The Stages of Foreign Travel Infedelity

  • I really miss him. I wish he could be here with me! I don't know anyone.
  • I met some really cool people today! I wish my boyfriend could meet them.
  • Juan is so cute! He's super sweet!
  • I made sure to tell Juan that I had a boyfriend. I miss him so much!
  • This place is so beautiful! It's really nice to open up to Juan about my deeper feelings.
  • It's been a long day. One drink out with the group won't hurt. Will it?
  • Should I feel guilty about kissing Juan last night? It was just a friendship peck. I think it was cultural. I don't need to tell my boyfriend.
  • I went out again. I made out with Juan. It was a momentary lapse of judgment. I wish I could stay in Brazil. I am really having mixed feelings. I wish my life was different.
  • My boyfriend is such a baby! He is a controlling asshole! All he does is act insecure and he doesn't allow me to be free!
  • I'm crying now. I had sex with Juan last night. It was good. But I feel so guilty. I love my boyfriend but he has been so insecure demanding that I call him. I think it's my boyfriend's fault because he made me feel trapped. I don't know if I should tell him. I love my boyfriend. I feel bad.
  • I am in love with Juan. We have been having amazing sex the past few weeks. He is exactly the man I've always wanted to have. I don't want to go but I promised Juan I would get back in touch with him when I return someday.
  • I cried leaving Juan. The group was fun. But this is fate. He will be the one that got away.
  • I am back home now. My boyfriend says I am distant. I love him but he is so boring. I am really doubting whether I should stay with him.
  • My boyfriend never found out. I missed the sex with Juan. I stopped having sex with my boyfriend. I just dont feel that spark you know?
  • I broke up with my boyfriend. His heart is broken...
The Stages of Foreign Travel Infedelity

Beware of your spouse traveling overseas with out you...what happens overseas stays overseas. Best friends they go with are sworn to secrecy and will NEVER EVER tell you what REALLY happened.

The Stages of Foreign Travel Infedelity
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  • Anonymous
    Have you been the victim of an SO cheating while visiting a foreign country? My ex-wife insisted that she should travel by train, as she is afraid of flying. Then she convinced a female friend to travel with her. Then she convinced me that she should have a private sleeper compartment on the train. Her bisexual desires were chomping at the bit and she cheated on me with her female friend. And I only found out through another of my ex's friends who thought I already knew and inadvertently spilled the beans by expressing sympathy and outrage at what my wife had done.
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  • mizakazim6996
    Even the most loyal partners will one day slip and make a mistake and do it or it could happen against their will. Had experience of some guys who are married but hit on my girlfriend in an international business expo’s and asked her to go back into his room. My girlfriend declined and said she was in a relationship and he should perhaps buy toys and make his sex life spicy with his wife instead. The lesson is here, not all guys or girls in a relationship will say no but end up inside the room and their partner will never know if they never say anything
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  • If you understand how to do relationships properly, this won’t happen and you won’t have to worry.
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    • Apope16

      Being thousands of miles away and alone changes you. If you know your partner will never find out... you never know what you are capable of if offered.

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  • This is nothing unusual.
    I'm glad I won't deal with this and that I am obsessed with money. Since I'm always single I might become that Juan one day (but not preying on taken women) 😁
  • EternallyCorrect
    What do you mean beware of my spouse travelling overseas without me? That's not even gonna happen.
  • Tuna陶拿恆
    I agree to this
  • msc545
    Sadly, most of what you wrote is very true. 😒😒😒

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