My boyfriend isn't happy with my body?

I am 5'6 115 pounds i dont know if im being oversensitive but my boyfriend always makes comments about how im so skinny/too skinny, how he wants me to gain weight and get a bigger butt and stop being so skinny. He always bugs me to weigh myself when im around him if i lose any weight (i have a fast metabolism and my weight fluctuates) he gets kind of annoyed and if i dont eat a lot he shakes his head he loves thick girls with big butts, i do try to do squats and work out but he still says how im never going to get "thick" my boobs are small and so is my butt my measurements are 32-24-35 so yeah pretty skinny i dont know if im just being too sensitive or if its just him telling me he likes thicker girls or if he's being rude... it bothers me but he thinks im too emotional and doesn't want to listen if i talk to him about it. by the way he does compliment my body but the criticism DEFINITELY outweighs the compliments plus before he has said to me "youre not hot you're just pretty and cute, hot girls have it all" implying a better body
My boyfriend isn't happy with my body?
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