Should I continue messing around with these two guys?

So there is this situation where I’m sorta making the same promises to two different men and I sorta feel like I should feel guilty about it. The first guy (Matt) is someone I lived with and we almost dated but not really. He wanted to date but I was raw from a break up and didn’t have enough feelings for him to actually commit. We continued chatting once he moved away and he talks to me daily and has even purchased flight tickets for me to visit him (I didn’t go though). The second guy (Archie) is someone I had a friends with benefits situation going on for 2 years but it never developed into anything either because I just didn’t feel the same way. Just recently Archie re-entered my life and I’m sorta in a friends with benefits situation with him again. He doesn’t know that me and Matt ever hooked up (but he knows of Matt), he just thinks we are friends. In fact I had told him that the Matt is actually gay. Then Matt only knows that Archie was a thing of the past, he doesn’t know that I have reconciled my sexual relationship with him.

I try to keep my distance from them. I try to warn them about my feelings being nothing more than physical attraction but they don’t seem to care. Matt continues saying that he doesn’t mind if I don’t love him back as soon as I let him love me and he continues getting deeper and deeper into this fantasy. Archie sorta knows that I’m quite detached and so he did date other people during the times when we were not on good terms but every time I happen to accidentally reel him back in by getting drunk and saying something I don’t mean or looking at him for a second too long. Bit of either and he just falls for it very quickly, going as far leaving his current girlfriend just because I had shown him a sign that I *might* give him a chance.

I don’t want to hurt either of these guys but I feel like it isn’t exactly my fault that they got too attached too quickly. I mean, is what I’m doing really bad or is it ok?
Should I continue messing around with these two guys?
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