Is it bad I only want to date virgin men as a virgin myself?

I'm almost 15 and I look at everyone around me and notice there are barely any guys I know who are virgins. Does it make me selfish that I only want to be with a virgin when the time comes? The way I've always seen it was if you want ur partner to have a low body count or be a virgin, you have to hold yourself to that same standard.

I'm not interested in sex, but I know I want to wait to lose my virginity until I find the right person.

I'm worried that when I start to date and find someone who I like, they won't be a virgin bc I feel like they practically don't exist when you reach your 20s and 30s.

I saw a reddit post the other day of this guy who was 23 asking if he was a manwhore for being with 24 girls. When I looked at the comments, I saw multiple men saying if he is in the dating process, he should lie about his body count and say its lower so the girls doesn't run away. This made me sick.

When I asked someone close to me how they feel sex impacts their future relationships they said it doesn't. They don't care because whoever there with has to accept there were others before them. It made me think, when people my age start losing their virginity and having sex with many girls, do they ever think how their decisions might impact their future relationships?

I'm holding myself to the standard that if I want to date a virgin guy, I have to be a virgin. I just wonder if that makes me selfish? I've heard of guys mad bc the girl they are dating doesn't want to be with them anymore because they've been with others and the girl hasn't. I mean if the guy is so upset about it, he should've thought about how having sex before meeting the right one would impact their future.

I fear it will get to the point that I have to be with someone who's been with others before me bc there are no virgins anymore, or guys that don't view women as objects in my generation. I worry how this standard will impact my future and if I will even find a guy who will meet that criteria.

Is it bad I only want to date virgin men as a virgin myself?
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