What is more important than beauty in attraction

What is more important than beauty in attraction

I find that having good mental and social health is more important than having good looks when it comes to finding a good and high quality partner. A woman with low self esteem will almost always end up with an abuser instead of a loving and gracious partner because the process of dating Involves a woman signalling to prospective mates that she loves and values herself and will not settle for cheating or abuse. She must show her suitor that her morals trump all other concerns so that her boyfriend or future husband will know if he wants to be abusive he should leave because she won’t accept that.

I know rich woman who married abusers and very pretty woman who dated abusers. I also know ugly woman who married loyal and devoted men and I know poor woman who married amazing lovers that cherish and honour them. In the end, your personality determines your odds. I’m not saying that good people cannot mismatch with bad people in an unintentional accident. Or that bad people cannot dupe good people into dating them, but your odds of a good relationship are higher when you have love and respect, for yourself, for your job, for your friends, and for others.

What is more important than beauty in attraction
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  • simpatica19
    More important than beauty in attraction is honesty, intelligence, sense of humor, kindness.😍
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  • lorenzomichael
    Being trustworthy, honest and, kind.
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  • Babygirl_S
    I don't understand when people say they only care about personality because if you are not physically attracted to your partner then it's not love. It is friendship. Love requires physical attraction with a mental connection.
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    • t-8900

      What if I told you I once met a girl who made me find her amazingly attractive after being with me and doing amazing acts of kindness that triggered deeply repressed emotional responses? She became beautiful to me when physically deffo not my type

  • Retiever
    Having a hot girlfriend is always a plus but there more to beauty on the outside. You can be beautiful on the outside and horrible on the inside. So women that are just good looking on the inside have their own beauty and most of the time great personalities. So you can’t judge a book buy it’s cover. .
  • Kaamraj
    Women have many advantages on the sexual marketplace; however, time is not one of them. Youth and beauty are two of the most important assets that a woman has and are given early on in life. Vast majority of men are not abusive nor manipulative, however, what is common throughout much of them is the universality in being attracted to youth and beauty. Women decides who and when the sex happens, men decide when and where the relationship (commitment) happens. So, women who are with or have been with abusive partners still chose them, out of the stock of mostly unabusive men.
  • t-8900
    The reason why most men will disagree with this is because we have been conditioned to be hypersexualized by the porn Industry when our young minds were still developing. As such we were too young to fully comprehend the meaning of true love and had a disconnect with h the pretty faces on the screen giving us a false personable connection to women that messed with our feelings and lust but without love. So we ended up associating fake physical beauty more with what we desire. Ultimately if we weren't actually able to get over this hurtle the ugly people simply wouldn't exist because we would not breed with them. Once you as a man experience true and genuine kindness from a woman you just may fall madly in love. Speaking from experience here...
  • king-dom1
    I would say trust, but most of my exs were lying scums so just beauty now. Never trust
  • Luopio27
    That she is not a whore.
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  • Andres77
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  • Zygum
    Sincerity and devotion to commitment
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  • Lonely888
    I like a charming personality
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  • Chthou95
    Meh. Beauty and attraction is still Number 1
  • Anonymous
    Being easy to get along with.