How Video Games Can Bring Couples Closer Together? Let’s Find Out!

How Video Games Can Bring Couples Closer Together? Let’s Find Out!

Are you two having a hard time in your relationship? But not ready to give up yet?

Video games can help you solve that problem. These games are known to actually bring the couple together by improving their communication and finding common ground. It is a great way to spend some time together and understand each other better.

Playing video games together is not just a hobby, but it can also make your relationship stronger.

You Can Make Social Connections & Memories

When played together, video games are not anti-social at all. The thing many people don’t realize is that playing video games leads you to meet new people online and in person every day.

If you play video games as a couple, it means you are building and involved in the same social circle. It is making friends & connections together. How nice is that?

Playing video games together will make you some golden memories that you can remember & share over the years with each other.

How Video Games Can Bring Couples Closer Together? Let’s Find Out!

One Activity To Do Together

It is a common fact that opposites attract. But modern research finds that couples with the same interests are more likely to stay together for a longer time. Playing & enjoying video games together can be one of the activities to keep you attracted to your significant other.

So, if you are looking for a new relationship, find someone who has the same interests as yours. Even if you are looking to start a rebound relationship to get over your ex, play video games. It helps you find deeper connections by getting past the honeymoon stage. You may find your person for life!

This is a rock-solid reason to give video games a shot together.

How Video Games Can Bring Couples Closer Together? Let’s Find Out!

Video Games Can Improve Communication

Most couples fight very often if one of them is addicted to video games. But look at the bright side. Video games play a huge role in improving communication. Rather than driving apart a couple, it can actually bring you closer.

If your goal is to improve communication with your significant other, try playing cooperative video games together.

When you two have the same goal, you bond.

You are not only playing by pressing buttons on the controller. You need to talk to each other while planning to win the games. The talk could be about strategies and tips.

The best part is that these skills are really easy to practice in real life.

Don’t Do It Too Much

Too much of anything is bad for you, so you two need to play video games without losing your minds. Playing it for days and nights continuously can drive you apart. You can have back problems, mood swings, and in short, you two will not be okay. So how are you going to live a normal life?

It’s necessary to shake things up and try different activities and video games. Keep each other’s likes & dislikes to have a healthy relationship for a long time.

Couples That Game Together, Stay Together

Now is the time to take your relationship to the next level, the next level in the game. The key is to choose the games you both enjoy playing together and which time you both want to play. Sync your routines and make a schedule to see the positive changes in your relationship. The chances are, you two can bond together better than ever.

So, if you don’t want to lose your partner, don’t hesitate to try other things with your significant other. Other than video games as well!

Play Video Games To Get Fit Together

So many video games require you to stand up from your chair and play physically. These games encourage physical movement and help one to stay fit. Some of the games need their players to dance, hit, run, bowl, ski, and take part in so many other sports. It is an excellent source for couples to spend time with each other, bond, communicate, and get fit together.

Wrapping Up!

Video games are now more popular than ever. These games are not limited to one gender, age group, or interest. You will find video games in every niche, and you can easily get one for both of you with a shared interest. To move a step forward and bring video games in your lives to come closer as a couple and bond like never before

How Video Games Can Bring Couples Closer Together? Let’s Find Out!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    My girlfriend and I work together and live together. We wake up together, take our showers, have breakfast, and go to work. I am not physically near her constantly at work but we encounter each other throughout the day. We then drive home and have dinner together. I involve her in all of my social activities, including dinner with family, dinners with friends, church activities, fraternity activities (I'm president of my fraternity's local alumni association and adviser to the chapter at the local university.) We really don't need video games to bring us closer together.
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    • Thanks for MHO!

    • t-8900

      I'd say this is a generational thing and maybe not sure how much you know about the development of games in recent years. Some of them can really bring you closer because they are decision based games. It's certainly something to talk about. Why did you choose to help this person and not that one? Why did you join this faction and destroy that one? Why did you choose to help using this method instead of that method. Personally I think it's a cool conversation to be had during playing. I still want all the other things too but sometimes going out isn't really on the agenda.

    • I see young people eating bat amounts of time on gaming.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • DizzyDesii
    I haven't been into gaming that much since 2015. When i am, Im only into racing video games (n4s, forza, mariokart), Sims, and was into GTA back then. I’m willing to play games with the guy a few months a year but i wouldn't want to date another person who games daily/weekly
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    • t-8900

      What about Skyrim or Fallout 4?

    • DizzyDesii

      @t-8900 i know them by name but know nothing about them. Judging by the looks no. Only what i mentioned above and like Sly 3 from when i was younger

    • t-8900

      damn those are my favorite games too XD
      they have some themes you'd appreciate too I think.
      Something about open world games, making your own character from scratch too.
      Skyrim came first of the two. You live your own life but you can focus on any type of combat you like. Bow and arrow, stealthfully sneak up with daggers and slit throats, giant warhammers and axes, sword and shield, light or heavy armor, or magic! Build your own home, get married and have a family, fight zombies, dragons, giants, be apart of a civil war and choose sides, etc.

      With Fallout its the post apocalypse. Guns, Swords, Lasers, bombs (literally nukes lmao). You can be a raider, a faction leader, and you can make and customize settlements. You can romance in it too and you even have some awesome companions with unique dialogue.

      BOTH: Change as time goes on, the world evolves based on your own personal choices. Its hella fun.

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  • 19magic
    It's great for those not having a lot of money a lot of my childhood memories were me or dad playing games alone but together giving each other tips and just having a chimwag. Even during uni it was clash of clans we used to have hour long phone calls while talking about it and playing it so I can definitely see this happening
  • Seangreen
    I stopped playing video games after high school and then somehow few years later during the time I stop playing ethernet cords were able to now be plugged into councils and it put a whole new dimension on everything next thing I know I'm hooked on video games and it ruined a couple relationships I think and now that I don't play anymore and there's no fucking way in hell I'm going to start again to play with somebody I'm in a relationship when I'm damn near 40 years old
  • katiesmuff
    There are hundreds of useful things couples can do to bring them closer together, to get them off their asses doing something that might use some energy and help keep them healthy.
  • Adam1978
    Would only work if they share a common taste, it's like movies if two people has way to different preferences they won't work as bounding time.
  • AdithyaR
    Very nicely put.
    I play a game called Destiny 2 and my clan has a few couples, including a married couple with kids. It's really sweet seeing them have fun together while gaming.
    • yucychan

      My guy is crazy about Destiny 2. Can understand why though. It's an impressive game.

    • AdithyaR

      Definitely, it's amazing. And I'm a sucker for good story based games and it has one of the best lore I've ever heard

  • CurlyGirl42
    If one can find games both like, then sure why not. But it is true for lots of other types of activities besides video gaming, and I do think this posts glorifies it a bit xD.. like meeting new people every day? That is not true for most video game players :D
    Personally I never played video games with someone I dated. They were not really into such and we had other things we liked to do together.. oh except Pokemon Go with this one man :D.
    But actually it brought me and my brother closer as kids.. a lot of games/toys we would fight about, but we found many video games we enjoyed together. One player games like Super Mario/Crash Banicoot/GTA where we took turns, or Capture the flag game modes playing as a team.
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  • Minxxie
    I wanna play video games while I ride him but I think he'd find that weird
  • Aerissa_Jade
    I've never been a big gamer, but some guys are more into games than into me. I'm sure they could okay if proper balance is found.

    I've often felt like I wasn't being active enough playing games, when I did try some... online games with a boyfriend or friends or whatever, I ended up just socializing the whole time, forget killing stuff, just be friendly with everyone.

    Although right now, this guy wants me to get something called a Oculus 2 says that way we can play games and I can stay active, have to see what that actually is.
  • emperor90
    I mean i am personally not a gamer and there might be some benefits i see more neagtives for one u are less like to chat and u will be eaisly distracted
  • BloJo
    I prefer analog games to video games. But I agree. Playing games with people deepens the relationship.
  • LightOfTruth
    Girls play games? I thought it was only big fat guys, or so I have been told
  • Mahito
    Amazing take
  • Lexi_Lous
    What if you both like different games?
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  • emmaaylalover19
    valorant helped me get my wifey
  • msc545
    I think this is a very good idea.
  • Anonymous
    Sure, it's a perfect take for the audience expected on this website. Ideally people become closer when they experience something together. I prefer that experience to be real.
  • Anonymous
    This is definitely something I have noticed too. I had a girlfriend once and on our first couple months, we played minecraft together (we were both rising college sophomores at the time). Part of it is because we lived in different states but another is we get to see how we think when given situations that require problem solving (even if there is no real threat to not solving it) and how willing we are to work together. There were definitely times where we have laughed our asses off at some times when the game glitched or there was some funny misinterpretation.

    I understand that video games aren't required to make a relationship work but I think they can definitely help depending on the game you choose to play co-op.
  • Anonymous
    Really cool take.
  • Anonymous
    Damn, you write some really good takes.
  • Anonymous
    I lost my mine do to games so I'm not reading this post. I'm just hear to pour shade on it.
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