Attraction Tips that I learned from God - Dating Tips

Attraction Tips that I learned from God - Dating Tips

1. Have positive relationships with other females, because having a healthy and loving social life is attractive to high quality men, so avoid catty relationships based on competition and vanity, a healthy romantic partner surrounds herself with positive people.

2. Make yourself happy, a high quality man will always prefer to see you happy as opposed to depressed and miserable so find a job you love, a hobby you enjoy, a cause you are passionate about, a lifestyle you can brag to his parents about and a diet you would not be ashamed to have published online, show off your tomatoes and avocados, don’t guilt trip yourself with cakes and ice cream.

3. Modify your body and manner to attract the man, picturing him kissing you and telling you how beautiful you are, every time you order salad at a restaurant, or shop for clothes, or wash your hair, or prepare cabbage soup and shrimp for dinner and think about his kisses every time you work out on the treadmill.

4. Keep your romantic life private and give him privileged access to you that nobody else does, either he is the only one you share inside jokes with, or the only one allowed to hug you, or he is the only man you compliment for his face, or the only man you buy gifts for or cook for, have a series of special gifts you offer him and nobody else and keep your relationship private and safe.

Attraction Tips that I learned from God - Dating Tips
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  • Marhaban-1
    I would agree with all of thease but with that said I am only 14
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  • Britchie
    This is good stuff
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  • IHateBeingaMan
    i sometimes laugh and cringe when people say that women need dating skills or skills to attract a man, i don't see how women need to learn how to get a boyfriend when they don't have to do the courting or pursuing, escalating
    • kmg9150

      That being said, they don't have the option to choose what guy comes along and does such... more often guys will pursue that to how they view themselves and also weigh in their "chance/odds" factor.. old wise grey scalped friend told me it's a game of choice and chance. Out at a bar, at the end of the night, it's a woman choice if she goes home with a guy, for the guy it's a chance a girl allows it. There's a chance she has the "right " man ask her, it's his choice if he asked anyone at all. I still believe that how ever one feels is how they should act which should attract someone that they would want to be around for the long haul. If one does things for sole purpose of attraction then it would be fake and deceptive to do so. If a girl wants to eat cake and watch the tube, so be it, she has every right to do so and hopefully she finds a dude that does as well. Because the ones who want the cake but are on the treadmill to attract a guy, more often will end up back with that cake in their face once the guys invested his quality time. Change will be subtle until one day he's like wow and if he splits for that reason he's a superficial azz πŸ•³ and if he don't, then he'll probably be unhappy until...

    • @kmg9150 it still makes me laugh when people say that women need skills because women are normally passive, and the only way you learn skills in life is not being passive

    • kmg9150

      @IHateBeingaMan <---why tho? I think were led to believe woman are passive by nature, their anything but passive in my belief anyway. Woman are just more intuitively discrete which appears to be passive behavior. Woman are vindictive and often prefer control while appearing as to having lack of. Its easier to maintain a perceived innocence, damsel in distress, the victim and even the empowered woman role when the situation calls for it. I tend to lean that men improve more when by means of action, and woman benefit through analyzation.

  • Tomisalami7
    Being the Son of David and allegedly exalted as per the random voice that spoke to me Id say I don't know who you're in comms w cause that ain't God. A couple of days or so after hearing 'Son of David' I get a ticket by the Holy Family Catholic Church for 970$. Then afterwards I hear exalted.