Stop shaming women for being single!


Why do some men have issues if women are single by 35 or 45?

How is it affecting you?

  • Instead of giving genuine advice, you are using manipulations at the best by injecting the idea of how a woman is supposed to be ; A doll, care for her man tirelessly BUT should not have her own standards. Then only then she deserves to be in a relationship.

  • Old times are forever gone and it's getting difficult for you to find a woman who will be your servant and has no problem being dominated, abused and treated like a tool.
Stop shaming women for being single!

According to these incels' mytake ;

She's supposed to cook, comfort, obey, clean, suck his c**k, surrender and shut her mouth.

HELL NO! She has her own personality, life and self identity.

Stop shaming women for being single!
  • You're spreading these shitty takes, trying to shame single women who are 35+.
  • (In reality it's you who is dying of misery due to unable to find a female doormat aka 'ideal wife').

Stop fabricating the actual reasons that why women are single.

  • You're using guilt, blame and shame and label it as 'ADVICE' to persuade innocent women to become a submissive and spineless servant.

She CAN be independent and be a better catch than your incompetent ass.

  • You are cheaters for sure as you don't want a wife but a full fledge service without actually EARNING IT.

It's HER CHOICE and her personal reasons.

Cry or scream in your pillows if you want, we never cared to please and never will.

We love ourselves enough to not get stuck in the arms of a muddy manipulative maniac.

Stop shaming women for being single!
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  • ChrisMaster69
    @ Pink Anon, it’s actually a shame you went Anon. However I understand.

    I agree with all of the above.

    one my close friends is soon to be single, she was married 5 years to a guy that proved to be a toxic manipulative arsehole.

    she has no kids.

    she is a director at a UK energy company and owns a couple properties including a villa in Portugal - all her own and not her soon to be ex husbands, she earns more cash anyhow.

    oh and she’s 36, used to model, does the odd triathlon.

    obviously a low value woman 😂😂

    They are some complete fuckwit cockwomble scrotum sucking turbomongs
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  • Coolkat12345
    dont worry about gay dudes like that, im sure there are plenty of men out there tht would love to marry a woman at that age. if a guy tries to "shame" you for that then he is prolly a bad seed and you shouldn't even waste your time thinking about a jerk like tht when there are plenty of good people there tht wouldn't do such a thing.
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  • Bellatris
    Exactly. Couldn't agree more. GAG needs to be purged of incel scum!
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  • Jaylaaa2000
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  • GuyWithaBrain
    :/ sounds like a horrible person though im used to getting stepped on by people i push people away trying not to hurt them but only mess that up too in all honesty no man is perfect and if your looking for that you won't find it though im not saying go find the worst and accept that no look for someone close to me kind gentle listening but funny silly and goofy always trying to make you happy at the cost of his self but tries their best never to hurt you and when mistakes are made they do their best to make amends weather its buying flowers fixing something broken working harder to show they care about what they did wrong that no one is perfect and that they too make mistakes but dont want to sit there crying over spilled milk or that they become useless because of a mistake they made they want to be there to help you too, to be part of your team and make it as a family or a couple.

    I hope this explains that no man is perfect and that there are many bad eggs out there and 1 bad egg makes many of use who are decent look bad but its all part of life and we should try to take it one day at a time not the whole thing at once.
  • FatherJack
    It's that persons business if they are single or not. I'm single by choice & keep self to self & wish everyone else would ... and will never endure another relationship after the marriage I ended. Even with the drawbacks of being a single dad , still far happier , with far less BS. No bitterness towards women , have a teen daughter , even the thought of " dating " is a huge no , can't be arsed with all that BS.
  • mykuu1
    Well I can look after myself so why do I need a women, says the women i don't need a man anymore. Listened to the jewish feminist enemy too long. Don't respect traditional roles anymore love is waxing cold with men. White men well this man, I'm not bothering anymore with ya. Until you wake up and sort your uppity feminist shit out. Ya like negroes being used by the enemy against us. It's destroying this society our soceity in the west. Take a look around.
  • Guffrus
    I have actually never in my life heard a man shame a woman for being single.

    Im not saying it doesn't happen but if you are pissed off about being shamed for being single why is the exclusively directed at males?

    The shaming that i have heard similar to this is women shaming other women for not having had children and not considering them to be real women.

    So with this being the case from my experience i can only be left with the impression that you are A sexist and B every bit as bad as those you are raging against.

    If you want to hate men, fine, join the pile of horrible trolls, there are plenty of them and they come in both genders but dont pretend you are a victim.
  • Truthatanycost
    If what they say has no truth to it, then it won't matter how many times they say it.
  • zagor
    Why do you give a shit what these people think?
  • Anonymous
    Her "choice" is destroying society, and one day that reckoning will come.