Guys, Boyfriend hid his instagram from me?

Okay, so previously my bf had cheated on me but we ended up getting back together. But because of what he did, he then deleted his instagram. And this was almost a year ago, so he recently followed me on instagram which I never knew he had in the past month and a half. He kept it hidden?

I really don't why in the past month and half he didn't bother to tell me and he just followed me now, I am super mad because it looks like he started to hide things away from me again. I just started to trust him again, and I told him to help me with it because it's just too hard for me to not think about what happened about a year ago.

I got very upset and I texted him that if he doesn't feel the need to he honest with me maybe we should take a break.
We are in a serious relationship but he still cheated on me while he fought with his parents for me? Totally doesn't make any sense. I am just very scared that he is gonna be cheating on me again, and I'm afraid that I will find out...
Guys, Boyfriend hid his instagram from me?
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