What does it mean when a guy says in a text "I appreciate you thinking of me"?

I have this texted to me a lot when I send a x-mas card, or tell someone about a sale on faves.


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  • I depend on the relationship you have with the guy. It probably means just what he said "he appreciates you thinking of him?"

    I sent an ex a text "Happy Birthday!" She never responded; what do you think that means :-| ? I didn't really want to send the happy birthday wish. I was just being nice.

    • I think it means that she was bothered by the text because she does have some love left for you. I do not respond to ex's text when I still have feelings.

    • Really! That's kind of suprising. I was kind of insulted that she just completely blew me off. It was a mutual break-up with no hard feelings. Best to stay away from her, if she does still have feelings for me, I'd like for her to let that go.

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  • It's not good. It's like having someone say, "thank you", when you say, "I love you". DOn't text him again. Save yourself the grief.

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