Do men really mean when they say this?

In this modern era, more and more men in their 30´s or 40´s do not like to committ or being involved in a serious relationship or at least going steady with one woman they could have chemistry with. Some I heard, rather enjoy being single, even with no kids to do whatever they want. Some dislike the drama and committment that comes with being in a formal or serious relationship, so they rather stay single and never get married.

Now these men who say that I always wonder do they really mean it or they are just hiding the fact and dont want to admit they will enjoy to have someone there for them, or just date a woman (even if it not for future marriage or serious relationship but to date a woman and have someone to have company with) who they could be compatible with but they dont want to admit they do need someone and being someone´s couple or they rather portray this facade of a person hate all the drama of being in a relationship and they want to avoid all of that.

I know a guy in his 40´s who 2 years ago mentioned me " I enjoy being single, because I am responsable of my own time and I can do whatever I want and I dont have to answer questions from anyone", also he mentioned " all of those happy couples you see outside most of them are notrea , they are just appearance beause deep down, there is no such as the perfect marriage they could be having problems but they have to portray a happy face to the people they know or the public.

So I asume that for the way this guy think is the reason that he rather not date a girl or even attempt and try to go out with one beause he inmmediately asume that hanging out means something sesrious in the future (which not necessarily is true) and he wants to avoid that. and continues to be single and will be single, I dont know if a guy like this, could really find a woman who can change his mind so he can swallow his male pride and words.
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This guy friend, was married many many years ago for 4 years but it did not work out, he never had children with his former wife.
Do men really mean when they say this?
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