I'm a virgin who only wants to date other virgins, am I wrong for that?

So over the holiday my mother and I were talking and dating came up. I'm a virgin who never dated and not concerned about it right now because I'm focusing on myself. Since this was a private conversation and I'm close to my mother, I came out and told her that I only want to date another virgin and I'm willing to wait until marriage. She didn't go crazy or anything, but she tried to convince me otherwise, asked me even if she only had sex 1 time before you'd still wouldn't date her, and I said no I wouldn't. We ended up debating back and forth and eventually I just said "I chose to save myself for someone special and I just ask for the same in return", but what she said next very much insulted me. She said "well a woman only has sex when she's in love, and sometimes her feelings were't right, and you should be more considerate and accept it." It sounded like she was telling me to just give myself away regardless of what I want. Just give myself to whoever like a charity food stamp. I know she didn't mean it and was trying to help, but I couldn't help but to feel offended. I didn't bring this up because I still respect my mother, but this is what her dating and sex life was.

She lost her virginity at 13.
Dated a guy in his mid 20's when she was 15.
Got pregnant by said guy and had my sister at 16 then my brother at 21.
We still don't know who my biological father is because she was hooking up with random guys while living at some old guy's house, and that old guy might even be my father because she was sleeping with him too.
She's been married 3 times and didn't have children with any of the men she married.

Both my older brother and sister had their first child at 17. My sister is an overweight single mother in her mid 30s and my brother in being divorced for cheating on his wife and is running off with a girl he already got pregnant, and his child support looks like a shopping list.

If I'm going to get into a relationship, I want something that's special.
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I'm a virgin who only wants to date other virgins, am I wrong for that?
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