Love and Loyalty, Sex and the Sea


I gave an opinion on a person's curiosity about the website "FetLife" & noticed many opinions against it in it being more likely to produce meaningless sex than meaningful ,love.

People should realize that internet & social media brought the second flooding of the Earth to leave all it's people surfing a sea of never ending temptation & opportunity. Already endangered prior, loyalty drowned in this sea & respect floats adrift & clings to life aboard a lifeboat named honesty. Bigfoot will likely be found in the forest before loyalty is found in this sea. Everyone likes to proclaim themself loyal but the more it is said the less likely it is there rather than being a tactic in pursuing an ulterior goal. If loyalty is there, it needs not be voiced & like instinct, if it is not there it cannot be taught.

I adore you so I will be honest

True love & adoration is finding the most perfect specimen of your favorite flower....& not picking it but letting it remain to live the life it was naturally meant to be. The very instant it is picked to be kept as one's own begins the slow inevitable process of wilting and dying in captivity. Enjoy the wonderful sensations it has to offer, live & let live.
Inevitably and always, whether by death or decision, all things loved will one day depart to leave you standing alone just as you began. Love is a free spirit not meant to be chained or caged & the same goes for the flame of attraction it carries with it. That flame stands a one in a million chance of rekindling once it dies.,

What is loved must be set free.

Love and Loyalty, Sex and the Sea
Love and Loyalty, Sex and the Sea
Love and Loyalty, Sex and the Sea
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