Letting go of women and relationships forever; they're a false dream


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I asked women on here a poll about height at the request of a friend on here, as she wanted me to see how accepting women are about height. The poll results were not good. Not enough women were accepting of the height I entered in. My height. To put to bluntly, the poll kinda proved I stood no f*cking chance of ever being accepted by modern women. Hell even the ones the voted positively still gave a sh*tty response in the comments, making their poll vote absolutely useless. The poll really hammered home that I really am undateable due to my handicap of inadequate sh*tty stature. In other words, I'm too short to date, and only a very few amount of women thought otherwise. It really was very depressing, but not surprising. The real world would be even harsher about this with even more negative results and more sh*tty backhanded complements about being useless due to my stature.

So my last hope that love still exists out there for men less than genetically perfect is gone now. The answer is definitively "F*CK NO!!!" So the big question is "What now?" I know there is no longer any hope left for a relationship, love, etc. Most women won't even accept a guy my height, let alone one that is less than perfect in all other categories. The general rule they say is "I'll accept a short guy if he's perfect in literally all other categories." Well, I'm not perfect in all other categories! I'm a genetic f*cking mess. So much so, I can't stand it. From small penis, to extra finger; you'd thing my mother smoke and drank while working day shifts at a nuclear power plant while pregnant with me. And I'll always DEPISE that as well, because I am stuck to be alone for the rest of my life because of sh*t completely 100% out of my control that I can do nothing about.

I've had a few years to get used to it. I gave up pursuing dating a few years ago, to work on myself. But after doing that height poll where a good 20% of women told me indirectly that men my height were inferior garbage and another 60% voted positively, but indirectly said men in that category were garbage, using different words, it just seems like wasting my time with such things is worthless.

There really is no hope left. That boggles my mind to think about. That the peak of my romantic chances were when I was 22 to 24, which was also simultaneously when I was at the most depressed and suicidal in my life and not really in any proper state to be dating anyone, to begin with. Now that I am more emotionally stable, I find out that I never stood a chance anyway being a f*cking short sh*t. The worst part of that poll? The women who voted that there was no chance in hell a guy my height was acceptable to them (as in, they didn't like short men), weren't even that tall! One bitch was 5'8" and I'm not even THAT small! She said how I was inferior garbage, but she's not even head and shoulders above me.

And the thing I hate other midget men saying is, how I should just settle for the bottom of the barrel like they do. They really think bribing ugly, unattractive, foul, horrible behaved women into pitying them is really some kind of "victory." That's what they all do. The majority of other midgets like me. That's not even love. I suppose I'd feel better about it, if I had my "fill" like most MGTOW guys do. Like, I had my moments of happiness and then was able to live the rest of my life single and impossible to get a quality partner who loves me for me. But I never even got that. The closest I got to someone loving me in my life died shortly before a year into our relationship and marriage. (And yes, I know a year is quick to get married; I don't care; I'm not the one who proposed, anyway.) So I came CLOSE to love, and still was denied it, due to premature death.

There's just so many mixed emotions in my head. Anger (a LOT of that), sorrow, dejection, defeat, and many others. But again, I just keep thinking "Now what?" There's no future family in my life. I have a so-so job that I like, but can't see myself doing for the rest of my life. My existence seems to meaningless now that I have no one to share it with. I used to want to help change the world, but that too seems like an impossibility with how bad things have gotten since COVID. But that's a story for another day. I just needed to mourn the death of my love life, right here it now. It died stillbirth. Never even had a chance to come alive first.

Letting go of women and relationships forever; theyre a false dream
Letting go of women and relationships forever; they're a false dream
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  • pink_and_inlove
    I promise height is only important to shallow girls a lot of girls don’t care. Like look at my uncles from my mom’s side, they’re all tiny men but they all still have kids and a partner so height isn’t important. I think maybe you should go back to the states though because i feel like in Korea it’s going to be hard to find someone that’s into a different race than what they are since they’re not used to that. I also thought that I wouldn’t find love either but I tried bumble and after many many attempts I met the love of my life. And by the way you’re not ugly at all I don’t know why you hate yourself so much.
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    • Try to be more positive please if you keep on thinking like this you’ll never be happy

    • Kvynhanma

      🧢💯shallow is code for pretty cute or beautiful girls
      Height is only important to shallow girls🙄

    • @Kvynhanma my aunt is the most beautiful person that I’ve ever met physically and she’s with a guy that’s not tall

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    >That boggles my mind to think about. That the peak of my romantic chances were when I was 22 to 24, which was also simultaneously when I was at the most depressed and suicidal in my life and not really in any proper state to be dating anyone

    Yeah, but if a woman is the same she'll find someone with ease compared to your situation.

    You'll have an easier time now since dating turns in favour for men at 30 usually but not for the right reasons - plus if someone wouldn't want you when you're at your lowest then they're never deserving of the best from you.
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  • VanillaSalt
    you sound desperate and pathetic… don’t respond to this but I bet you haven’t even asked a woman out this week. Focus on work and build a career 30% of relationships start at work. Hang with friends and family about the same number start there. Fill your remaining time with hobbies and volunteer… most of the others from from these…

    Stop crying and out out and eat. Talk to the waiter. Make conversation. At the end ask to get a drink after her shift. Get rejected idc. The point is to ask. Failures less stressful then assuming failure.

    Women ain’t worth stressing over. Their not the special wives they used to be. Their just a necessary evil at this point for procreation. Eventually they will leave you for better. Soon as you sign the paperwork she’ll stop going to the gym and the sex will end. I’ve seen examples this isn’t the case but very few. I’ve seen and heard about far more that were bad. I don't know why you wanna be at least take rejection like a man. Be rejected rather then crying about it.
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  • Revna
    First, the most basic thing - you need to love yourself and be comfortable with who and how you are. Because if you're not, all these will manifest themselves in many ways to other people and usually in pretty ugly ways. Love isn't all about looks or physicals. Both men and women falls in love with people that makes some people will say huh, that? But it begins with self love and being kind to yourself which lead to quiet confidence (sexy af!!!) and women generally find these attributes very attractive.

    Second, stop desperately searching for a partner. Desperation is a real turn off. It's ugly, its clingy, its suffocating, its alarming and its triggers all the alarm bells and red flags for most people. No one likes desperados... doesn't matter the genders or looks.

    Once you have a decent grasp of those two, they will find you, you will find each other... and it will happen when you least expect it and for all the right reasons.

    Ps: I am going to emphasise on the queit confidence. It is the complete opposite to loud, obnoxious, show offs, dickheadedness - these are not confidence. They are insecurities trying to disguised themselves as confidence. Its gross.
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  • DarkWinterNights
    Not that it will make you feel any better. But the market isn’t all that much better for taller guys either.
    Your last paragraph describes my life right now perfectly. I can and have been happy alone for years. But looking to the future, especially after the last year- you take away the distractions and I struggle to understand what the point of everything is.
  • IcedLemonade
    My grandfather was a ww2 tailgunner, he was about 5'4" and had something like nine kids. It turned out one wasn't his afterall, but he still had eight. And damn, bruh, you would die seeing how attractive my cousins are. In the top.1% for sure. And I'm well over an attractive height for a guy.
  • NicoletteXO
    Hey, don't forget that we are on the internet. It's like... if somebody put a poll out and said "would you date a man who earned less than $40K a year? A lot of women would say no. However, if that man was amazing and extraordinary in other ways (maybe an artist, or very good looking, or whatever)... if a woman came to know him in real life, she'd be much less likely to discount him. I'm sure the same is the case for you. Don't assume that the results of these polls are actually indicative of what a woman might be open to in real life.
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  • Dchrls78104
    Perhaps I can relate. I'm over 40, and I know what I want in a woman---amd that's why I've never dated.
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  • t-8900
    My 5'4 friend married a 5'9 girl just saying
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  • Jouth
    womon don't good