Would you be okay if a girl sat on your boyfriends lap or if your girlfriend sat on a guys lap?

So me and my boyfriend have been fighting for the past few months. We started fighting because he didn't make an effort in the relationship and instead of saying sorry and making up he ignored me for a month. We started talking again when a girl i hate came up to me to tell me she heard my boyfriend cheated on me with my friend. I know he didn't cheat but i was still angry because it was humiliating that that was going around. I was really angry at him for a good while but then he got me concert tickets to show he was sorry and wanted to make up. We started talking again and i asked him why he invited my friend out and not me and he lied and said he didn't invite her and they just met up. I asked him to prove it to me and he let me see their messages so i could see that's what happened but when i looked at them it turned out he did and he just lied. I have no problem with him going out with his friends and i do want him to have fun, but i wasn't okay with him going out when we were on bad terms. I chose to forgive him and we made up, but then i found out he was talking about having sex with my friends instead of trying to make it up to me and i got so angry i told him not to talk to me, so he didn't and ignored my birthday and when i spoke to him on the phone because he stood me up when we were meant to meet up and talk he kept shouting at me to shut up as if i did something wrong. he lie to me over small things after that and i told him i was going out to the same nightclub as he was with my friends and when i got there my friends came over to tell me there was girl sitting on his lap and he was going around kissing her and other girls on the forehead. He told me he only did it because he was drunk and took her seat so he let her sit on him. Do i have a right to be angry? I honestly felt humiliated. so he ignored me for a month, there was cheating rumors, lied, talked about fucking my friends, got angry at me for nothing and humiliated me in the nightclub.
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by the way were both 19 and have been together for almost 2 years.
Would you be okay if a girl sat on your boyfriends lap or if your girlfriend sat on a guys lap?
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