Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your Dreams


Ladies, if you are not married by age 35 years old it is YOUR fault. If you are having babies outside of the stability of marriage it is (most likely) YOUR fault. You and your dying eggs will die alone with your cats-lonely, angry, bitter, kinky & horny but too old to have the guys you sleep with wanting to wife you up...because it is your fault. How can you prevent this? Why are you single?

You Are FAT

Many of you ladies would rather crop photos, angle cameras, and puppy filter half nude pics of yourself on dating apps rather than actually work out at the gym and become the REAL DEAL!

A National Institute of Health Study shows that 67% of women in America are OBESE or Overweight. Out of that 67% of ladies, 40% of the women in the population are OBESE. OBESE! Ladies your body is the one thing that you can control about yourself. There is simply no excuse to accept not taking action. None. Just being an average body weight for your height will make you standout in a sea of whales in the population. That's just being average weight! Make the gym a part of your routine.

The average woman is 5ft 5inches tall. That means her average weight needs to be 140 pounds if she has some curves and a chest. Optimal attractive weight to be sexy is between 120 and 135 pounds at that height. No man wants to sleep with a woman who weights more than them. That is like sleeping with a guy. A man feels powerful like a protector when he can lift his lady up. He feels turned on when his lady is smaller and his strength and power is above her.

Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your Dreams

Be Classy

A woman attracts a high value man by being a classy woman. She treats her man with respect. She cuts the yelling and the attitude and communicates like a loving adult. She stands by her man and encourages him.

Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your Dreams

Stop Emotional Cheating

Stop texting other guys. Flirting with other guys. Building up a roster of soon to be or former exes.

Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your Dreams
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  • Xoxocutekitty
    I'd much rather be single at 40 than spend a year waking up married to someone criticizing my character and value assigning my worth based on my weight.

    Seriously, women can bear children and gain mommy weight and this post says that they should feel like shit for not being attractive to the male gaze. There is so much more to life than what is physically attractive. Are you smart? Are you playful? Do they make you laugh? Is there something about them you admire?

    Has this generation forgotten about kindness and mercy? Just because someone chooses to engage in different experiences that you, doesn't mean they are 'lower value'.

    Are people lower value for choosing to shop ar Walmart than choosing to shop at high end quality brand stores? No, but even among shoppers, there are spenders and there are savers. There are those that wait for the sale, and those in line on opening night.

    You sow what you reap, and instead of criticizing randos for being low value, try convincing everyone to grow towards something more sustainable. You don't get confident partners by putting them down. You get them by taking the time to get to know them as people, and then building them up.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    • HiveBee

      Yea! And incels shouldn't have to leave the basement! Women should date them anyways. Why should an incel conform to female sexual standards? terrible!

    • @HiveBee Look an incel beta simp.

    • @Xoxocutekitty. With the attitude of a modern white woman you probably will be single at 40, with a couple of babies by different Thundercocks , and bitching about "where have all the good men gone"!

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  • JEndigoBleue
    Same reason men after 35... Don't want to deal with the BS!

    Not all women "if not most" are not single because no one wants them. Some women don't want to marry. Some want to continue to enjoy the single life and date. Some just want sex. Some don't want to be bothered period. Some do want a relationship but not marriage. Some want to marry. Some want kids. Some don't.

    Yeah, it's a lot if people in the world, but finding someone right for you is not easy to find. Man or woman. Plus, you factor in demographics. The culture of the social scene in your area or aboard, religious beliefs, etc.

    Annd, sex is never an issue for a woman. There's always a man willing to have sex with a woman. Sex is easy. Especially, with all theses dating sites... sites that cater to fetishes (fat, skinny, grannies, tiny women, big ass, no ass, etc) and men lacking self-control. If a woman desires to have sex, she can have sex.
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    • Exactly!

    • I couldn't agree more with this, especially with that last point, women will usually be able to get sex when they want to have sex, especially when they don't expect a relationship.

      Attraction has nothing to do with weight. There's plenty of beautiful and stunning overweight or obese women.

    • Apope16

      @tallandsweet getting sex has nothing to do with having a man want to wife you.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    The problem with today's women is they have lost sight of what value women offer men. They put too much emphasis on their sexuality, education and career and too little on the things that have always been important to men, and always will be.

    Ladies, men don't care about your education or career, in fact in some ways highly educated career driven women are very unattractive to men because those things actually conflict with what men DO want in a woman.

    Sexuality is of course important, but it's not enough to keep a good man from leaving you. Good sex is always important but it's not enough. You need to bring a lot more to the table than sex, and I'm not talking about education or career.

    Ladies, you need to go back to basics if you want to attract and keep a good man. Stop letting feminists tell you what makes a woman valuable, because if it's your value to men that you care about then those feminists are dead wrong.
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    • Spot on sir. As long as a woman isn't particularly thick then I couldn't care less about how educated she is.
      Far more important traits are: Respects you, actually cares about you, nurturing, reciprocates in small gestures of affection and a strong sense of morality.

    • ROFL. As an educated women I don't have any issues attracting MEN - successful well established men - not insecure little boys trapped in adult bodies. But then real men prefer a pleasant partner - better one who is intelligent as then you're likely to have intelligent children - who is caring and thoughtful, etc. not some back to the basics tied to the stove servant.

    • Anonymous

      @SomeBlondeChick Lol, my point went right over your head. But as an "educated women", I'm not surprised you missed it.

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  • ChrisMaster69
    Hmm a lot of hating going on there against women.

    it’s fairly common these days for women to favour themselves and career over marriage and marry late, often they had a long relation ship from 20 - 30.

    my ex girlfriend a case in point she will be in this zone, however she’s a WUMA instructor, earns now double my wage and from my last chat has been learning surfing.

    Know a few high value men, I would refer to them as high maintenance and controlling expecting an often successful woman to do everything, just like mama does for him

    Back in the real world, people are single between 30 and 35 for a number of reasons, they marry often later but then remain married for rest of life.

    people don’t really want a high value person, they want someone they can trust, shows respect to them and the relationship.
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    • Simping at the highest level. So men want low value women... i see. Tell me more.

    • @bamesjond0069 That's Chris for you. Did you expect anything from one of the biggest male feminists on this website? 😂

    • @bamesjond0069 @TruthBringer

      Of course you fine gentleman are both married or out fucking every night and basically living your life.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
  • Elsa143
    You're 33 and sound like a bratty teen.
    Did you even graduated high school?
    You're not young either so stop wasting your time here and work on yourself first.
    You're behaving like an immature teen.
    Make this website more useful rather than spreading sexism and hate.
    • Apope16

      I have a masters degree. But who cares?

  • nevernevernever
    Wow, I genuinely think this is the worst take I have ever seen on here, and you've got some fierce competition
    • Plus, do you even know how much women are supposed to weigh? I'm 5'6" and 150 is the most healthy weight for me to be. I could only be 120 if I was anorexic

    • Apope16

      The weight is based on a height of 5ft 5 inches tall. Its an average recommended by the scientific community and heart health experts. The weight differs by height. You are 5ft 6 inches. Thats different. But this take is targeting whales on tinder demanding x, y, z from men

    • @Apope16 you think an inch makes all that much difference? it doesn't matter what this take is targeting, it matters what it actually says, and it says that to be sexy a woman of 5'5" needs to be between 120 and 135 pounds. I'm pointing out the ridiculousness of that statement.

  • DollAlone
    I pretty much agree with everything but the emotional cheating. Thats always been done to ME by dipshit guys who claimed to be something theyre not. I also believe that while women may filter their pics, men completely photoshop their whole lives and create special effects about themselves that would make George Lukas feel like a virgin
    • Apope16

      Emotional cheating is very sad. It sucks but for guys its about sex. For women its about love. Which is worse?

    • dudbud

      @Apope16 but womans do that bad thing to

  • modelUN242
    You're right, I actually realized this when I turned 19-20, I didn't want to end up being a butthurt woman. I started dating for marriage last year and I ended up finding a good man.
    • YOOO look at all the pink dislikes. Because how dare you as a woman want to remain healthy and not complain victim of the patriarchy which in turn got you a good man! 😂

      I swear I can bet my arm that the majority of people disliking your comment and this Take are overweight 😂😂. My girlfriend is also in great shape, takes care of me while enjoying life doin what she is passionate about, and she agrees with this Take 😂

    • @TruthBringer That's not why she has dislikes LOL."Butthurt woman" is the reason. She basically said any woman who is single after 30 is gonna be butthurt. Everyone has a different focus in their life. Girls like her care about marriage and husband. While we are females, we are also humans who are trying to get through life just like everyone else. I mean you men will also blame us if we just sit there and waited for men to provide us like a golddigger 😂

    • @CherryStripes So much wrong in 1 comment. There is a major difference between a golddigger leeching off of a man and a woman who is getting taken care of by a man, but is actualyl still contributing to a relationship in a healthy way. Also, where did she call out women in their 30s? I don't see her say anything about women in their 30s though. And she is right, there is a lot of butthrut women out there hating on other women who simply save themselves for marriage. Just because a woman wants to save herself for marriage and doesn't want to involve herself in the vice lifestyle of the west, doesn't mean she hasn't got anything else going on in her life.

      It's simply obvious that those who dislike what she says feel spoken to and are butthurt that she managed to get herself a decent guy

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  • crazyish
    Who cares. I'm 32 and have no intentions of being anything for anyone. I'm good being alone, its better than dealing with superficial men like yourself. Better than any guy I've been this exact way for. What does it get you? Nothing because the men like this are controlling and think they can do as they please. Most guys talk about being a high value man but 8 out 10 times they are delusional and never measure up when it really counts. This is just someone who tries to control women to make them believe that men should be put on a pedal stool. He hates women his own age because they got smart and stopped falling for this superficial bullshit and he cannot control them anymore with this crap. Blah blah blah, seriously no man boasting like this is worth it, ever. They have no depth and no sense of the real world. He's 33 and this is the only wisdom he has to offer.
    • Lmfao. Older women would let me "control" them too. I just dont care to.

    • crazyish

      You have a point lol I shouldn't have implied all women.

    • Apope16

      Cool. Buy a cat. Die alone is that what you want? To be alone for the next 50 years? Wilting away? No lover?

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  • Knighted2170
    You are an idiot.

    Do some real research and know your subject before posting opinions as fact.

    Here's an opinion stated as fact:
    The reason women are single is because to many guys THINK like YOU.
    • White knight spotted.

    • It's in the name, not hard to spot.

    • I read your comment before even looking at your nickname. at least it's nice that you own up to what you are. Not something to be proud of, by the way ;)

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  • Midnight_Kiss
    You sir sound like a complete arsehole.

    FYI, I'm not nor have I ever been married because I don't want to get married it's not a requirement, I don't have kids because I've never felt the urge to have them and I'm single because I'd rather be alone than be with the wrong person.
    • Elsa143

      It's difficult to find a good man who doesn't want kids either. I will never ever produce a giant life threatening stuff for the sake of another man.

  • Smashingdoozy
    I just want to say that I bet the study you looked at was based on bmi. Which is highly inaccurate. The guy in your profile pic would have a bmi of an obese person.
    • Apope16

      40% of women in usa are OBESE. stop acting like thats okay.

    • @Apope16 Well said. But of course she is going to ignore that fact.

    • Using what statistics?

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  • Laciandmaci
    I am single because I want to be single. I don't want a relationship.
    • Elsa143

      WOAH So many incels got offended because women are REFUSING to be house maids and a doormat.

    • Jmmmfi4

      @Elsa143 but thats your purpose

    • @Elsa143 Exactly and when you have a history of assault and violence with men, it spooks you!

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  • WowwGirl
    Here's to your Fat, Classy, and FiltersI am the real deal!!!

    Can you post the same?Why Women Are Single: How to Keep the Man of Your DreamsDon't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk
    Mr. pope
    • Apope16

      Ask 10 guys if they think puppy filters are cool and sexy. Report back what they say.. grown men. Not boys.

    • WowwGirl

      I've never used one don't have to I'm cute without them and over 30

    • WowwGirl

      So what else is going on?

  • Account
    Me and my dying eggs are really happy about that since I don't want marriage or children.
    • yogrego

      you just want to be the old maid cat lady

    • apple_jack

      @yogrego What's wrong with that? I'd rather have 10 cats than 10 kids whatsoever.

    • Account

      He is just being bitter for no reason without anyone even bothering him. Nevermind him.

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  • TomGarand
    "No man wants to sleep with a woman who weights more than them. That is like sleeping with a guy. A man feels powerful like a protector when he can lift his lady up." What if the guy is really light? Like, around 120 pounds or so? Again, I'm trying to date a woman who's much taller than me. She's probably heavier too.
  • NathanDavis
    count of CPS's (certified piece of shit): 1, the original poster... we'll see how many more subscribe and agree to this bollox.
    • You mean the guy who describes himself as an alpha and a ladies man has a narrow view on life and a pension for being a cunt?

    • @OliviaOfTheScots correct

    • NMMan


  • iKarmaJones
    People have many reasons why they are single. You may have quantity of men and women seeking your attention and affection, but "quality" is usually missing "good character". They may charm you with their personality and looks, but they lack what you "need" and not so much what you want in a relationship.

    Your needs should weigh out your wants. Because at the end of the day, people looks, etc change due to time, life situations (stress, etc) or they become ill. The question I always ask myself "Can you still love and be with them if the get sick, have to take medication and now put on weight because of the medication?" Or, their skin change because of the medication. Hair fall out. We tend to think of the now, but never the future. We do but we stay focus on the present and make it present future. Like no one will change or grow. Or, things won't happen.

    Yes, people should be healthy and look their best. But, it does not guarantee a good partner. You can look good and still end up single. That's if you want to get married.
  • Ellie-V
    I’m good with being single, personally.
    I understand that most people will eventually want a relationship but I don’t think that using it as a weapon of fault is okay.
  • nelly83
    I think its better to be a 40 yr old woman than a 40 yr old man. A single woman can have kids. Single men can't have kids.

    A 40 yr old man, single, aging, growing older and uglier by the year, still sitting there hoping that one day a young woman will pay attention to him so that he can have kids.

    Young women would always pick a 31 yr old guy over a 40 yr old man.
    Just being honest right here.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Same reason why men after 30s are single. You are an example lol. Anyway tell that to bald fat fugly men after 30s. And an average western guy is overweight in Europe according statistics. So average western man is fat aka a landwhales. Then it is none of your business whether a girl post half naked pics. If you dont like non modest women, then dont date non modest women. I also dont understand why men show their secondary sexual traits like facial hair, body hair, etc. but have the audacity to complain about women showing off her cleavage aka showing off a little about her secondary sexual traits. The sperm quality of men also get shittier, when they get older. So i dont think any women would want disabled/mental ill kids which is the cause of shitty sperm quality.
    I also dont understand why American cuntservatives are so obsessed with women who show off their body or are obsessed with working women but also except others to respect/tolerate their traditional values.
    • Emotional cheating? Lol then men should stop watching porn and following other girls on insta aka emotional cheating

    • Totally agree. You go girl! And what about the guys who string girls along for years? Saying to marry her etc.. but years gone by..

    • Alpha4U

      Enjoy your cats...

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  • Am_and_Pm
    This post is so fucked up... lol

    I don't know, it's a complicated world.

    I Love women, 33 or not. I think your perfect.
  • fashionguy17
    I'm going to get a bunch of thumb downs for this, but I have come to realize that a lot of women destroy their own relationships. I will use my own as an example.

    I was with my girlfriend for 3 years. She said I was the man of her dreams and had all the qualities she wanted in a man. You know why she broke up with me? She said even though I had all the qualities she wanted, I wasn't "emotional enough" and that was really important to her. After she broke up with me, she tried to replace me with a few other men... but they didn't meet her needs. She then try to come back to me after realizing I was her best choice... but I declined her.

    Women destroy their own relationships. They are the ones who typically pull the plug on the relationship. That's because a lot of women think love is simple and that love will conquer all. That fairytale love. Love isn't simple and it takes work, and a lot of women aren't willing to put in the work. They start to think that the issue isn't the relationship, but that it's the person they are with... so they will try to find a new person to replace the other person.

    If your man isn't abusive towards you, doesn't cheat, treats you well, pushes you to the be the best you can be, supports you as needed... STAY WITH HIM. If you are unwilling to work on your issues with him, that shows that you are not ready for a relationship. Relationships are WORK. Love is WORK. If you are not willing to do the work and to help your partner, you are not ready for a real relationship.

    Let's say you are with someone for 5 years and you leave them. Finding a new person isn't going to fix the issue. Just an FYI.
  • jasco
    Honestly the weight part isn't true nor is the height. Most women today are around 5'9 with the average weight of 150 to 165. Also most men don't mind a girl with a bit of fat, most prefer it. However I do agree that no one wants a obese person who isn't trying to take care of themselves. Being nice, a good listener, friendly and motherly are always good character traits that most women at some point in their lives have and that usually attracts good and bad men even without the right body. Emotional cheating... Ah yes when someone gets their heart broken because they read to deep in between the lines and started imagining they were gonna get somewhere, welp the answer to that for men is to not do it, as for women I suggest you clear what you want before it goes anywhere. As for why women are single well, depends are we talking about the 2000s or before. If were talking about before its more due to men not having good standards and simply want sex, 2000s is more of women only wanting sex and money, putting off anything else and men haven't really change sense before
  • rievious
    Who the fuck is this guy using his circumstantial logic to tell women how to act. Shut up and let people live their lives the way they want. If they regret it then let them BUT don't phrase your opinions as all opinions.
    • Okay soy boy, being a white knight isn't getting you pussy. Just saying.

    • rievious

      Anyone trying to get some from this website is a moron

    • Tell me about it. Ther are some retards who actually are. One of them made a reputation of simping his way into G@G users' grace and then shoot his shot by inviting them to join him on a vacation. He got rejected by them all 😂

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  • sensible27
    I think the weightage seems a little off. It's about caring and looking at the root causes, does someone care? Do they wanna be healthy? Putting superficial metrics on what people should be like feels a bit odd. Of course, I guess you could always argue if they wanted to be "it" they'd already be. In the end you want to be with someone who makes you happy.
  • Avicenna
    Some good points here. Being a single mom will eliminate most of the guys you want to date right off the bat , so definitely avoid having kids out of wedlock.
    Keeping oneself in shape is great advice for everyone, but being a person guys want to be around is also important for women looking for a great guy. If you’re bitter about past relationships and don’t have a good personality, it’s going to be very hard to keep him.
    • Avicenna

      I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s someone’s fault if they’re over 35 and single unless they’re too picky or are mentally ill, are violent, have substance abuses issues, Ritchie.

  • Mofunfour20
    this isn't the message women want to hear because of feminist propaganda. The best way for a man to have good relationships is to pursue purpose and success and women will always chase men. For the right guy she will do what she has to do to keep him, make sure you're the right guy and value yourselves fellas
  • HiveBee
    Wow reading these comments these women got the same mentality as incels.

    I guess that's life. Women dont have to do anything to attract a mate. And they know it. Women can be absolute trash it doesn't matter.

    But men have to become men. Men have to become special to get a woman.

    It's funny how some of these females think.
  • loves2learn
    Ugh. I really want to read this but it just keeps dying every time I try to scroll. I’m hoping this comment will help. I’ll reply with my real answer if it does.
    yeah, agreed, being 30, I am too fat, I feel like I will end up with at least one cat (two possibly as they need company while I'm at work), angry (at other women and men), bitter (already), kinky & horny (already) but too old to have the guys you sleep with wanting to wife you up. no amount of personality and intellligence (some but necessarily the required amount) will make up to conquer it
  • Arabella_Rose
    Maybe its because you ask questions like this , which is why you're still single after dating 500 women.
    • Apope16

      I have been swiping on over 3,000 women. Not one is wifey material. Not one.

    • It’s more like none of those 3000 women want you which is why you’re still single. Other men your age are happily married with children by now.

    • @Apope16 and what is common between all those 3000 women? Right they all dated a manwhore like you
      It's YOUR mistake if you go after the same kind of woman every single time

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  • Browneye57
    They're single cuz it never occurred to them what they would actually DO for their man, as their total focus is on themselves. We call them navel-gazers. :)
  • TruthBringer
    Hit the nail right on the head. Once again! As expected, the snowflakes and neutered male feminists are crying in the comments once again
    • As expected, the snowflakes and a white knight are so mad, they targeted the dislike button. @Apope16 You have to make these Takes more often 😂

    • @TruthBringer So many pathetic white knights. Do these guys realize that women just use them like tampons?

    • @KrakenAttackin I love how the majority of comments are ad hominems directed at the guy rather than actually debunk anything he said. All these white knights are just butthurt because he is reminding people of the harsh reality. I swear this website is full of them. No wonder so many people are leaving

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  • CallmeTheKnight
    In my opinion, those are few of the reasons why many women are single. Some are career focused, some are still insecure from trauma, a lot are always dramatic, etc.
    However, everyone has their reasons for being single and plenty will be in complete denial that they're not dating or marriage material just yet.
  • Gespenster_division
    Yes obesity statistics of American women are shocking, unfortunately it drives up the value on the sexual marketplace of any woman that is moderately not fat giving them massive egos.
  • The_Maphio
    The OP's post is right and all, but I'll give you a TL;DR version.

    Be objective about yourself, don't be dead weight, don't bitch.
  • DWornock
    Unless, like in the USA, there are taboos against dating girls 16 to18 and marrying girls under 20, a girl's desirability peaks at 16 and goes downhill after 20 and rapidly decreases after age 25. Therefore, a girl's best prospects for finding the best husband are during her peak desirability and preferably by age 22.
  • llcanon
    I believe the reason for this is because some women when younger do not make getting married a priority until it's too late to attract the right type of man to marry. Example when your 35 a lot of suitable to marry are already married and therefore by 35 the selection for someone to marry becomes a small nimber of Men oe women for that matter. Makes the old saying true-don't put off to tomorrow what you should and can do today
  • Thedivinechic
    If obesity is an epidemic; then, cheating and NOT having self-control to keep it in your pants while falling prey to your desires is the problem. Some guys (not all) have no remorse when they go out there... cheat and risk STDs then go home and also risk giving it to their wives or gfs and their wives kiss their baby. Super not cool, but cruel. Just like Usher. Very disheartening. I think men are going be the main reason for human extinction in the future. Lower your standards and you might be happy. Either you're trolling or just a bitter person drowning in misery.
    • Does lowering your standards womens desire for finances and swag

    • Does lowering your standards apply to women's desire for finances or confidence

  • Shamalien
    Imagine my surprise when not a single woman in this comments section could take that criticism.

    The stats don't die, obesity is an epidemic, being overweight is way too normalized (for both men and women) but let's face it, women's looks matter a lot more than men's looks. Being fit and in shape for a woman should be as important as a profitable business / career is for a man. Oh no yeah I know I'm so old fashioned oh lord if only the evil that was me didn't exist, all would be perfect in this world, right? There's no reason to not want to be in shape, make it a priority and GET IT DONE and your life will just be better. Really feel this guy's point about the filters and angles, that shit is INSANE like holy fuck! With makeup, angles, filters, any girl on this earth can make at least 8/10
    • Absolutely well said! Of course you've offended some overweight snowflakes who ended up disliking your comment without having the guts to confront anything you've said. Because they know it's right 😂

  • es20490446e
    I personally know a bunch of quite good women that didn't find their partner till late in life, and even got a divorce.

    To some women it has became difficult to tell when a man is good for marriage these days. No surprise to me they are so defensive.

    The solution isn't to blame them. But to be coherent, clear and easy to be around yourself.

    Then you will see a sift in attitude in many of them, when they no longer feel they have to defend from anything. For instance they are CRAVING being in such situation.

    Spend time to get to know the lady before even dating, and only do so when you are totally sure she's reliable and fully into you.

    Don't be a bitch.
  • Tstrbrainer
    😂😂😂 Seriously, you are just posting things like this to enjoy the women's reaction, aren't you? 🤣🤣🤣

    Anyway please don't block me, I just love reading the responses under your questions
  • sixtyeightplusone
    Desiring a woman who is fit, has some class and is loyal seems like common sense, but you can see some people think this is "over the top". Sad world, great post.
  • lovelyhoneybones
    If a woman is a good partner, but the only thing negative about her is her weight, is she not worth pursuing?
  • bamesjond0069
    All true. Good post! Any girls doing these things are just getting pumped and dumped and y'all might not realize it.
  • fred_durst
    Why Women Are Single?
    lets just be realistic here , it is surely because they find vibrator feels better than penis
    • Isn't that equivalent to women complaining men use Porn, a fleshlight or a doll? Hey I'm not complaining that women use vibrators, but I do notice a double standard here. So men aren't allowed to pleasure themselves away from a woman, but no one should raise a finger about them using a vibrator 😂

  • Steinkopf
    You to have struck a nerve with the women commenting here. Most things you listed should be common sense.
    • He struck a nerve with the women who feel spoken to, because they themselves are everythign described in this Take. Any woman in shape and holds this common sense isn't going to complain

  • GoldenTulip
    Not always her fault... many guys string women along...
    • Alpha4U

      A lot of guys are not doing good... not gonna lie
      and a lot of women are delusional too.

    • I also agree with many women being a bit delusional and dont see red flags or only see what they want to see.

    • Shamalien

      True, some are really really good at that, but most guys show a ton of obvious signs that the women purposefully ignores

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  • bigmarty36
    Who says 35 is the magic age there is no age, some of the happiest people I know are single in there 40s and 50s age means nothing why would someone just marry because of the 35 age then be miserable.
    • @bigmarty36. Because at 35 her biological clock is ticking like a motherfucker. Have you heard the term "baby rabies"? At 35 it hits hard.

    • A woman's fertility begins to nose dive at 35.

    • bigmarty36

      Not every woman wants to have kids having kids is not the be all and end all

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  • Sevenait
    I have a feeling it has to also do with the "self liberating" mentality. Who you kidding? You already have liberty but don't let that so called "liberty" jeopardize your emotional and mental health
  • KrakenAttackin
    All good points with the "emotional cheating" being the biggest. I won't even consider being with a woman who has a roster of "guy friends".
  • Dchrls78104
    This take is partly correct. I don't want a large or overweight woman and in fact the only date a morbidly obese one should be having is with a doctor and a dietitian. I also don't want a rude, bad-tempered, gutter trash girl or one still hung up on her ex or her baby daddy. You have to close the first door, lock it, and throw away the key before you open the second one.
    I, however, happen to know some women who are single but for reasons different from the ones you highlighted. Some have no choice in the matter; no man has asked them out although they were pleasant or their prospective date or mate moved on or died. Some are single through religion or career. Some are scared off of relationships by unhappy childhoods involving abusive or cheating parents.