What's so wrong about wanting to share my first time with a virgin?

Is it really so creepy to want your first sexual partner to be a virgin? For you to ideally want your first love to be a girl/guy who isn't just claiming you as yet another notch on their bedpost, or settling for you as a mere fall-back option after having played the field and got it on with an unknown number of other sexual partners first? What's so wrong about wanting your first time to be your partners' first time as well, and to share your first sexual experience with one another; what's wrong with wanting to share your first intimate sexual relationship with someone else for whom it'll be as meaningful and significant as it is for you? What's wrong with wanting to be the one and only partner of the person who you, in an ideal world, would want to be your one and only partner?

I don't want my first relationship to just be a flash in the pan, don't want to enter a relationship with the assumption that it's doomed to inherently fail just because the vast majority of first relationships fail. Why does it seem like everyone else has this mentality that your first partner's the one partner which has to be swept aside and discarded quickest of all? I want to make my first relationship my last, want to take the time to find someone who I could envision spending the rest of my life with and truly connect with that person, because true love- or at the very least, the idealized notion of it- appeals far, far more to me than the hedonistic pursuit of cheap, meaningless sex.

I want an emotionally fulfilling, stable and sustainable relationship, because I feel that it'd be more rewarding than the short-term highs which I'd get from pursuing sexual quickies with disposable, purely casual partners would provide. Is that so wrong? Is it really so shameful to desire a single healthy monogamous relationship, instead of desiring sex with as many partners as possible over the course of my life? And why is this deemed to be so "sad", "pitiful" and "pathetic"?
Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all
Not much
A fair bit
Everything (/lmao, virgins are sooo pathetic!)
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What's so wrong about wanting to share my first time with a virgin?
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