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My Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry

I know what you’re thinking…this is gonna be another cliche list of unattainable traits and in my defence I’m going to argue that yes…you may be correct.

I’m also going to argue that I am a bored 23-year-old girl stuck at home in lockdown and that I believe in the power of manifestation. So here goes my list, and read it at your own risk ;)

1. A Sense of Humour
I want a man who can be goofy at the right times. Who can make me laugh when I’m feeling down. A man who can challenge me and we’ll never get bored of being around each other.

2. Successful

I want a man who's got his own thing going for him. He’d have his own ambitions and passions, and he’d be hardworking and disciplined.

My success won't bother him and we'd push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. He’ll inspire me (as will I), and together we will build an empire.

3. A Close Relationship with God

I want wake up every morning with my man and pray together; thanking God for another day, for allowing us to share our lives with each other, and for giving us all our blessings.

I want him to meet me and suggest we engage in celibacy because he believes that this way, God will bless the love we have for each other, our relationship and eventually our marriage. He will have a vision for marriage to be the ultimate goal.

FYI I am not necessarily against premarital sex, but a man with that kind of mindset is incredibly attractive.

4. Respectful

Picture this, we’d be out having dinner and the waiter would get an our order wrong. He would politely smile at him and say, “I am sorry, but I don’t think you got my order. Could you please get me XY”.

He would treat everyone with respect and abstain from gossip or bad talk. I will always be proud to be by his side and he will always treat me with respect, even at the worst of times. He will be gentle with my feelings, listen to what I have to say and communicate in a mature and understanding way.

5. A Passionate Lover

You can define ‘passionate’ in whatever way you want to ;)

But this is a really important aspect for me and I can never be with someone who won’t be passionate with me. I want him to be physically passionate (and very adventurous under the sheets ;)), as well as pay attention to my feelings and needs.

6. Fit and Healthy

I want him to work out and be muscular. He will also commit to a healthy lifestyle and diet, and abstain from any smoking and excess drinking.

Before anyone says anything - I am myself fit and healthy, so I have every right to wish the same in a partner.

My Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry

All in all, I would like a life partner to share everything with, my successes and even my failures. We will always take care of each other and look forward to coming home to each other. Cuddling on our coach and watching TV together would be the part I look forward to the most every day.

I want to cook his favourite meals in his favourite lingerie sets and make sure he comes to a well-kept, cosy home.

I want us to inspire each other and be the ultimate power couple.

Together, we will accomplish everything.

My Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry
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  • LightyGreen
    Those are traits everyone should possess. Lol they are not unattainable traits.

    let's start with no.2: lol why wouldn't anyone want a successful person. A fat, lazy, 24/7 anime watching immature person can't run a family

    no.3: is important for religious people. No explanation needed

    no.4: being respectful is a basic requirement of being Human.

    no.5: no explanation needed lol

    no.6: being fit and healthy is a wise choice because you'll feel better moreover fit people are more immune to diseases and almost never face weight and heart problems

    well... I'm the lazy dude (not fat and 24/7 anime watching though immature person though) and I want to have those traits lol. I think everyone should be working for them if they don't have them.
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    • Alyssa11

      Well thank you!!! Finally someone on GAG who has basic standards!!!

    • lol thank you for giving me mho and you're too nice. If it was me I would have given very harsh replies to some users

  • Anonymous
    Don't listen to the naysayers. You can find a man like that if you are truly the woman you seem to be. Men like that exist, but you need to be as good a woman as you expect him to be a man. If you are, then I hope you find your man and I hope he treats you like gold.
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    • Alyssa11

      Thank you for this lovely comment!

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  • Angelina25
    Good for you.
  • HeyMikeyLikesIt
    Think about this though, just as a devil’s advocate- what are you bringing to the table? And does someone with all those traits want what you are? You’ll have to learn compromise on some things and not on others. Your list isn’t too unrealistic though
    • Alyssa11

      I bring to the table the exact same traits. Everything I’ve listed I possess. If I want to get married and share my life with someone I want to be with someone who will compliment me and share similar values in life.

  • yucel_eden
    My Dream Man... The Man I Would MarryMy Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry🙄 Maybe if Jesus gets resurrected and decides to go to the gym and become hench.
  • AlexanderAnttila
    Sounds good all around. Healthy and wise wishes for your marriage! Not too dissimilar from my own take :P But when it comes down to it many of these attributes are universally desired. Not everyone bother looking for it though, or believe it attainable.
    • Alyssa11

      Thanks :) and I guess so. Some comments really think this is unrealistic! :/ everything I’ve listed I possess myself :)

    • Indeed, and same!

  • Twalli
    Actually the only thing that I don't typically do is have a relationship with God. It's not that I don't believe in him, it's more that I don't support organized prayer or believe in monotheism. I am not currently in good shape. I want to get there and have begun to do so, but I am not there yet. I used to be kn better shape, but lockdown and quarantine make that hard. I have to be motivated enough at home and it was easier when I left home to work out.
    • Alyssa11

      Honestly same here! I’ve lost so many of my gains and weight throughout this lockdown. Super insecure about my body at the moment. But hopefully things open up soon and we can start working out again!

  • HiveBee
    Can we just replace the relationship with god to a relationship with Lucifer, dark bringer of light, giver of eternal sight, wisdom bringer, who bestows upon us his infernal blessings of the inner divine flame?

    Otherwise I mean we're a perfect match!

    • Alyssa11

      Looool *Alyssa has left the chat*

  • Daniel_Dano
    Wow such beautiful mytake, i was happy to see myself having all of these traits except one haha 🤣 .

    For my future wife I dont mind if she isn't very beautiful and also dont mind if she isn't successful, but I want her to believe in God, I want her to make me feel loved and has desire in me , I want a woman who welcomes me warmly when I come back from work.
  • AzzaBlue
    1. I agree with pretty much everything that you stated, though personally I am on the fence on whether or not I believe God actually exists.
    2. Having any kind of standards are fine as long as you hold yourself to said standards, which it sounds like that you do.
    Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of women out there (and men too I'm sure) who have ridiculous and unreasonable standards.
  • pikuroy
    Good list...

    But before you could discover these qualities in him, you would be bored.

    A good masculine man never frontloads his qualities. You will need sharp attention to notice these in him.

    But attention and excitement go opposite ways. People get bored because nothing can hold their attention!
  • Solo22
    Isn't number 2 the truth, I seem to be the only one in my relationships who has that vision. All they want is stupid shit like furniture, make-up, name brand purses, eating out, etc. If they could focus on the big stuff, building wealth, buying property, being debt-free, you get more out of life and for your money.

    3) Kind of. I don't want someone who doesn't believe in something, but not a Jesus-freak church girl. The whole marriage before sex thing doesn't work, and that's one reason why people suck in bed in their later years. Like anything else, you need practice. All the ex's you ever had give you experience, and help you with your next partner. (They might like different things, but still)

    4) Yes, no one wants a scene every time they don't get their way.

    6) Obvious yes. I don't expect perfection, but I have to want to sleep with her. I would say an average female build is ok. I don't want a girl with zero body fat and chiseled abs, that shit isn't sexy. A woman should have a soft, sexy, curvy body.
  • hoplessromantic75
    There are quite a few men out there that would kill to find a woman who wants those traits in a man. Most of us, if we don't have those traits, are working to reach them and having a lady who values those traits would only spur us to success.
    • Alyssa11

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  • It's nice to see someone wanting these traits. The only thing I don't have is 3 and 2 (I don't believe but talking about religions whether it's true or not will make us achieve anything. I don't need to think about it.)
    For 2, I am still a student, it needs time.
  • MCheetah
    All of these are realistic desires except expecting him to be a gym rat/Olympian with a 12 pack. I honestly expected way more unattainable traits here for a woman. The other first five traits are pretty common. Hope you find that guy someday soon
  • abc3643

    2. Successful

    I want a man who's got his own thing going for him. He’d have his own ambitions and passions, and he’d be hardworking and disciplined.

    My success won't bother him and we'd push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. He’ll inspire me (as will I), and together we will build an empire. Good luck with that because you'd be taking second place behind his career. When you need him most, he will blow you off because he will always have career "needs" at the moment. It's a lonely existence and the source of a lot of infidelity or break-ups.
    • Alyssa11

      Not a crazy successful career. Just someone who’s ambitious and isn’t laying around at the house all day with no goals nothing.

  • NathanDavis
    This is not unattainablle at all, but number three disqualifies me,. lol.
    • Alyssa11

      It’s completely subjective! To each their own :)

  • Jusin
    These are all valid and reasonable traits to look for in a partner
  • EyebrowChewie

    Passionate? What does this even mean?
    Like if she falls asleep having sex and you haven't cared to notice or even tried to stop her losing focus? 😭
    And or you came and just left her there to finish herself off, and then return for Christmas?
    If a woman or girl is worth it, he'll do whatever it takes to have her feeling like his body will get her wet just looking lol I unfortunately have got a bit of a dad bod from not being able to swim since the lockdown. Last time I went swimming I snapped a girl and she literally replied showed me a video of her squeezing her pet rabbit 😂 I had to replay it repeatedly to understand what this even meant.
    • Alyssa11

      Lol don't worry boo, I've lost some shape too since the gyms have been closed.

    • i think sharing unsuccess is not acceptable though, youve set a high expectation already without that.
      If you expect all, you'll find those who you believe meets most of your expectations have lived and be living a priviledged life and likely to drop you like a hat at the first sign of trouble. I watched a video about priviledge on SC and it annoyed me to hell that the one at the front looked the part but someone i realised is likely someone who'd go to daddy if they got into trouble. Here's another video like it..

    • Alyssa11

      If I fail to get a promotion at my job one day or my partner doesn’t get the job for example, I want to be able to share that moment with him and support him. That’s all I mean.

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  • Iron_Man
    Sounds good but you also have to bring a lot of things back to the table. He wants you to be successful and a hard worker.
    • Alyssa11

      Thank you for your comment. Yes for sure, relationships should be a two way thing ;)

    • Iron_Man

      My favorite part of this whole thing was being close to God

    • Alyssa11

      Really, how so?

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  • Angelo75
    Here comes the magic question.
    The real magic with relationships is thinking what YOU can't wait to GIVE that person.
    Like... "I can't wait to have someone I can cuddle with... kiss him... find out his hobbies and try to do them for adventures sake..."

    Life experience have shown that the more you look for what you can GET from a partner, the more u'll be disappointed in him for not giving that to you.
    The more you look for what you expect him to be, the more it'll frustrate you when he's not like you want to.

    I'm not judging or attacking u, heh. I'm just trying to give a friendly "be careful" warning. That's all.
  • TonyMetal___86
    I love everything that you have said, that's how i think too except i'm not very fit anymore cause i stopped going to the gym ages ago 😁

    I also prefer to marry a girl who adores becoming a housewife because i believe in the traditional gender roles, the man works outside and the wife inside "happy, safe and warm" also she doesn't have to worry about money or bills or her bossor how to manage dealing between her family and job!

    Other than that, all what you wrote are amazing, i also prefer sex after marriage cause a man needs to marry a girl and be blessed from god to make them one and a family and at this point the man and his wife can be united physically 😊

    I'm a cannibal so i might eat my future wife in bed like a lion cause she will be my cake 😋
    • Alyssa11

      For sure! And you are a funny guy :P :D

    • Hehe! I'm still trying to figure a way how to climb this tower so i be able to snatch princess rapunzel and take her with me, she have yo throw her hair so i use it like a rope to climp on the tower but she's sleeping 😂😂

    • Alyssa11


  • zagor
    Doesn't sound unattainable. Good luck and don't let missteps get you down.
  • Kingofkings1992
    Girl, I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such as the dream man. You’re gonna have to settle on something.
  • kimbim
    Except for the part that I should talk to the invisible man, I would be good with it

    But ofc I'm already taken so it doesn't matter

    But good luck
  • bamesjond0069
    I generally meet your requirements but two things:

    1. "My success won't bother him and we'd push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. He’ll inspire me (as will I), and together we will build an empire." Depends on your definition of success. I would never seriously date a woman interested in career success *puke*

    2. "and suggest we engage in celibacy" if you are a virgin waiting for marriage sure thing, super hot. If not, thats a hard pass. What moron is going to wait when you slept around with other guys. Why is that something you even find attractive? Morons? Really?
    • Alyssa11

      Thanks for your comment.

      1 - you really don’t like successful woman? I’m gonna be transparent with you and say that if it weren’t for my career my mental health would be down the drain. It’s really helpful to feel a sense of accomplishment every day to overall feel good about yourself. That feeling isn’t gender exclusive and that is my intention going into it only. I want to add a benefit to society. I’m never going to make my partner feel as if he’s lucky to be with me or I’m too good for him, say if my career was more successful. I’m only asking for a partner who isn’t sitting at home all day and doing nothing with his life. No ambitions no passions no plans.

      2 - that’s an interesting note and seems logical. Thanks for sharing. I guess you’re suggesting I hold onto my virginity a little bit longer lol.

    • 1. I think a successful woman excels at a woman's optimal role, not a mans role. The equivalent to the horror i feel when seeing what you wrote would be a man who said "I excel at cooking, cleaning and caring for children. And i am only interested in women who excel at those things too." Like wtf 🤣 do you not see the obvious flaws with that? Well the same ones exist with what you are doing too. Non successful men will appreciate your career success because they need the help. Successful men won't care about your career success but will not count it as an excuse for not being good at the womans role. Ie a jobless girl who is a great cook and makes every meal is a superior to a girl with a great job but only has time energy skill to cook 3 dinners a week. The job doesn't make up for the lack of homemaking skill because in a successful mans mind it counts for nothing.

      2. Yes. If you want a man to value your V and sexuality then definitely hang onto it. Good girl. 😊

    • Alyssa11

      Thanks for sharing :)

  • bklynbadboy1
    I exist but females don't really want this there intimidated by it
    • Alyssa11

      Probably just the females that aren't ready for a serious relationship.

    • I guess

  • I like all those points. And you proclaim your belief in God. But are you muslim or Christian?
    • Alyssa11

      Well thank you!

      And I'm not sure that matters?

    • Andres77

      The very character of God and Allah are different. But I agree, it's not really relevant to this.
      You sound like your mind is right.
      More power to you, blessings and wisdom on I both.

    • Alyssa11

      @Andres77 Thank you!

      And Allah literally means God in Arabic - both Muslims and Christians use it to refer to God by the way :)

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  • Calgarydirty69
    keep dreaming, you have standard's like that your going to end up alone
    • Alyssa11

      You really think they’re high standards? :/

  • iGodric
    A man with those traits deserves a woman with the same. Hope you can give what you are asking.
  • How will you know whether he’s 5 if you insist upon 3?
  • Rickinct7
    only stuck in lockdown cause you are taking part with your own enslavement, you Brits are weak and cowardly, this will never happen in America, nobody takes this serious over here, well some do but the non CNN watchers know its a hoax
    • Alyssa11

      Cases went up and suddenly everyone I know had covid. We have a relatively week free healthcare system funded by the government here so if you’re sick and a lot of people are sick too, you might not be able to get treatment.

    • Alyssa11


    • Rickinct7

      do some research, brandnewtube. com, there is no virus! look at David Icke from the UK or Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, it's just a flu, they dont have a live sample of cv-19, it's all a hoax! they all had covid because PCR test are rigged, they had "covid" but they are all ALIVE! its a scam! do some research and dont watch the BBC!

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  • EmmaMary
    @Alyssa11 You'll let us all know when you reach or find Utopia, won't you? 🤞
    • Alyssa11

      Girl come on, these are basic human values! I haven’t asked for a millionaire or some kind of celebrity.

  • Meldrum
    Nothing wrong with any of that! It's what you promise to do when you get married.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    So you want a sexually passionate lover who also is abstinent? Isn't that a contradiction?
    • Also "cuddling up on the couch watching telly together" as the highlight of your perfect day isn't really predictive of a success-driven power couple. Just saying

  • Dragonpurple
    You can get some or most of those, but good luck finding all of them. Even if you do, people change when your married and not the same and what you thought they had, they do not as much as you thought.

    People need to learn (and want to) grow together as a unit. Its like a puzzle, if the pieces don't fit at first, don't give up... unless they are like super far apart, then give up but if they are kind of close you can work at it and figure things out.

    These people that have been married 50+ years, are not the same as when they got married, they just learned to grow together.
  • Power couple is a nice benefit
  • Kopodoulouski633
    Dreaming is fun sometimes :D !
  • edmonton
    I love the list
  • Y2KxD
    If he has a close relationship with God, he will probably want a virgin girl to marry, jus saying.
    • DCooper

      Yup, a debt free tattooless virgin.

    • Y2KxD

      @UndeadChronic, is that you?

    • DCooper


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    Cool 😎👍
  • Jezzer
    You didn't mention penis size, why?
    • Alyssa11

      Lol it’s not about the size. It’s about the motion in the ocean x

  • BasketballPlayer
    Treat with respect
    At worse times?
    • Alyssa11

      Yeah, even when times get tough as it's bound to get, I want that respect to remain.

  • Jamie05rhs
    Sounds reasonable. :)
  • This is a good list.
  • Shihab-91
    that's awesome
    - good luck
  • Anonymous
    Successful = rich;

    fit and healthy=over 6' tall; attractive as a male model.

    Congratulations - you and 80% of women are all looking for the same things. Only 20% of men meet your criteria, which means that 60% of women will be disappointed but will still refuse to compromise.
    • Alyssa11

      Well I am 5”7... nah I’m joking loool

  • Anonymous
    This does not exist.
    • Anonymous

      Guys like this don't exist is what I mean and what you described does not sound realistic its not all fairyland. There will be obstacles and disagreements that are inevitable and thats part of relationships, romantic or not.

    • Jack9949

      Thats not true. Im everything she described

    • Anonymous

      @Jack9949 lol

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