Does my boyfriend take me for granted because I’m too nice of a girlfriend?

Me as a girlfriend, I try to be very understanding and do lots for my man.

i text him usually every morning, tell him to drive safe or just to have an amazing day and that I love him.

I've gotten him many gifts, even small ones like keychains just because I want to remind him that he's special

i never get mad if he takes too long to reply to my texts or doesn’t communicate well, I try to understand where he’s coming from.

i always give him his time to play video games with his friends, never nag him and we’ve never fought about anything, I’ve never asked him to change.

i give him nothing but love, I admit it’s a lot and it may come off as smothering, I’m just a very affectionate person and give him lots of love, massages, I fulfil him sexually even if he doesn’t return the favor, I always treat him good and give him bjs after a long day at work etc.

now he doesn’t do the same for me. It’s usually up to me to make plans or he could go a while without making any. He ignores texts constantly and forgets to reply for like 8 hours, he ignores me for video games when I’m over (still gives me attention but not as much), he doesn’t pay me attention when we are apart i. e no texts, ignoring texts and not saying much back or making plans.

why does he take me for granted? When we are together we usually have a nice time and he tells me he loves me lots and is affectionate but other times he’s like the above^
Does my boyfriend take me for granted because I’m too nice of a girlfriend?
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