, but they don’t do themselves any favors for the future with that attitude, and then you just get lonelier and sadder and angrier, and it’s a mess from there. You just have to pause before you respond in mind and remember that these are basically just people dealing with the effects of some sort of heartbreak.
  • Well said! So true... There's people you can trust and rely on in life... And there's people you can't... And they can come in the form of any gender or "race"... People should stop seeing people as a gender or a color and just see them as "people" , some good some bad...
  • It's hard to find those people you can trust, and it takes a lot of time too, but once you found one it's worth it