"Gynophobia" (fear/hatred of women)..what can I do about it?

So I have been thinking lately that I have a fear/hatred of the female gender aka "gynophobia". I'll try and give you some brief examples of what make me think this way.

- I have a bad relationship with my mom, not abuse-related, more so she was distant..unconcerned, she also shamed me alot.

-I fear judgment from women. In public I always worry women think badly of me. No just me, but all men. I worry women consider me dumb, believe I think with my penis, am disgusting, etc.

-I had a real event of anger after one incident. I watched a movie called Teeth (read about it here: link And I was just furious after I found out that the movie was well liked by feminist blog. For some reason the concept really upset me. I was angry that in general many females found the idea of sexually mutilating men to be hilarious.

-Now, despite all this, I AM attracted to women. In fact I severely desire to have a relationship with a girl, but I can't trust one let alone approach one to ask out on a date.

-I did meet one girl who was sympathetic with my issues online. We chatted for hours everyday over the summer. Eventually I told her I loved her, and she said the same about me. We live far away so I began trying to save money and arrange a time to visit her. This was first girl I ever felt so close to. She was like me, a virgin, never been kissed, never had a boyfriend. But then some other guy asked her out and she told me that she "moved on". After just 3 months of dating she gave her virginity to him. I felt so betrayed and toyed with.

-The fact that I am 20 years old and never had a girlfriend makes me very upset. I feel like I am just unworthy of having a relationship. That makes me bitter and angry at women as a whole. It's a vicious cycle I fear.

-So I vent my frustration by bad mouthing feminists and getting involved with anti-feminist causes and stuff. Despite the fact I'm pretty much a moderate Democrat. I even considered voting Republican just because they are party that is less preferred by feminists and put out less female candidates.

-I come up with ridiculous irrational thoughts. For example, for a time, I was upset that my mom had me circumcised. I had the idea that women secretly gloated that men have genitals cut while their genitals remain untouched.

-The idea of sex scares me because I feel like it would be opening me up for a woman to judge me as a sex partner. It would just give her more ammunition for cutting me down.

What can be done about this? I don't like the idea of telling a therapist...I feel horribly embarrassed and angry with myself for feeling this way.
"Gynophobia" (fear/hatred of women)..what can I do about it?
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