Is having a "stable" relationship "boring"?

Well, I'm 25, and most people say I'm kind of young to be married, my husband is only a year older then myself. I would say our relationship is one of the most stable of anyone we know, we've known each other since we were kids, and started dating in Highschool.

Since we began dating, we've never broken up, and while we do have our fights, and he has stormed out of the house before, in the end its always alright. And we don't even fight a lot. But he does work, and he always leaves and gets home at almost the exact same time every day, neither of us have cheated or anything, we don't really fight about money, there are some things, but it's rare. Anyway, it seems that any problems we have with each other are very limited.

We do the same things every week, and it never seems to get boring, to ME at least, and he seems happy as well. it's been this way since we got married which was a few years ago.

Our friends however are absolute train wrecks in THEIR relationships, but they claim it's "entertaining" and that me and my husband "have no fun" because of how calm we are with each other, and neither of us are really into partying either, but we also don't hold hands or do anything really romantic in public. (neither of us are really very open about things like that unless were alone)

I see it as stable, but apparently everyone else thinks that were a boring couple.

So what do you think? would having a stable relationship like this be boring too you? or would you prefer it?
Is having a "stable" relationship "boring"?
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