:( I hit my 4 year girlfriend because she cheated on me? Am I a bad person?

this is how i met her she was a mutal friend and i met her at my friends birthday party, she had lovely dark hair and pale skin and bright blue eyes. She was absolutely stunning and we started talking and built i strong relationship with her...
By the time we were a holding each others hand calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend i realised that i really trusted her and felt like she was a very important person to me. The 3/4 years i was with her i honestly treated her like a princess we would spend a lot of time together, we never really fighted over much. Like i was so amazing to her, i would always tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the world, i would sing to her, buy her flowers if she was upset, i was so romantic and caring, i would massage and kiss her body/feet when stressed, and people honestly thought i was a really confident tall good looking ambitious young man with a good job and good career goals and respected by a lot of people.
As time went by she did become a little bit colder/ we would have sex less and so i asked one of my loyal childhood friends who had never met her properly to find out if she was being faithful.
I remember he wouldn't answer my calls one day and he came to my house and he told me that he found her near a park deep kissing another man he even took a picture of them sucking on a fuckin ice cream together if i didn't believe him :(. I was crushed when he said this, i felt like killing myself, i was so upset and hurt! I remember crying like a fucking baby and had my mate comfort me, how embarrasing! I invested so much love in this relationship! I feel humiliated and a loser!! The next day i arranged to see my girlfriend in alone and i tried my hardest to make her admit she was cheating, and she was acting shocked and delusional.

I was so angry and pissed off, and i called her a cheating whore and smacked her. It wasn't a brutal smack but it was hard, and she knew instantly what i
You should be ashamed
What you did was very bad
not sure
its not bad what i did
she deserved it
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:( I hit my 4 year girlfriend because she cheated on me? Am I a bad person?
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