4 ways to build TRUE attraction

4 ways to build TRUE attraction

1. Be genuine. Being genuine about your purpose with the person you want is probably one of the most important things in building attraction, as it shows that you are there for them and you aren’t just doing everything for yourself. That helps tremendously, as people want a partner that cares for their wants and needs, not just for themselves.

2. Have a purpose. Having a purpose in life goes hand in hand with being genuine, it helps your potential partner to see that you care for people other than yourself, it also shows that you have a life outside of them and you have a goal in life to achieve.

3. Be truthful. One of the most important things in any relationship is being truthful it shows that you have your own opinions and aren’t just trying to impress them. Many times just politely disagreeing or sharing your own opinion adds so much value to the relationship and to the person.

4. Take risks. One of the most underrated things in building attraction is risk taking, when done right, risk taking shows that you aren’t just there to impress the other person or to show off, it also shows you are confident in yourself enough to ask that person out or do that stand up comedy and show that you are confident. Remember confidence comes from the idea that “no matter what happens it will be ok” but many people think confidence comes from “that it will be ok if it goes according to plan” choose the first idea as when you start thinking like that you get more freedom and choice that’s very attractive.

4 ways to build TRUE attraction
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  • Shiningtempest
    @Ascarymanasks I don't see how taking risks helps build true attraction.
    • It shows you aren’t there to show off or always do the easy things, it shows that you can handle unknown situations

    • @Ascarymanasks I'd rather do the easy things & handle known situations because it would allow me to have a low-stress lifestyle.

  • Leonharted
    Ok, thanks.

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