How would a guy act if he is fighting his feelings for a girl?

If a guy likes a girl, but doesn't want to for whatever reason, how would be act toward her (and the girl likes him)?


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  • I'm actually doing this right now, sadly... Only I don't really know if she likes me back. So yes I still like her but I don't like really anything about her you could say. Were polar opposites on everything. Basically I just try not to look at her and I avoid going near her whenever possible. I do still like her though and I think she saw me looking over once though, but after that I kind of stepped up trying to forget her, and I'm forcing myself to avoid her no matter how much it kills me inside, which it does, a lot :(. I deleted my facebook a month ago so I wouldn't have to see her online either.

    If you do like him though, go talk to him. He's not gonna get any hints that you like him, especially if he's trying to avoid you. For all I know, the girl I like could be smiling at me every time I pass by her in the hall, and I would never know.

    • But why are you avoiding her then, considering it sounds like you like her. Can a compromise not be reached? There must be something that draws you to her, even though you are opposities. No one has to be exact mirrors of the other.

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    • Sorry to hear that. Yeah, no matter how much you care about someone, sometimes you just can't deal with the stuff they do. Is she willing to give up those things? I don't know how old you and her are, but if she is in high school or college, once she moves on from that she may give those things up anyway.

      P.S. Mine already knows that I like him. I guess I should have been more specific in 'and the girl likes him', which meant to be relayed as 'and he knows the girl likes him'.

    • If he knows you like him but he's not doing anything its either because he doesn't like you or he's too scared to say something. And if he's outgoing but not saying anything it doesn't instantly mean he doesn't like you, even really confident guys can freeze up around the girl they like. And as has been stated before HINTS. DO. NOT. WORK. 99.999& of the time. You have to make everything clear to him. Good luck!

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  • Im having the same problem and im all ways with him and his friends and we go out to lunch and I was asking if they wanted to grab some ice cream and all of them said yes except for him he said no and I told him I was paying and said that didn't matter


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  • if there was a girl I liked, but didn't want to, id try to distance myself as quickly as possibly. whether that be a physical distance, or just a social distance, it doesn't really matter.


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