Why won't my boyfriend's ex girlfriend leave him alone?

My current boyfriend was with a girl for 4 years until she cheated on him and slept with a guy on his bed! we have been out just over 3 months and it's brilliant. However she contacted him constantly about many stupid things. She wanted all the her photos on his computer but never came to get it. Once she called him 25 times in 2 hours about some phone bills that she didn't pay.

She asked a guy from work to add me on facebook, saying that he wanted to know more about her through me? I know nothing about apart from she is a cheater. I talked to my boyfriend and confronted the guy added me on facebook. He then deleted and blocked me on facebook.

She sent emails to my boyfriend saying she couldn't believe that he didn't call her parents to say merry Xmas and happy new year. She also said it's low to go online to find a girl to replace her, after she cheated on him? We met online but we get on great and I think she is the one that is low. I look way better than her and I'm currently doing my masters, I never cheat and don't act like a mad woman (like what she is doing).

I don't understand what she wants from him, she told him not to take me to the places they used to go before. He wanted me to meet his friends so I don't see why not. Plus from what I gathered, none of his friends liked his ex to be honest.

She even went on his email account, got access to the online dating website and emailed all the women on there nasty emails. I'm fed up with her being stupid. Why can't she just leave my boyfriend alone? What should I do?

He recently asked me about moving in together but I said no as we haven't been out that long. I know he is serious about being with me, but he didn't block her or delete everything he had of hers until I told him to. I know it's not nice to force someone to do something like that but I don't want her to interfere with our relationship.

Why won't my boyfriend's ex girlfriend leave him alone?
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