My girlfriend cheated... Is it ok that I'm crying?

Me and my girlfriend were best friend turned lovers... Our chemistry is unmatched and we get along so well and we show tons of public affection etc.

well I found out she cheated on me with her ex hehind my back... She said there was nothing wrong with us we were perfect she just wasn't over her ex and he invited her over and she got curious but she ended it a while back... She asked forgiveness and I'm testing the waters to see if it's a possibility...

the pain of what she did makes me sad because of how we were being instantly changed now I have have this pain that comes and I just start crying because I'm sad of how strong our love was and it was crushed because she stepped out on me...

I cry in front of her I'm not afraid to show her the pain she caused and I hope she learned from this experience... Is this normal for a man to cry like this I have never been in love with anyone as im has I love her.
My girlfriend cheated... Is it ok that I'm crying?
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